Tesla Bumper Replacement Cost

Tesla is one of those companies that are leading in the market. However, they are easy to use and environment-friendly. But a single Tesla model surely has to face huge restoration costs. Today we’ll talk about Tesla bumper replacement cost. And it will appear very much worthy for some curious souls.

Usually, the costing is available in different variants. And it is for various models of Tesla. The average cost for replacing the bumper is $1000 to $2000. The cost can increase or decrease depending on the Model.

What’s the bumper for Tesla, and how does it works?

The bumper of a car can be named the shield too. All the models of Tesla nowadays come with a bumper. It remains attached to the rear area of the car that works as the shield. The bumper helps the car from preventing any incoming vehicle interference from behind.

A typical type of bumper is made from Steel. But the bumpers of Tesla are made from high-quality plastic. For that reason, the bumper weighs light but performs harder.

The Company has a main intention to deliver superior durability with toughness. And that is why; Tesla has made the task possible to perform.

Costing of Tesla Bumper

The price varies for different models and conditions. Most of the time, it depends on the Model and manufactured times. Update models cost higher than the previous one as they increase with performance.

Here is an estimated costing chart is given down below. It will help deliver a good idea about the cost of the bumper.

Tesla ModelsCosting
Model X$1500 – $2000 approx
Model S$1000 – $1,800 approx
Model Y$1500 – $1800 approx
Model 3$1200 – $2000 approx

So these are the average costing of each Model from Tesla. The prices can have good differences according to some valid issues.

Facts that balance the costing

Although the costing for each Model has been given, there are multiple terms to follow too. They let the price bring up or down depending on their conditions. So the main facts that make a balance of the costing are,

Car insurance

As insurance provides financial compensation for a car, it can impact the cost. That is why; some users may get seen with lower bumper costs whereas some are higher.

Apart from that, some users might come with no cost of the bumper as for their insurance claiming. Therefore, the bumper replacement cost may appear as a financial or free exchange.

Different Repairing Shops

Costing comes with a lot of differences because of the shop or area. There can be a good distinction in pricing between two different shops. One of them can cost high while the other may have a low cost.

It mainly depends on the demand and category of the shop. When a repairing area offers a better facility with updated functions, the pricing will be higher by its nature. In opposite, a repair shop with a typical facility and a working area will price low for the bumper.

Market availability

The Tesla company, on its own, has unlimited resources for its customers. So the users that stay under Tesla authorized services may not face any unavailability issues. Nonetheless, they cost higher rather than the other typical shops.

Users with outside repairing face these common issues too. In some areas, all the parts might not get available for the users. Having a shortage of bumpers for Tesla can be a common factor too.

For that reason, there can be a good chance of increasing the pricing. Some bumpers can price double the actual one. And hence, it makes their costs high due to unavailability.

Bumper Replacement cost of Model 3

The majority of the time, the Model 3 from Tesla is the only one that takes part in the replacement. So in general, it remains in the price range between 1200 to 2000 dollars. Purchasing price remains at $500 most of the time.

Sometimes the price can get even higher or lower too. There are no changes in the quality, but the condition of the bumper affects the pricing.

Suppose a bumper with minor scratches gets replaced with the new one. It’s a foolish step that has been taken. Painting or wrapping the bumper is the solution that can be done for that case.

In that situation, the pricing will have a lot of changes. And that is because restoring or modifying the bumper can cost very


An alternative way of bumper repairing

Replacement is the only choice to apply whenever the bumper is completely busted. But there can be another efficient option to get the task done.

It can be perfectly done with painting. Apart from that, painting can be applied as a part of modification too.

Usually, painting a bumper instead of replacing it is a good solution. It saves money, makes the bumper perform like new, and delivers a good appearance.

The standard cost of painting the bumper remains between $100 – and $300. This is the pricing range for standard-level painting to the bumper.

Coming to the cheap one, $60 – $70 is enough to do the same thing. Quality might have a good difference, but it will save the replacement cost.

And lastly, the premium coating for the bumper. Pricing starts from $150 that can last for even $500. This one is the highest level of painting that delivers a premium and luxurious look to the bumper.

Replacement cost. Tesla vs other Brands

There is no chance of making a comparison about pricing between Tesla and the other companies. A similar performing vehicle as like Tesla is very much cheap for the replacement. There is a chance of having an entire bumper with headlight housings with similar pricing to Tesla.

Being a luxury brand is the main reason behind it. Besides, they believe in providing the best quality material with perfect durability. Higher pricing is the only nature that Tesla follows for their items.

So, in short, Tesla’s prices are higher than any other brands in a similar segment.

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Final Verdict

So the replacement cost for the Tesla bumper is simply easy to understand and measure. Isn’t it? Don’t remain worried about the cost. Assure you had a quick sight in this article. Trust in our words, it’ll be enough beneficial for you.

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