Tesla Paint Protection Film Cost

Cars should not be avoided for protection. And whenever it’s a Tesla car, there’s a must-have to deliver top-level protection. But you might not be known about the pricing of a protector. If not, this article is only for you. Here our expert team will highlight the Tesla Paint Protection Film Cost and other relevant factors.

Paint Protection Film or PPF costs differently according to their variants. And the pricing mostly starts from 1500 dollars that can last for 2500 dollars. The prices vary based on their efficiency, quality, and durability.

What is the Paint Protection Film?

PPF, or the Paint Protection Film, is the coating or layer that protects a car from its outside area. It has a thermoplastic urethane layer with self-healing ability. Shortly, it’s the paint protector for the car.

In general, all the models of Tesla have a good contribution with this coating.

Tesla recommended PPF Costing.

Tesla users have a good demand for using PPF. And that is why; they have estimated a costing chart too.

Coating for Tires  $100
Coating for Wheels  $400
Window Coating  $350
Leather Coating(interior)  $300
Entire system coating (Diamond SS)$1750
Self-healing Revivify Coating$1850 approx

This is the average cost with standard coating quality for Tesla users. Some of the other variants with different pricing are available too.

Alternative Costing of PPF

There is a certain cost available for this great coating. And it is based on some destined ranges too. Pricing is set on them. Follow the price chart below to know the actual costing charge.

Coating for the Entire carThere is a minimum rate of $4,500 to $8,200.
Partial rear ended area coating$1,000 to $1,500 approx
Individual parts under coating  $300 to $500 approx

The Entire Car Coating

Applying the Paint Protection Film to the entire car body is the most common process. It helps to keep the car durable and protect its actual color.

For the entire process, it costs around 4,500 to 8,200 dollars. Higher and lower price range depends on the model and variant of Tesla.

Partial Rear area coating

Though it doesn’t appear helpful enough for the Tesla owners, some users like to apply the PPF coating to their rear-sided areas. And the cost starts from $1,000 and lasts at $1500.

Some Tesla owners are obsessed with rear coating. And claim that it can deliver a matchup combination with the front area. Either the front side is coated or not.

Individual area Coating

Some dedicated Tesla car owners love to apply PPF for individual areas.

Entire hood

Front and rear bumper


Headlight housing

These are some common areas that come under individual coating. And the entire coating costs around 300 to 500 dollars.

Why use PPF on Tesla

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the coating or protector of the car. Just like other ones, Tesla cars also come under this functionality.

If the major necessity gets exposed, the PPF works to protect the original colour of the car. Tesla has applied the finest painting material to their models. But still, some users make a complaint about it.

They claim that the colour gets faded and holds several stains within a few months of usage. That is why most Tesla users now have faith in the PPF coating.

From the usage, the Tesla users are now getting their cars in shiny and premium vibe. No stain, no old feel, even any fadedness is not appearing in their cars. Some functional statements below also show the necessity of PPF for your Tesla.

  • Enhances both internal and external durability
  • Increase the look and delivers a premium vibe
  • Individual parts provide a better view and clarity than before

Tesla Company might soon declare and recommend their users to go for the paint protection film after purchase in a real means.

The usefulness of Paint Protection Film

As it’s a coating, there are surely some good benefits of using it. Let’s talk about them.

The best protector

Hearing PPF, the first thing that comes to mind is protection. Protecting the body of the car is the best thing that PPF delivers.

Any kind of scratches, bird hits, sticky dirt, or other minor things will not make any issue to the car. PPF by itself will help to avoid all the things with the finest support.

On top of that, the efficient self-healing feature helps to remove those stains or damaged marks within a quick time. So no doubt or objection about protection at all.

The best money saver

Painting the car seems very expensive and lengthy. But once your Tesla is formed with PPF, there is a necessity for painting. It’s probably the best money-saving hack.

Internal upgrades

PPF for the parts of the inner area is so much helpful. They keep the shininess of steering, leather, and carpet like before. Riders will not require any changes of them even after a long time.

Low level of maintenance

A Tesla with PPF and without PPF has some great distinction in maintenance. A PPF coated Tesla hardly requires any maintenance for the entire area. The coating by itself works as a shield against the protection.

Hold the Appearance

There’s no chance of having changes in the look. In that case, the car will look shiny and premium. And that’s the plus point of the users if they have any intention of reselling.

It will help to hold the look and let the users have a perfect reselling rate from the market.

Top-level Durability

Once the ride gets coated with PPF, there’s no more turning back. It will last for infinite times until the car doesn’t get pressured with extremeness. As a matter of fact, users will surely stay worried-free after the installation.

And the paint protection film will continuously deliver the performance.

Recommended Brands for Paint Protection Film

 Our skilled researchers have surveyed the users and their feedback. In final, they have listed some well-known brands for the PPF. The majority of Tesla users have believed in them. Here are the names

Xpel PPF – The most common and well known PPF model for Tesla users

Suntek PPF – Demanded rich texture and quality

3M – Old model in the market with a positive efficiency

These three right now are very much granted and favorable models from the Tesla users. So whenever you or your near ones require any good PPF for their Tesla, make sure to choose anyone among them.

Don’t forget to have a look at Tesla Scratch Repair Cost. Know about the cost first, get it fixed, and enjoy the PPF for your Tesla later.

Final Expression

You’ll probably not let your Tesla remain fresh and free from scratches all the time. But it is now possible. And therefore, Tesla Paint Protection Film Cost is must have followed. Just a single observation and you are perfectly done with all the PPF related thoughts.

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