Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost

Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost will not be as much as people assume. According to the feature and benefits that a piece of glass will provide, the replacement cost will be reasonable. The overall cost will not vary so much, and not many facts will impact the price range.

One will have to buy a new windshield from tesla, and repairing it will be best from tesla. However, one can choose another expert workshop too. Let’s look below to know the demonstrated cost for the job.

Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost

Tesla is popular for its breathtaking technology in its cars. One will have the ease of comfort and variation with the technology tesla used in their car. Specifically, the windshield of the tesla is one of the parts that contain major features of the car.

It is not something like ordinary glass. One can say that windshield is the face and eye of the user. This piece of glass will have the unique ADAS or Advanced Driving Assistant System. This thing will help in the auto-driving mode of the car. This thing will remove the human error that causes an accident.

Besides, the windshield will have a rain sensor, heat sensor, and of course touch screen for different tasks. Imagine having a crack on the glass, and all the features of the windshield will no longer be workable. Mainly, with a small crack or damage, the ADAS of the glass will stop working. This results in the autopilot mode of the car will not work properly.

Also, one will have to start the windshield wiper blade manually. Since the windshield no longer can sense the wrong, it will not notify the system to start wiping the glass for a clear vision. That is something annoying to experience.

Even if the Tesla windshield cracked a bit, one would have to change or replace it. Specifically, the Tesla Model X windshield replacement cost will be a must. Comparatively, this one is the longest windshield in automobile industry history. Considering the benefits users will get, the price is nothing.

Specifically, if one wants to replace their X model windshield, they may pay around $1300 to $2000. Depending on the damage and place, the cost will vary. Moreover, the cost will be divided into two categories.

A big part of the cost will be the price of a new windshield, which will be around $800 to $1000. The second one is the labor cost. For labor, tesla model X will charge around $400 to $500. It may increase according to the amount of work. If the damage is much, the labor cost will increase.

Overall, the cost will be on the circumstances of the user. However, there is no aftermarket availability of the tesla windshield. Tesla is extremely sensitive about its major mechanism. They have not yet allowed other manufacturers to create a replica of their windshield. If one uses any replica of the tesla windshield, they will lose their car warranty.

Therefore, it is not possible that one will buy any aftermarket windshield at a low price. Moreover, one should use the authentic tesla product to get the real feel of driving the extraordinary Tesla vehicles. It will be fun to have all the authentic products in the car, which will provide the best performance.

As for the other model of tesla, the windshield replacement cost will be

Tesla ModelWindshield costLabor cost ( 2 hours)Total

We can see from the table that the tesla model X will cost the most for their windshield. However, model 3 will cost the least. Because of the features and technology tesla has used in their X model windshield. They have confirmed that this glass is bulletproof, bulletproof, and heavy-duty. So, they can be sure about the worthiness of replacing their tesla model X windshield.

How to replace the windshield of Tesla model X?

Replacing the windshield of the tesla model X is not a piece of cake. One cannot just do it in their garage or any junkyard. It requires so much technical and up-to-date technological knowledge. One must choose any workshop which has extremely experienced engineers.

To replace the windshield, one will have to do the work properly. Any mistakes can harm the system and can cause more expenses. So people should follow the step given below.

Firstly, one must remove the wiper locking nuts under the hood and disconnect the windshield washer fluid tube.

Secondly, remove the clips under the A-pillar of the passenger side using a plastic panel removal. After that, remove four bolts of the second A-pillar and the T Hex 15 screw. Now, carefully remove it and disconnect the speakers and microphone connectors.

Thirdly, remove the visor by disconnecting the cable coming from the visor. One will have to remove three bolts that are attaching the cable.

Fourthly, remove the mirror cover using something like a credit card. Start from the tiny area and go to the big area. After that, remove the mirror by twisting the mirror arm clockwise and unplugging the mirror connection.

Fifthly, remove the camera bracket with an 8 T hex screw. Make sure not to drop them and then disconnect the camera. After that, unclip the wire cover using a plastic panel.

After one has removed or disconnected all the things, it is time to cut out the windshield. One has to apply primer on the exposed metal after removing the windshield. Then they will have to run the urethane on the body and set the glass.

Finally, reinstall the system and connect all the removal cables and parts of the windshield. After that, check whether everything is working just fine.


The windshield of any car is one of the sensitive parts of it. In case one has a damaged, cracked, or poor working windshield, they will need to repair or replace it. As for tesla, their windshield is full of technology that makes it quite expensive to replace. A different model of the manufacturer will cost differently.

Moreover, Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost will not vary so much from place to place. Since there is an aftermarket parts option, one has one option of buying the windshield from tesla. Hopefully, one has got what they were looking for.

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