Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Charger?

Tesla cars are innovative, eco-friendly, and worthy of use. It’s even cost low to fuel up too. Just put the charging plug into the port, and it is done to run on roads. But why tap Tesla? That’s an interesting fact.

Today’s article will help find out the main reason behind this tapping. Stick with the discussion till the end, and you’ll find the answer.

So basically, the tapping gets done for opening the charging port. Tesla has put their charging port behind the panel shaped as the backlight. And the panel is near the side tail light.

Tapping the Tesla Charger

The main purpose of tapping the charger in Tesla cars is to charge up the vehicle. As it is an electric car, there is no other option for filling it up through electricity. All the Tesla cars get charged up from their backsides. Nowadays, some viral videos on social media get seen as a common activity. The Tesla riders tap on the charging area before connecting the charger with the port.

There are some probable factors for performing this task.

It can be done as a typical gesture. There is no necessity to doing this rather than satisfying own. Or else, the task can be performed to clean up the charging port.

Main Purpose of Tapping

As Tesla charging ports are available for every area usage, all the charging stations may not appear the same. Some stations may come under muddy and sandy surfaces.

For that reason, the charging ports have a chance of getting jammed or dirty. The tapping process helps to clean up its inner area. Any objects such as pins or sand will not let the car charge up.

The reason behind Tapping the Charger

Tesla cars are very sensitive for their charging process. So any single issue may not allow it for the charging process.

There was a complaint by the Tesla users. Their cars are not charging up. Even a slight amount of sand or dirt inside the charger will not allow for charging.

So this is the main reason for tapping the charger with the backlight of Tesla.

Another great reason to tap the charger is, using the typical opening process. Tesla cars have some different patterns to open up the charging part. Opening the backlight panel through tapping is the most common one among them.

It allows the car to have an easy disclosure of the port. Compared to any other method. That is why Tesla users like to use the easy tap to open method more than the other ones.

Verities of charging methods

Since the tap on mood is a common charging method. There are some other modes available for accomplishing this task too. And those methods are:

Tapping on the door

A big reason to open up the charging port. Tapping on the door requires no extra process to connect the charger. It’s simply the plug-and-play mode for getting the job done.

Opening through charging plug

Only the authorized and certified chargers from Tesla have this function. All the models from Tesla can easily get through this helpful feature.

As there’s a functional button in the charger, it helps to open the charging port door easily.

Using the control panel

Opening the charging port through a touchscreen is one of the most common processes for Tesla. The Bolt icon of the controller screen has to tap before connecting with the port.

It will let the backlight panel open up for charging. And it is only possible to perform whenever the doors remain unlocked.

Software System

This is a high-tech car. In that case, it will relate to smartphones. Surprisingly, the charging port can be opened up easily by phone.

The Tesla authorized mobile application lets the job be done perfectly. Downloading the software on the phone. And enabling the system from the control option is the process. As a result, it will open the port.

The necessity of tapping the charger

Some people might think that. Tapping the charger before charging is not a worthy task. But a deep intention can change the thinking. Tesla cars always require a clean and native charging process. That is why any problems with the charging port or the charger will not let the job done easily.

Tapping a charger with the car seems fun and valuable too. Tesla users have faith in this process. And it lets them feel to have the finest charging ability. Besides, the users identify this process as a strategy of precaution.

In a short explanation, the necessity of tapping remains neutral. There are no problems either avoiding it or performing it.

Additional benefits of Tapping the Charger

Some expert Tesla users believe that there is a benefit to tapping the charger. Generally, a Tesla charging station contains plenty of charging ports.

All of them may not get used frequently. Some ports may not get used even for a month. Tapping the ports with the cars helps line up the electrons so that the car can get a smooth and stable charging ability. Avoiding the tapping will not make any issue. Yet it can decrease bunching up the electrons to provide fast charging.

The easiest way of opening the Charging port

As all the methods have been described above, there is one easiest way that gets followed by most Tesla users. That is, none other than the tapping method.

Since it requires no additional necessity like the other methods, it requires very lower-performing time too. Just a single tap on the backlight panel. And the charging port is right in front of you.

A similar way to follow after charging. Put down the port, and it will look before. The port will be hidden by the panel.

The Charging Process

Tapping the charger is not the only process to charge up a Tesla. There is a required procedure to follow to have an easy and better-charging ability. Follow all the processes according to their sequence. It will deliver a successful charging ability.

  • The first thing to do is, find out the nearby charging station. Tesla users luckily don’t have to act a lot as there is plenty of charging station.
  • After finding out the station, make sure to put the car at a close distance. It will help to charge easily and effortlessly.
  • Put the car in unlock and parking mode for charging
  • Plug out the charger from the station and let it connect with the port
  • Don’t forget to tap the charger several times so that there is no dirt or obstacles inside of it
  • Open up the rear backlight panel where the charging port is situated
  • Follow any of the methods for opening it up
  • There might be some differences in the charger port of Tesla. The same process will be followed, but the design may have differences.

Remember that the charging port door will be closed after a few seconds of opening. It will happen if the car doesn’t get charged within the time. If it happens, open it up again by following the same process.

Connecting the Charger

Now the port door is open and ready to charge.

  • Make the perfect alignment of the port into the charger as it contains several pins in it.
  • When it is done to connect, make the insert perfectly happen so that there is no gap. Even a slight amount of gap will not let the car charge.
  • Connect a hook or clam with the charging port. It will help the charger to remain properly connected all the time.
  • Follow the essential task to put the vehicle in parking mode during charging. Otherwise, the charging process may get hampered.

The Charging Level

When the charger gets connected to the car, there are some indications that must have to be followed. The control panel of the car will show all the information through lighting indicators and status.

Such as:

The blue light at the control bar shows that the charger has been connected

The blinking of the green light shows a perfect charging process. The more charge the car charges up, the blinking gets slower.

Stable green light shows that the charging has been done properly.

Besides all these indications. The charging process delivers some written statements into the screen too. They are:

  • Total charged status
  • Approximate distance covering ability after charging
  • Present charging port information
  • Rate of the charging from the charger
  • These are all the related factors that get seen during the charging times.

Charging error for maximum level

The charger is connected to the Tesla car. And it is almost near to getting fully charged. But wait! There is no necessity of getting the battery charged for 100%

Sounds weird, right? But it’s a worthy move. Some old Tesla car users also recommend not to charge up their rides at maximum levels.

The main reason behind this issue is. Tesla cars contain Lithium-Ion batteries. This type of battery can be decreased its lifespan if they get fully charged.

Therefore, charging the batteries for 90-95 percent all the time can ensure a long time battery life. A maximum of 99 percent of charging is also suitable to perform. Make sure to avoid charging for 100 percent.

Different types of Chargers

Tesla has broad facilities for its users. In this regard, there are featured different charging stations. A total of three different charging levels are available for Tesla. And they are:

Level 1 Charging Station with 120volts Charging ability

Level 2 Charging Station with 240 volts charging ability and lastly

Level 3 charging station AKA the Supercharger with 480 volts charging capacity

Level 1 Charger

This one can be named as the destination charger too. And it is the basic charging station that is found everywhere. Destination Charger has the highest charging ability of 120 volts. Though it requires more time to charge, it can easily fulfill the basic requirement of the car.

Level 2 Charger

It contains a charging ability of 240 volts. As with the level 1 charger station, this one is also available in most charging areas. In terms of performance, it can deliver double of level one charger. And it can deliver 25 miles of charging range per hour.

The Supercharger

For the fastest charging ability, a supercharger is the best choice. Where the other two chargers require an hourly operation, the supercharger performs the task within a few minutes. It has a maximum power output of 480 volts. That lets the cars easily charge up within a few times.

A tremendous charging ability of 3 to 20 miles of range per minute. Direct current flow (DC) lets this task be done better.

Dissimilarities between Level 2 and Level 3 charger

It has been stated above that the level 3 charger is mainly a fast charger. So there is definitely no connection between level 2 and level 3 chargers.

As the level, 2 charger follows the alternating current flow, the level three charger uses Direct current flow. So it is confirmed that the level 3 charger provides more power than the other ones.

It can even let the car charge up properly in less than an hour. On the other hand, a level 2 charger takes more time to perform the same task.

Does tapping for charging seem worthy?

Definitely, it is. What can be better than an easy opening process? You literally don’t require any keys, any systematic console, or any remote to open it.

Just tap the charger, and that is. Even if the charger has any dirt, tapping will help to clean it up too.

How many charging ports does Tesla have?

Back in the previous times, the old models of Tesla were available with a single charging port. And it has been placed under the left side placed backlight.

But the updated models of Tesla. Tesla Model X and S come with dual charging ports. And it allows charging from both sides. It means more charging levels within less time.

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Final Verdict

The confusion is now clear and known for sure. People, why tap Tesla chargers? Just as a gesture or opening of the port. Rather than that, there is nothing more to get serious about the factor. If you’re one of the Tesla users but have never done this before. Why waiting? Tap the port door with a charger. And see the magic on your own.

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