How much does Tesla Scratch Repair Cost?

Tesla might be an advanced vehicle in the market. But scratches follow no obstacles to perform. Whenever there is a scratch in the cars. Users remind of only one thing. The Tesla Scratch repairing Cost. How much is it, and what are the procedures to follow?

Well, you’ll be pleased because this discussion will bring up all these related factors altogether. And later, there will be no problems to vanish any major or minor scratches from your car.

Principally, there’s no fixed for repairing the scratches. The pricing has changed according to the damaged area or the amount of scratch.

But the standard Cost for scratch repairing stays between $100 to $4,000. For some models and conditions, the pricing can even get high or low.

How much does Tesla Scratch Repair Cost?
Tesla Scratch Repair

What does scratch repair Cost mean?

It’s the typical Cost. That gets applied whenever the cars get any scratches. Repairing Cost has no fixed amount as for their behavior.

Scratches can be either major or minor. And there is no particular place for their application. In short, scratches can be found on the entire body.

Cost of repairing the scratches on the Tesla

It has been said earlier that costing varies according to the scratched area or the level of scratches. Deeper the scratches, the more the Cost. That is how Tesla cars behave.

Almost all the repairing shops charge the same. They follow the typical charging depending on the damage level. For a better understanding, look at the costing chart below. It will help to know the actual rate depending on the damage.

Type of ScratchCosting  
Minor body scratches$100- $300 approx  
Major scratches (Paint damage)Around $1,500 to $3,000
Entire scratch removing (Painting)Starts from $3,500 till $5,000
Complete painting$6,000 to $10,000  

Here in the chart, the entire Cost has been given.

Typical small scratches

 Minor scratches in the car require a simple removing cost of 100 to 300 dollars. It is for some simple stains that can be available in the entire car.

Paint damage

Whenever the impact is major, that affects the painting. It requires a cost of between 1,500 to 3,000 dollars. The individual part or area has to paint up and match just like before.

Entire scratch removing

The third stage requires a long process most of the time. Scratches in the entire car body hardly get seen until there’s no major incident. For that reason, the pricing is higher too. Three thousand five hundred dollars is the lowest painting cost which can reach up to 5,000 dollars. However, the pricing is set based on the number of scratches and conditions of the painting.

Standard Paint Coating

And lastly, the pricing is set to the maximum where the car faces some serious issues. A major accident of hitting can completely damage a car. An infinite amount of scratches with damages are the result in consequence.

That means the entire car has to go through painting to change its look like before. A huge expense between 6,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars is obvious to face at that time.

Alternative Scratch Repairing

Some users believe that these issues can only be solved by the shops. But the thing is, they can easily be done in household areas.

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) is the only choice that can work against all scratches. It has a lower costing ability with similar performance, just like the repair centers.

Aside from pricing, it requires very low-performing time at home and works accurately.

The PDR costs around 500 dollars for removing the average amount of scratches. Where the typical repairing shops require several working days, PDR performs the same thing within some hours! A single day is the maximum required time for the performance.

The Tesla Paint Repair Kit

Tesla has left no hospitality for its customers. And luckily, they have an effective product to them. The paint repair kit from Tesla works for their own cars whenever they face any scratches or damage.

It is very affordable and can cost only 60 dollars. Superior working ability with zero chances of having any stains or scratches after installation.

Nevertheless, they have all the colours that match up with the car. Standard OEM painting works a few times and makes the scratches completely visible. But this repair kit can only deal with minor scratches on the car. So any major issues will require a repair shop or the PDR to perform.

Extreme Repair Costing

All these costs remain at a moderate level as for their natures. They get applied to the Tesla Cars in their functional conditions. But there are some other repair costs available for the cars that are hard to believe.

These costs are beyond imagination and require 10-20 times more than the described ones. Along with the pricing, they require a very long time too.

And some of the most common types of incidents are:

  • Hit from the other cars at the front
  • Face to face collision
  • Rear-end collision
  • Side door crash
  • Losing balance and wrong road collision

All these incidents require huge expenses along with timing. And the approximate cost for all these issues starts from 5,000 dollars which can be last to 60,000 dollars. Minimum working time of 3 days till 5 months.

Facts that make an impact in repairing Cost

Just like the costing, it is also necessary to know the factors. They make a good impact for repairing the cars and chose the accurate costing.

Types of Scratches

The only important thing that decides the repair cost. Major or minor levels of scratches can describe whether the Cost is higher or lower.

In short, explanation, the deeper the scratch, the more the cost.

Repairing method

A total of 3 different methods have been discussed above. And all of their price differently. For that reason, it makes a direct impact on pricing.

Apart from the pricing, any Major damages can’t be fixed with low priced repairing method. Each of these repairing methods comes with some fixed performing ability.

The worthiness of repairing the scratches

Some Tesla users may not have a headache repairing their scratches in the car. But in reality, repairing the scratches is as important as maintaining the car.

There will be no stains or marks in the car at any angle. And the car will look alike the brand new one.

In addition, there will be good reselling value too. So there will be a good chance to achieve great market demand and value while selling the car.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have gained some great ideas about Tesla Scratch Repair costs. It is now high time to find out an affordable one and go for it. Don’t wait anymore with those dirty scratch stuff in the body of your favorite Tesla model. Make the thing happen and let the ride shine again with its previous look.

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