Tesla Model 3 Windshield Size

Suppose you’re out for a tour with your Model 3. All of a sudden, the windshield gets cracked from flying debris. And here you go. Replacing the cracked windshield with a new one is now essential. But do you know Tesla Model 3 windshield size? If you don’t’. Then know about it now.

The windshield of Model 3 comes with sizing of 54 inches from back to front. Fifty-six inches of bottom width and 45 inches of top width.

Tesla Model 3 Windshield Size
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Windshield

A windshield is called to the glass that has been placed on the front side. It has the adjustment upon the bonnet and just at the forward of the front seat.

 The windshield is made from heavy-duty glass. And it works as the protector against any kind of object on the road. Higher wind pressure, flying rocks, and harmful sunray are some common things that the windshield helps to avoid.

Besides, it works great during rainy times so that riders have a comfortable and easy driving ability.

Size of the windshield

There are no differences in the windshield size of Tesla. The majority of them contain the similar one. While talking about the Model 3, all their windshields are similar looking.

And the size diameter of the windshield is,

Front to back in curve line54 inches
Total width  45 inches
Width from bottom  56 inches

This is the standard windshield size that is available for all four variants of Model 3.

Windshield Size of Model Y

Compared to Model 3, Model Y comes with the same windshield. Apart from that, it has almost the same sizing and shape. Moreover, both of their windshields can be switched with each other too.

The durability of the windshield

Tesla has applied a very strong and durable windshield in their car models. So do the Model 3. And it is very tough in its nature. However, it doesn’t have additional features like anti-armor or bulletproof.

But the heavy-duty purpose windshield makes a good performance on roads. There’s no chance of having any rocks, debris, and harmful flying objects inside the car.

Above all, this windshield has been researched by the IIHS (Insurance Assurance for Higher Safety). And the result was great. This windshield has the capability of taking force more than 20,000 pounds. It probably shows the durability and high performing ability of the shield.

Model Y windshield covers

Some people might get confused about hearing the windshield cover. It is actually the protector from the internal area of the car.

Using cover helps the ride to avoid direct sun rays and make good privacy in the car. The long way runners mostly require this helpful thing.

Users can easily take a nap inside of the car when they have it. Adjusting into the windshield and covering outside sights is the best thing about this cover.

Specification of the Cover

This is a thick cover that comes in a dual-layer. Both the fabrics of this cover perform individually. They have a great ability to avoid heating and blocking the sunlight too. For the double part, this cove can easily control the temperature.

The cover comes with some useful and positive features too.

  • Easy installation method. Require very lower installation and removal time on the windshield
  • High-quality, durable fabric is completely tear-resistant and scratchproof.
  • Built-in wireframes are extremely durable. Easily connect to the screen
  • High-quality Velcro straps easily connect with the mirrors for better fitment
  • Universal shape and design easily fit with the model 3 versions
  • Reflective silver mylar from the upper side makes a strong fitment with the car from inside
  • The foldable cover helps it to carry any bag within a little space
  • The shifting knob and the steering remain in a cold temperature even on the extremely sunny days
  • Avoid freezing issues for the internal area during the cold times

Tesla Model 3 windshield vs others

Model Y might have a similar windshield as Model 3. But the rest others don’t come with a similar sizing. The other models have a good difference in the windshield.

For example, Tesla Model X comes with a different windshield size. Here the size is shown below:

Back to front diameter (Curve line)55 inches
Total width  46 inches
Width from bottom57 inches  

The size chart shows that Model X comes with a slightly bigger windshield size. It is for the different shapes and better aerodynamic design of the car.

Except for the increased sizing, all the other things remain similar to the windshield.

DIY Measurement of the Windshield

Some Tesla users have an interest in knowing the size. But the entire thing is, they love to measure the sizing manually. The bookish idea is not enough for them to explore. So there are several ways available that help finds out the actual size.

Using measurement tape

The quick and effortless measurement can be done by using the measuring tape. As it contains all the measurement letters, the windshield size can be judged easily.

Using the tap from the right side ending area to the curve bottom left makes a proper measurement. And applying vertically reveals the total length of the shield.

Applying ruler

Ruler is another way to find the windshield size. It also comes with some numbers that are engraved on it. But the task will appear difficult if the ruler has a small base.

Above that, the measurement may not appear accurate and right like the measurement tape. It’s because of the ruler’s surface.

Tape can be formed and shaped based on the area for its flexibility. But the ruler comes with a solid body.

That means it will not match perfectly into the curve windshield. But still, it can be used as an alternative to tape.

Knowing the battery size is as important as placing the perfect one in the car. For that reason, check out our newest discussion about the Tesla Model Y battery size.

Final Expression

There might be no doubt about the Tesla Model 3 Windshield Size now. You’re now perfectly done with all the ideas and issues about your loving Tesla car.

All just you need now is, to change the windscreen according to the size. If it is cracked or gets turbid, go for the new one. Don’t forget to explain the sizing properly.

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