5 vs 20 vs 30 vs 50 tint, which one is to choose?

5 Vs 20 Vs 30 Vs 50 Tint is a serious discussion to do before doing anything to the windows of the car. Because with the tinting some serious rules and regulation are involved which requires to follow strictly.

However, the main difference amongst these tinting percentages will be the shade of darkness. Comparatively, 50% is the lighter, and 5% is the darkest shade. One can see through the highest one, and it is impossible to see if the window is tinting with the lowest percentage.

Below, we have discussed the topic illustrating all the necessary and sensitive features to help people decide without any mistake.

5 vs 20 vs 30 vs 50 tint
5 vs 20 vs 30 vs 50 tint, which one is to choose

5 Vs 20 Vs 30 Vs 50 Tint

Tint or windows film is a thin laminated film that people install inside the car or outside the car window. The purpose of tinting the window of the vehicle can be many. Most people tint their windows to protect the interior from harmful UV lights.

The sunlight can damage the expensive interior of the car and fade the look of it easily. However, it will not be possible for the UV to enter inside the car with the tint. A quality tinting can prevent almost 100% UV.

Moreover, people choose darker shade tint to increase security and their privacy. Mainly, most of the governor person of many countries as well celebrates tend to choose the darker shade tent to increase their security and privacy when they are in public.

Luckily, one will find a great variety of options in tinting. However, the most popular percentages of tinting are 5% and 20%and 30%and 50% tint. Before selection, one has to know the differences among these and decide which one is to choose according to their circumstances.


The shade of the tint is the first and visible feature by which one can distinguish the tint. Initially, 50% is the lighter one among all the tints. After that, 30% is darker than 50% but lighter than 20%. For a darker shade, one can go for the 5%.

From 20 to 30 percent is the factory tint. When one buys the glass, they will get it with the glass. Otherwise, the glass will come without any tint.

Privacy and Security

If privacy and security are the people’s major concerns, they must go for the darker option. In that case, 50% will not be the suitable one. Because one can see through the tine not so clearly, but it will be visible. It will be possible to identify the face if the glass has 50% tine.

The users have to go for 35 to below to strongly secure privacy. Form 30%, the shade of the tint gets darker. The lower, the darker, and the privacy will get higher.

UV blocked

Imagine sitting in the vehicle in a long jam or on a long journey when the sun angrily produces heat. That will be the worst experience, and it will impact badly on the mental and physical health of the passengers.

Luckily, any of the mentioned tints can properly block the sunlight, UV, and heat. If one wants to block the UV and want some light to read the book, 50% is the perfect option. For a darker experience with maximum sunlight, heat, and UV blockage, one can go for any shade from 30% to below.

For the rare window in the passenger’s back, 5% will protect the passengers perfectly from any harmful ray. As for the side window, one can go for either 50% or 30% according to their preference of light.


One may not know that the tinting compromises the safety of the owner or passenger of the car as well as other cars. If the windows of a car are too dark, another driver cannot see through the window and the instruction. Both of them may pass their messages via eye contact or waving hands which are become impossible with a darker window.

They are resulting in a serious situation on the road leading to heavy jams or even an accident. Also, some of the evil people take advantage of the darker window to commit the crime. Since one cannot see through the window, they can carry their crime inside the car.

In the 90s, there was a horrific crime of abduction, kidnapping, and rapping that police had missed because of the tent of the window. So for safety purposes, one must avoid the darker shade.

Legal Terms

Before jumping into any kind of tinting, one has to know that in many countries tinting to a level of percentage is legal, and others are illegal. If they someway manage to tint the percentage, which is illegal for that particular state, they can have a jail or a big amount fine.

Moreover, in many countries, any kind of tinting is illegal. They have to keep the glasses of their vehicles completely transparent. In the USA, one can tint their car until 50%. Some of the people do till 50%, which is sometimes not detectable.

However, the police have a tint detector. Suppose they detect the tint and find that that is 50% or even below by 1%, they will act roughly. So one must tint their car above 50%, not below. As for 30%, 20%, and 5%, these are completely illegal and forbidden.

5 vs 20 vs 30 vs 50 tint, which one is to choose?

Before jumping into any choice, one has to know the rules and regulations of using tint in their vehicle. Many may not have the idea that there is the issue of legality and illegality of tinting windows of any automobiles. If any of the percentages is illegal in their state, they have to avoid this shade.

However, 50% will be okay for most of the state, and it will perfectly block the UV, heat, and uncomforted feel of sunlight. Also, one can see through the glass properly. As for the other percentage, in most of the country, these are illegal.

The good thing is one can use the darkest shade in the back window of the car. But using any kind of tinting in the windshield is completely forbidden.

What are the advantages of 5%, 20%, 30%, and 50%tinting?

Tinting vehicle windows comes with many advantages. Those are,

1. Those percentages of tinting will successfully block the UV ray to 100%.

2. One of the interesting advantages tinting of those mentioned shades will provide is the lower glare.

3. Those will increase the security and the privacy of the passengers.

4. Block the sunlight, which prevents damage to the interior.

5. Passengers will feel comfort ableevenat the peak of the summer.

6. Extremely safe, comfortable, and healthy for the children.

What are the advantages of 5%, 20%, 30%, and 50%tinting?

Tinting the windows of any kind of vehicle to 5%, 20%, 30%, and 50% does not come without disadvantages. One will have to face,

1. Reducing driver and passenger’s visibility on the busy roads.

2. One may face punishment from the state tinting to the illegal level, and all the mentioned percentages are forbidden in the USA.

3. It can cause miscommunication and accidents.

4. Evil humans can use tinting for doing serious crimes.

What are the Laws of window tinting?

Well, windows tinting involves many simple and complex laws, which will vary from state to state and car to car. Normally, using the darker shade in front, rare, and windshield is forbidden in every state. However, in many countries, one can use up to 35% tint in the side windows and 20% or less in the back window.

 Yet using any kind of tint in the windshield is illegal. These are the simple rules one will face, but still, some state offers more complex rules. Those are,

1. One can tint the windows in any percentage if the driver windows have no tint.

2. One can tint the windows below 30 percent if any of the windows back of the driver have 50% along with no tint in the driver windows.

Moreover, some states can have different laws on tinting. Therefore, people must check their state law before deciding on the percentage of tinting.


Overall, one cannot just choose any tinting for their automobiles. They have to look for the rules of their state first. After that, they have to choose any percentage of tinting between the legalized shades. Moreover, one can choose lighter to darker for their back window.

The conclusion of the argument 5 Vs 20 Vs 30 Vs 50 Tint will depend on the state rules and the preference of the passenger. Purposing to block the sunlight and UV only, 50% will do the perfect job providing enough light, unlike the other version. For darker options, one can go for any of the alternatives.

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