265 75r16 vs 265 70r16 tires, which one will be perfect for heavy-duty performance?

265 75r16 vs 265 70r16 is a logical and up-to-date discussion. Both of the tiers are a good options for a passenger vehicle. Also, they are similar in width, rim diameter, construction, and material selection. But they have some differences.

Initially, the aspect ratio of the tiers is not the same. Besides, they have differences in overall Diameter, circumstances, Sidewall height, and Revs per km. Though the difference is not much, it is in a safe range. Therefore, one can replace one with another if necessary.

To know more about the differences, one can have a look below.

265 75r16 vs 265 70r16

Specifically, one can say that whatever high technology the car carries, it will not move an inch without the tire. So, it is the crucial part of the car that people cannot ignore. The primary function of the tire is to support the weight of the vehicle.

Also, it will absorb the shocks of the road. Besides, those will transmit traction torque. After that, those will brake forces to the road surface to maintain the balance and change the direction of the road. These are the most essential yet basic functions of the tire in a car.

To fulfill these four needs, engineers selected high-grade heavy-duty resilient rubber. In addition, they filled the tire with compressed air for accurate performance in the construction. As for the attachment with the car, the wheel has an inner and outer rim to hold it.

One may have seen the metal part of a wheel. This is the rim that holds the tire with the car. The edge is attached to the vehicle with heavy-duty attachment nuts.

When selecting a tire for the car and the quality, the size of the tire is the significant part. If one is familiar with the size index, they will know the letters and numbers. Those indicate so much about the tire.

If one is not familiar with the terms, this article will help understand everything about it. The times 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 indicate the size index of the tire. Those numbers and letters indicate the wide of the tire. As well as the aspect ratio and sidewalls of it.

One has to understand those to select the exact tire for their car. Because these numbers are essential to fit the tire in the vehicle. However, people often query the differences between the 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 shares.

Initially, we can say that the difference is in the size index. They have some great differences. Before going any further, one must know which letter means what in size indexing. If we break size index 265 75r16, we will get,

–265 indicates the width of the tire in meters. 

— 75 means the aspects ratio of the height or width of the tire.

— R stands for construction type of tire.

–Finally, 16 indicates the Rim diameter in inches of the tire.

If we compare 265 75r16 and 265 70r16, we will compare the terms below.


As the first part of the terms indicates the tire’s width, the terms 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 have 265 in first. That means there is no difference in width between this two. Because they share the same number, 265, since the tire’s width is measured in millimeters, we can say both tires are 265 millimeters wide.

One does not have to confuse about the way of measuring the width. Because the manufacturer measures the width of the tire with highly accurate instruments, they measure the width from one sidewall to another. Since the tire’s width is similar, one can select any of the two in terms of width.

Aspects Ratio

In terms of aspect ratio, one will find a massive difference between 265 75r16 and 265 70r16. This is because the second term of the number is the aspect ratio. So for the tire format 265 75r16, the aspect ratio is 75. Meanwhile, for 265 70r16, the aspect ratio is 70.

In the automobile industry, the aspect ratio is calculated in percentage. So the tire 265 75r16 has a 75% aspect ratio. But, on the other hand, the tire 265 70r16 has a 70 aspect ratio. So, the aspect ratio of these two has differences of 5, which is a big deal in terms of tire size index.

Because the vertical cross-section of the tire is divided by the width to calculate the aspect ratio, a change of a bit can make huge differences and create significant effects.

Construction Type                                           

One can say the construction type of the tire by letter in the size index of the tire. Generally, the tire size index can have two construction-type letters. They can find it in the sidewalls of the tire.

The letters are,

  • R- The letter R indicates the radial type of the tire.
  • B- It indicates the tire is a bias-ply type or cross-ply type.

As for 265 75r16 and 265 70r16, both have the letter R. Both tires have radial-type construction. So, there is no difference in construction type in both tires because both have radial type construction.

Rim Diameter

The wide-open part inside the tier is the rim diameter. By this part, one has to attach the tire with the rim. Usually, the rim diameter is calculated in inches. The last part of the size index indicates the Rim diameter.

Considering the given size index of 265 75r16 vs. 265 70r16, we have 16 inches rim diameter for both tires. Therefore, there are no differences in rim diameter between these two. So, both of them will be perfectly fit in 16 inches rim.

Let’s have a look into the differences in technical specifications

Parameter265 70R16265 75R16Difference
Section width265 mm265 mm0 mm (0%)
Overall Diameter777 mm804 mm+27 mm (+3%)
Circumference2442 mm2526 mm+83 mm (+3%)
Revs per km409396-13 (-3%)
Sidewall height186 mm199 mm+13 mm (+7%)
Aspect Ratio7075+5 (+3.5%)

As we can see from the comparison table above, both tire shares several differences in some criteria. Firstly, 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 share 3% differences in terms of Diameter. Secondly, in the circumstances, the tires have 3% difference.

Thirdly, the 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 have 7% differences in sidewall height. In this term, the first one is less than the second one. Finally, the last difference is revolution per mile, which is -3%. However, 265 75r16 and 265 70r16 share no differences in width.

What will be the speedometer differences for 265 75r16 and 265 70r16tires?

Speedo ReadingActual Speed
20 mph (32.19 km/h)19.34 mph (31.13 km/h)
25 mph (40.23 km/h)24.18 mph (38.91 km/h)
30 mph (48.28 km/h)29.01 mph (46.69 km/h)
35 mph (56.33 km/h)33.85 mph (54.47 km/h)
40 mph (64.37 km/h)38.68 mph (62.25 km/h)
45 mph (72.42 km/h)43.52 mph (70.03 km/h)
50 mph (80.47 km/h)48.35 mph (77.81 km/h)
55 mph (88.51 km/h)53.19 mph (85.6 km/h)
60 mph (96.56 km/h)58.02 mph (93.38 km/h)
65 mph (104.61 km/h)62.86 mph (101.16 km/h)
70 mph (112.65 km/h)67.69 mph (108.94 km/h)
75 mph (120.7 km/h)72.53 mph (116.72 km/h)
80 mph (128.75 km/h)77.36 mph (124.5 km/h)
85 mph (136.79 km/h)82.2 mph (132.29 km/h)
90 mph (144.84 km/h)87.03 mph (140.07 km/h)
95 mph (152.89 km/h)91.87 mph (147.85 km/h)
100 mph (160.93 km/h)96.7 mph (155.63 km/h)

Can one use the 265 75r16 tier instead of 265 70r16?

While one decides to switch from one tier to another, the main feature that comes to the front is the width and rim diameter of the tier. If one is thinking about switching to the 265 75r16 tier from 265 70r16, one may look for the possible risk and harm.

Luckily, both the tier’s width and rim diameter are the same. So there will be no problem with fitting. However, the tier has differences in aspect ratio, which will not impact safety.

Therefore, one can switch the tier if it is necessary. However, they should stick to the exact specification as to their old level. In case the switching is mandatory, they can choose the similar one.


The tier is the essential part of the car. Without a good quality tier, the vehicle may run, but the user can fall into a serious accident even if all the instrument in the car is of high quality. As for the 265 75r16 vs 265 70r16 discussion, the comparison is explicit.

The tier is the same in width, rim size, and construction type. However, they share a difference in aspect ratio, which will create more differences. Hopefully, one has understood the comparison between these two tiers with the help f this article.

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