Cal trend Vs Wet Okole, which one is to choose?

Cal trend Vs Wet Okole is an argument for choosing the best seat cover for the car. Since both of them have neoprene in their base, they will be water, UV, and dust resistant. However, in terms of comfort, wet Okole will be in front.

Because they use foam backing in their seat cover, unlike Cal trend, Cal trend will offer custom-made at a low price range. Moreover, there are some other differences between these two we have discussed below.

Cal trend Vs Wet Okole

People always look for the neoprene car seat covers when it is about seat cars. In the first place, people use seat covers to protect the expensive car seat from many incidents. For example, traveling with family and children will split food and drinks on the heart.

If the seats are open, thatsplinted food and drinks will be left scars and damage to the seat. That means those seats are ruined forever. After that, they may have to replace those expensive seats paying a fortune.

However, to save the seat, one can use neoprene seat covers. This material will protect the seats from every drop of liquid and food because neoprene is naturally water-resistant. In addition, these will prevent liquid from damaging the seat and provide a comfy feel.

As for the Cal trend and Wet Okole, both the cover will provide extreme protection to the seat covers. So children can play inside the car without giving the elder a headache. Because anyhow, these seat covers will protect the seats.

However, people are often stuck in-between choices. If one is between Cal trend and Wet Okole, then they are in the right way. Both of the seat covers are best, but they share some differences. People should know those differences to decide which one is perfect for them.

Let’s have a comparison table on Cal trend vs Wet Okole

Cal  TrendWet Okole
They manufactured their fabric in their industry.They do not manufacture their fabric.
One can choose the fabric type.One cannot choose the fabric type.
They give extreme attention to the user specifications to color, design, and size.They have selective color and design. Customers have to choose from them.
They do not have foam backing in their seat covers.They have foam backing in their seat covers.
Less cushy.Cushier than the Cal Trend.
Seat covers are thin.Seat covers are thick because of the foam.
They have X shaped hole cut.They have a round-shaped hole cut in the seat.
They look nice but less comparatively.They look more polished and nicer.
They have an option for all the seats.Wet Okole offers covers for only front seats.
The price will be around $240The price will be about $270

From the above table, both seat covers share quite a difference. That means for the user, and it will be easy to pick. However, not every consumer has the same desire forthe same product. A specific person looks for a certain quality.

These are two for the seat covers too. So, one may have to look at the differences and match what they are looking for.

Cal trend Vs Wet Okole, which one is to choose?

The choice between Cal trend and Wet Okole will depend on what the users’ are looking for. For example, if one is looking for a more comfy option with padded foam seat covers, wet Okole is the option. In that case, the Cal trend is highly avoidable.

Because Cal Trend does not feature foam in their seat covers, they are thin and like getting the seat as their own body. If one is looking for a versatile color, pattern, and size option, then nothing is better than the Cal trend.

Since Cal trend only manufactured seat covers, they prioritize the customer’s choice. Therefore, people can customize their seat covers precisely as they want from the Cal trend. Also, the Cal trend will cost less than the Wet Okole.

Therefore, the choice is for users to make. Because both of the options is a good option and the better option will depend on the customer.


Hopefully, this article is detailed and informative enough to discuss the Cal trend Vs. Wet Okole. Both of the seat covers are of neoprene material. This material has naturally gained the ability to resist water. So, nothing is perfect compared to it for seat covers.

Wet Okole is perfect for a comfy and cushy feel inside the car. Meanwhile, the Cal trend is a better option for the choosy people with a less expensive price range. However, which one will be better will vary according to the consumer’s preference.

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