Is an SSD good to use for Tesla Dash Cam?

The dashcam of a Tesla car can be considered as a witness. As a matter of fact, this thing contains all the external conditions and facts during the ride. Speeding up its performance through using an SSD card might be a worthy decision. But, is an SSD good to use for Tesla Dash Cam? Let’s find out the answer.

Using an SSD is quite good for the Tesla Dash Cam. Because it helps to speed up the entire function and deliver a faster reading.

What is SSD?

Those who have an idea about computers or programming surely know about the SSD. It’s the Solid State Drive. That helps to increase the operating system and deliver smooth writing ability.

Besides delivering smoothness in performances. The SSD card maximizes downloading and boot up speed. It also provides quick responses with low pressure to the operating system. Thus the operating environment remains calm and free from laggings.

SSD for Tesla Dash Cam

Dash cam is a very efficient and helpful material to use. The majority of cars nowadays contain dash cams for some valid reasons. They can record surrounding factors such as any corrosion, accident, or other things.

Tesla Dashcam also does the same thing. It uses a USB flash drive for storing photos and videos. Above that, the entire dashcam system gets controlled through the touchscreen.

Dashcam in the stock condition may not appear enough faster for the touchscreen. That is why; an SSD card enables the performance and makes the run faster. There is some good difference between stock dash cam performance and SSD using performance.

The SSD in the Tesla dash cam can make the operating system smooth and quickly responsive. On the other hand, there is the least chance of having a system crash and they can easily absorb better G force.

The Stock SSD in Tesla

As it is an advanced electronic car, having a stock SSD is a common factor. Almost all the models of Tesla come with EXFAT MSATA SSD. This is a premium leveled SDD card for the Tesla that holds 256GB of storage.

Since Tesla doesn’t have a bigger capacitive SSD than this one, other branded ones can be used for its operating system.

Proper SSD card for Tesla Dash Cam

Finding out the perfect SSD card for dashcams is very essential. As the dash cams perform a life-saving move, they are very important to get adjusted with an issueless and valid SSD.

A typical dash cam for Tesla will require an SSD card with 90mbps operating speed or more.

Our expert crews have brief experiments on the issue. And placed some best SSD card models below.

1. Jeda’s Sentry Storage Drive for Tesla

2. Samsung T7 SSD card

3.Sandisk Extreme pro 500Gb

4. WD Passport 512Gb SSD Card and

5. Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD

Jeda’s Sentry Storage Drive

This is a certified SSD that is made for Tesla usage. It provides the plug-and-play mode for Tesla model 3. Faster performance delivery with a smoother operating system is the actual nature of this SSD. 256 GB is the total storage capacity of this card.

Samsung T7 SSD Card

A perfect sentry mode of recording can be performed through this card. Total storage of 500 GB lets the card remain connected for a long time. Storage capacity can be upgraded to 1 and 2 TB during necessity. Plus, it can contain a good number of video footage even if they are necessary or not.

3.2 USB version enables faster downloading and operating system too. This is probably one of the best ones for using in Tesla Cars.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

It’s a compact-looking SSD card with a 500 GB storage capacity. And this is another suitable model for use in Tesla cars.

The internal SSD card area remains protected and free from getting damages for its sturdy Aluminum body.

Tesla Model 3 is the recommended variant in which this SSD card fits perfectly. Apart from that, it can be used easily for the other Tesla models too.

WD Passport Portable SSD

Two different storage capacities of 265 GB and 512 GB are available for this SSD. And it can easily adjust with the dashcam of Tesla. The power delivering process is quite fast and impressive. Just like a user can demand.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD


T5 is the older variant of T7. But it still has a good demand for Tesla users. 1TB is the total capacity of this SSD that also can provide 540mb/s of reading speed.

This one can easily suit any Tesla Model. Besides, the running speed is as smooth as the upgraded version. There is no lagging or file crashing issue at all. Some Tesla users have given positive feedback about using this SSD in their rides.

Benefits of using SSD for Tesla Dash Cam

There are some advantages of using SSD for the dashcam. And the very first benefit of using the SSD is,

 It increases the internal storage

It has been stated through observation that, 10-minute video footage from the dashcam of Tesla consumes almost 300mb+. Making the calculation, video footage of an hour will require almost 1.5 GB.

That is why; using SSD for dashcam is very much beneficial.

Better Operating Speed

An SSD can probably make the performance faster than before. It can work 50-80 times faster compared to the typical hard disc. For that reason, file transferring and downloading become easier and fast.

Least heating issue

As SSD remains connected through the external area. There is a very low chance of having heat in the device. Besides, there are no mechanical operations required to run an SSD. For this positive issue, there is not any kind of heating from the device or the dash cam at all.

The consequence of using SSD in Dash Cam

Either the consequence will be positive or negative. But luckily, SSD delivers all the better and more useful performances that a dashcam requires.

Whereas the stock mode may create laggings and fill up from storage, the SSD performs faster and delivers better-storing capacity. Above that, the level of security gets increased as it can be carried too.

The only thing that has to concern about using SSD is. It requires some difficulties for recovering the files. Although the task gets successful, it can be a lengthy process.

Final Verdict

So now, if anyone gets asked that, is an SSD good to use for Tesla Dash Cam. The answer will be yes. And it’s not only good but also necessary to use for the dashcam.

Luckily, there was no SSD installation process into the GMT800 vs GMT900 vehicle models.

Anyways, it can be a lifesaving and worthy decision to upgrade the operating system for the dashcam. And an SSD card is the only way to let the job done.

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