What is the Dodge Charger Wheel Bolt Pattern?

American muscle cars are probably the best and finest mechanism in the automobile industry. Dodge Charger is one of them that hold its demand and popularity in the entire world. Each of the models in the dodge charger comes with a different wheel bolt pattern.

Today’s analysis will show some different bolt patterns according to their model and manufactured year.

Dodge Charger Wheel Bolt

Dodge Charger comes in different wheel sizes and bolt patterns for their different car models. As these car models had made their debut back from 1966 to now. All these models contain different wheels as well as bolts too.

Here the bolt pattern and sizes from the beginning have been placed down below.

First Generation Dodge Charger (1966-1967)

This is the first model of the Dodge Charger that was launched back in 1966. It comes with the coronet B-body platform. It has a total wheelbase size of 117 inches. And also a wide-shaped body. 8 feet of great body size make this ride great to look at.

These big-sized wheels contain a bolt pattern of 5 X 4.5 inches. A total of 5 lugs get used with the wheel size to adjust with the hub.

This is the bolt size for the 1966-modeled Dodge Charger. 1967 is the next model that comes after a successful production of the previous one.

The 1967 model of the Dodge Charger contains a similar sizing to the first one. It also has a total of 5 lugs and a similar sizing.

Second-generation Dodge Charger

The second generation of Dodge Charger had their production time from 1968 to 1970. This is a very well-known model from Dodge among the users. Some fancy collectors still have devotion for this B-body-shaped beast.

A powerful V-8 engine has been placed under its bonnet. And it can provide the full raw power back to those times.

The 1969 models come with a few changes in design and are compared to the previous one. Highly padded seats with chrome-finished wheels make the ride looks better than the 1968 model.

Lastly, the model of the 2nd generation is the 1970 one. Six-pack 440 engine takes out the power and roar of the ride anywhere.

All three of these models hold the same pattern of bolts and design along with a total of 5 lug patterns. In terms of the bolt, 5 X 4.5 inches is the same size for all three. And the entire circle contains 4.5 inches of sizing. Finally, the bolt pattern, that sizes of 5 x 114.3mm.

Third Generation Dodge Charger

As long as the demand gets increases, Dodge Charger was providing more models in the market. And when it came to the third-generation model, there were some little bit of changes in design, shape, and features.

The 1971 third-generation Dodge Charger holds a compact design as it has a small wheelbase and lower length than the old models.

Dodge has added a speedometer that counts its maximum potential of 150mph. Besides this speedometer, there is an indication for the oil pressure and glove box too.

It had the same engine and performance just like previous ones until there are some changes in the next models.

1972 and 1973 models follow the same concept of design with some performance upgrades. This one produces a maximum of 280 horsepower on roads. With the collaboration of four barreled carburetors and the hydraulic filter.

1974 model is almost the same one compared to previous 3rd generation models.

5 X 4.5 inches is the bolt pattern of these models just like the previous ones. And a total of 5 holes in the total size of 4.5 inches.

In short, all the third-generation models are similar in terms of bolt pattern and size.

Fourth Generation Models

This variant of Dodge is mainly made with luxurious intention. For that reason, they are different from the previous ones. 115 inches of wheelbase with rear-wheel driving mode changed the driving pattern and nature.

Typical headlight shapes and designs from previous times come under some changes. All these took place in the 1975 model.

1976 model contains the same design, performance, and quality. But the company has applied more protections than in previous times. It has been coated with a rust resistance ability that ensures its durability.

Later that time, 1977 was the final model in the fourth generation that was quite simple. The extended passenger seat with the dour-mounted light and armrest are the upgraded things at this final model.

Even though the wheelbase size gets changed, there were no changes in the size of the bolts at all. 5 X 4.5 inches was the same sizing as the other generations. Total 5 lug patterns as well as the hole size of 4.5 inches.

Bolt pattern and size of Fifth Generation

Dodge was having continuous upgrades in their models. And the 5th generation model is also included. There was a great change in the 5th generation as it comes with the L-Body structure during the 1981 times.

Although B-body had a good contribution in all the previous models, L-body has created more demand among the users. The fifth-generation model had launched the front-wheel driving mode with V8 powered engine.

1982 model Dodge has followed the same concept, engine performance, and design. Moreover, it has delivered a service to the users for almost 4 years. 1987 was the last model of the 5th generation. Dodge Plymouth had taken that place instead of the charger and still gained the same demand.

For the very first time of the production, the wheel bolt pattern and size have been changed. 4 X 3.95 inches of the bolt with 4 lugs was one of the great transformations for those models. And they contain size of 3.94 inches. The entire 5th generation model follows the same pattern and sizing.

Sixth Generation LX

As Dodge ruled in the market with the 5th and 4th generation models for almost 20 years. They launched the new version in 2006 again.

This time, there was a lot of difference in design, performance, and shape. 2006 was a new era and people demanded the latest design. For that reason, Dodge launched their new model with 4 doors that make it more compact and friendly.

The powerful 6.8-liter V-8 engine in that ride was eligible to deliver 425 of maximum horsepower. And the latest SRT8 engine made the acceleration smooth and mild in long ways.

This particular model had made a good concussion among the people at that time. And it lasts till 2009.

It was 2010 when the last model of the 6th generation was launched in the market. Moreover, it was made for economic reasons and patterns. Powerful rear-wheel driving mode with the pure American muscle vibe is still a dream for a lot of people.

Now coming to their wheel bolt and lugs pattern, it has been taken from the old concept and the size of 5 X 4.53 inches of the bolt size. 5 total lugs with the 4.53 inches circular sizing.

There were no changes among any of the 6th-generation models at all.

Seventh Generation Charger

This one is the last generation of Dodge Charger till now. And it has been producing the models from the year 2011 to the present years. There are huge changes in 7th generation models compared to the other ones.

High performing aerodynamic shape with a sharp headlight has changed the external view of this ride. A perfectly finished natural touchup for the roof and cockpit can easily catch the eyes. It has been done from the inner area

Engine performance and delivery remain the same as the previous editions. Nevertheless, it was a great move by Dodge. And the 7th generation is earning huge demand.

But there was a great change in the 2020 model as it gets replaced with Hellcat. A powerful engine under its hood produces 797 horsepower with tremendous acceleration and aggressive engine sound. All the credit goes to the high-standard V-8 engine.

Although there are lots of changes in the models and editions, there is the least change in their wheel bolt pattern. That is because Dodge believes in their wheels and quality. Therefore, they deliver all the editions with almost the same sized wheel along with their bolt shape and pattern.

The 7th generation also holds the same bolt pattern of 5 X 4.53 inches with 5 lug patterns. All these seventh generations maintain the same pattern.

So these are the entire wheel bolt pattern for all the Dodge Charger models. A very common fact to observe among them is. Almost all of them contain a similar size of bolt. Except for one or two generations.

5 X 4.5 inches of pattern for the bolt and 5 lugs is the most common version of the wheel bolt pattern. And it gets seen in the majority of the generations from the beginning times.

On the other hand, the sixth and seventh generations of Dodge bring the changes in their wheels in a little bit. 5 X 4.53 is the size for those bolts along with the typical 5 lug patterns.

Only the fifth generation of Dodge comes under different bolt and lug patterns. And it mainly happened for the launching of Dodge Hellcat at that time.

The company decreased its wheelbase size. It also takes down the bolt and lugs. 4 X 3.94 inches was the size of the bolt along with 4 lug patterns.

2022 Dodge Charger Bolt Pattern

2022 Dodge Charger is the latest edition that has been launched recently. It’s a sedan with the pure American Muscle feel from those times. This one is claimed as the fastest sedan car among the others. The 6.2liters Hemi SRT V8 engine delivers a maximum speed of 202mph. Even with the high-tech features and excellent performance, the 2022 edition follows the same wheel bolt pattern as the older editions.

It also comes with the 5 X 4.5 inches bolt pattern with a 5 lug pattern system. Each of them contains the size of 4.5 inches into the circle.

2022 Dodge Charger Tire Size

All the bolts and lugs mainly get measured according to the size of the tire. Besides of tire, the size of the wheel is another most important thing to observe. The 2022 Dodge Charger comes with different tire sizes as the other ones.

There are mainly two different tire sizes are available for this model.

One of them is, 275/40ZR20 with a rim size of 9.5jx20 and the required tire pressure of 2.5

And the other one is 305/35ZR20 with the rim size of 11jx20 and 2.7 required tire pressure.

The company uses the first version of tires for front areas and the second version for the rear areas.

The wheel bolt pattern of Mustang

Mustang is another highlighting model of Dodge. This is even more popular than the Dodge in the market. Some people may think that the Charger and Mustang hold the same bolt pattern.

Well, they are almost the same. But there is the least difference between them too. The Charger comes with a bolt pattern of 5 X 115mm whereas the Mustang has a bolt pattern of 5 X 114.5mm.

5 X 115mm bolt vs other cars

Many people might doubt the 5 X 115mm bolt pattern. Some people also believe that this is a particular bolt size that is made only for Dodge cars.

But practically, the sizing has a good contribution among some high-ranged car models. JMC, Cadillac, Chevrolets, Pontiac, and Bentley are some of those models that use 5 X 115 sized bolts for their cars.

Wheels of Dodge challenger in Dodge Charger

Although they belong to the same company, these tires can be swapped and changed between each other. In that case, there is no issue in changing the tires of a challenger with the charger.

Final Statement

Dodge has significantly delivered their hospitality and service among their beloved ones. There is no doubt about it. Dodge Charger wheel bolt pattern was one of those intentions.

If there’s an intention of switching to wheels or rims of the Charger, just have a quick observation in this article. And you’ll find the answer.

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