What is the difference between T5 and T6 Volvo XC90?

The SUVs from Volvo are just great. They can literally attract anyone’s attention with a posh look and design. In this article, we will make the discussion about two different variants of Volvo. And the entire topic will be named Volvo XC90 t5 vs t6.

If major differences get explained shortly. The T6 variant is the latest one with better speed, braking ability, and performance. Whereas, the T5 variant performs a little bit lower.

XC90 T5 and T6

The XC90 is a standard-looking SUV from Volvo. It has consisted of all the luxurious and high-technology features.

A total of three trims are available under the XC90 version. They are:

  • R-Design
  • Inscription and
  • Momentum 

As for various requirements of users, this luxury trim has two well-known models. The T5 and T6.

Here are some factors are given below that make a separation between these two models.

             XC90 T5             XC90 T6
T5 is powered by a 250hp turbocharged 2liter engine that comes with four-cylinderT6 is powered by 316hp both supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder engine
It can generate 258lb-ft of torqueAs it is a supercharged engine, the maximum output of torque is 295lb-ft
The average mileage of 21 in the city and almost 30 on the highwayDeliver maximum mileage of 18 for city and 26 for highway
Total of 4,000 pounds towing capacityHas the ability to tow 5,000 pounds
Front-wheel driving patternFront-wheel drive

These are the basic differences between T5 and T6. Having great attention into the chart, it shows that. The T6 model is in a better position than the T5. And there are some more related factors available with these two models.

Now let’s check out some brief and related information about T5 and T6 models.

The Engine Performance

The T5 from Volvo started its journey from the year 1994.  This turbocharged engine with four cylinders can produce a maximum speed of 214kmph.

It is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive modes. The 8-speed transmission system of this ride makes it more comfortable and buttery on highways. And for a continuous long-running, it comes with excellent fuel efficiency and 70 litres of total fuel capacity.

T6 on the other playing the role in the market since 2011. And it has the maximized twin-turbocharged engine that produces better power than the T5. This machine can obtain a top speed of almost 240kmph.

This machine is only available in All-Wheel Drive mode with an eight-speed transmission system. Since the T6 contains better power delivery. It consumes more fuel than T5 in both cities and highways.

Although the T6 requires more fuel, it has a great combination of performance, power, and stability.

All over performance

Discussing the engine is not only the way to find out the best SUV mode. Entire performing ability is a mandatory factor to observe.

T5 at the first, this one is loaded with all economic natures. Smooth acceleration with perfect reliability makes the driving enjoyable all the time. A standard pushing of 0-100 kilometers within 6.5 seconds is superior feedback.

While a soft and comfortable speed with relaxing cruising on the highway is the necessity. The T5 is surely a good choice.

The T6 comes with speeding DNA. And that is why; it has better acceleration and top-end speed. When T5 requires almost 7 seconds for touching 100, T6 performs the same job in less than 6 seconds.

There are not so many differences in their potential ending too. But the T6 can provide raw pushing with better sharpness. Moreover, the upshifting also appears very smooth and crisp.

Most users recommend the T6 model just for its aggressive power delivery with the finest braking ability. The rest of the things remain almost similar to the T5.

Committed Feedback from Engine

In terms of the commitment from the Engine, Volvo has applied its best level of performance. That is why; both these variants get seen with similar feedback.

Even though the T6 variant provides more power and performance, it can deliver similar reliability to the engine as the T5.

Some Probable Defects

Volvo claims to have its vehicles with all the finest quality materials. But sometimes, a very common defection gets seen among their vehicles. The T5 and T6 model is also included with those facts.

Transmission error is the most common issue that these models have to face sometimes. Fortunately, the company has worked on this issue which is now almost done.

Which one is perfect to choose? T5 or T6?

T5 is best for everyday and random usage. Traveling to different areas, everyday tasks, or site visits are the suitable jobs that can be performed with these variants. There will be friendly fuel consumption ability with a smooth driving feel.

But if more power with better acceleration and superior riding experience is the only necessity, T6 is the best one for you. It may not deliver a good mileage like T5 but can perform the best on highways.

T8 engine. Better from T5 and T6 or not

T5 and T6 are not the only variants of XC90 trim. The Company has delivered another powerful engine with a different operating system.

The T8 engine is the latest one among the entire segment. It’s a hybrid engine that gets powered by a dual electric motor. 400hp is the maximum power output from this engine.

Besides being a hybrid, this engine comes with a typical gas combustion element too. For that reason, it can be called the semi-hybrid version of the engine.

The biggest benefit of using the T8 engine is, it is totally friendly to the environment. There is no chance of having any kind of emission from a T8 engine as it completely runs from a battery.

Since it’s a hybrid car, it may contain an SSD to have better performance. It is good to use SSD for Tesla Dashcam. Therefore, it might be good for using on the T8 hybrid model too.

So this is not left to understand that, the t8 engine variant is surely the better one than t5 and t6. It can deliver better power with a higher cruising speed. Besides, there is the least chance of creating pollution too. It’s definitely a perfect combination of power with friendly features.

Final Thoughts

And finally, the confusion between Volvo XC90 t5 vs t6 has been cleared perfectly. Honestly saying, both these models belong to the next level of luxuriousness as well as superior driving experience. Invest your money at the right thing. Make yourself one of the proud owners.

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