What size battery does a Tesla Model Y have in 2023?

Having a perfect-sized battery for the EV means the assurance of good performance. And when it is Tesla, knowing about the battery is a mandatory object. Considering a good necessity, there will be a discussion about the Tesla Model Y battery size.

Read out the entire topic till the end. That will be a beneficial decision for you.

Model Y comes with a 75kwh-sized battery. Explain the battery size in a few words. Twin motors combination of 69kw and 201kw let the ride perform on roads. This is a Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) type battery that provides better performance.

Battery Size of Model Y
Battery Size of Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Model Y is one of the known models from Tesla. It is featured with the dual-motor model that controls torque for the front and rear wheels.

Model Y is SUV shaped sedan that provides great performance in muddy, snowy, and off-road areas.

With maximum charging, a Tesla Model Y can cover a range of around 530km.

Battery Size of Model Y

Tesla has not made any compromises to its vehicles. The battery of Tesla is a great example. The Tesla Y battery is perfectly done with performance, quality, and durability. A specification chart below will help to describe it in a better way.

Battery specification of Tesla Model Y Performance

Battery Type  Li-ion
Capacity  75Kwh (kilowatt Hours)
Maximum using capacity  70Kwh
Charging Type  Type B
Maximum Charging Speed52km/h
Maximum Power Output415km  
Charging power(maximum)11kw through Alternative circuit(AC)
Required maximum charging time8 hours and 15 minutes
Charging areaRear and left-sided placed panel

All the charging time and performance given above belong to the typical charging. Charging in fast charging mode holds some differences. And here they are:

Fast charging mode:

Required fast charging port typeCCS
Maximum power of fast charging210Kw DC(Direct Circuit)
Required fast charging time30 minutes from 42-330km
Maximum power output from fast charging582km/h

Model Y Dual Motor Long Range

This variant of Model Y comes with better performance, charging time, and battery capacity. And here, all the information has been explained.

Battery Capacity  82Kwh
Usage of Battery  75.0kwh
Charging power  11kw(AC)
Charging port location  Rear left side
Maximum charging time8hours+  
Charging speed55kmph  
Charging port typeType 2  
Maximum performance output415kmph with a full charge

Fast charging mode:

Fast charging port  CCS
Maximum Power  210kw(DC)
Fast charging timeMaximum 30 minutes (from 44-348km)
Maximum power output from fast charging596k.m

Model Y Standard Long Range Dual motor

Battery Capacity75.0kwh
Battery usage70kwh
Charging typeType 2
Maximum charging power11kw(AC)
Required Charging time7 hours and 30 minutes
Maximum charging speed55km/h
Charging areaRear left side
Maximum power output410kmph  

Fast charging mode

Port Type  CCS
Maximum charging power210 kW(DC)
Required charging time29 minutes to charge from 30 to 340km
Maximum power output  590km/h

So this is the entire information about the Model Y variant. Each of them comes with individual power, capacity, and performance.

2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Battery

As this is the previous latest version under Model Y, it comes with some differences. Could you have a quick observation on them too?

Battery capacity  74kwh
Battery Model  NCM 21700
Battery typeLi-ion  
Charging portType 2  
Maximum Power11kw in AC mode 250kw in DC mode
Battery cooling typeWater-based coolant  
Total number of battery cells4416
Charging LocationRear left side  

2022 Tesla Model Y

The latest Model Y 2022 variant comes with great changes. The battery is one of those major ones.

All the four variants of Model Y have been explained, along with their battery sizes.

Model Y RWD244miles total range 26kwh/100mi The average range of 130 miles in both city and highway
Model Y AWDThe total range of 279miles 28kwh/100mi The average range of 123miles  for city and highway
Model Y Long Range AWD330 miles of total range 28kwh/100mi Average 122mile range in city and highway
Model Y Performance AWDThe total range of 330 miles 30kwh/100mi 111mile average for both city and highway

Model Y Battery Charging Time

Model Y comes with different battery capacities and variants. But they contain almost a similar type of charging time.

There are mainly three different types of chargers available for Tesla cars. Each of them contains different qualities along with charging time and speed.

Follow all the three charging modes along with the timing.

Charging times  Required Timing
Destination ChargerIt can deliver a maximum range of 44 miles per hour on average for all the Model Y variants.
240volt adapter + mobile connector30miles+ range from each charging time.
Supercharger200miles+ range within 15 minutes of charging.

Tesla Model X battery

As Model Y is the SUV-shaped Sedan, The Model X is almost similar. It’s a crossover variant that produces better speed and performance. Being a different model, it comes with different battery modes and performance.

Battery Capacity  100kwh
Usage of Battery  95kwh
Charging port  Type 2
Charging power  16kw (AC)
Maximum charging speed40mph
Maximum performing range265miles
Required Charging time7 hours  
The charging port is located inRear left side  

For the fast charging mode

Charging port  Supercharger
Maximum fast-charging power200kw (DC)
Fast charging time38min(between 27-213miles)
Maximum output from fast charge29mph

Maintenance of Model Y battery

No matter how powerful the battery is. Irregular maintenance can make a major effect on them.

Increasing aerodynamic ability

It may not be the principal maintenance to observe. But this process is very helpful to let the battery perform longer. A Tesla car sometimes comes with different accessories like luggage carriers, an extra finder, etc. 

Removing them during unnecessary times makes the car feel great in aerodynamics. Besides, it makes the car lighter and lets it go through the winds easily. A lower weight ratio means a higher running ability. That is related to increasing the mileage.

Using scheduled charging times

Frequently charging can hamper the battery condition. That is why it is necessary to deliver an accurate charging time.

Even if the car gets used for long runs or short usage. Plugin the charger at a proper time to ensure battery performance.

Ignore complete discharging

The more the battery consumes, the less the performance drops. And that is why; try to charge the battery above 20%. It may not appear very serious. But a low-performing battery gets in consequence.

Avoid Aggressive paddling

Raving and accelerating more can make a good impact on the car. It’s another great reason for losing the battery performance.

If the car gets to run and is used with hard acceleration, there’s a good chance of damaging the battery. Try to make moderate acceleration according to the necessity.

While knowing about the battery sizes, you can check out an interesting topic about Tesla Model 3 Tire Size.

Final Verdict

So the Tesla Model Y Battery sizes are different according to their variants. It is now not left to know.

Don’t remain in any confusion about the battery and its capacity.

If your Model 3 requires one, read out this article first. Choose the perfect battery size based on your requirement and necessity.

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