Fox 2.0 Vs 2.5: Performance Elite 2.5 and Performance 2.0

Fox 2.0 Vs 2.5 reflects the variation these two will offer in different circumstances. The differences between these two are pretty straightforward. While 2.0 is for a small vehicle, 2.5 is for a small and medium car. Both of them will perform well in their recommended range.

Moreover, for aggressive off-road driving with or without loads, one has to pick 2.5 over 2.0. This one has the ability to tackle the toughest shock of the worst road, even at high speed. For a detailed and full explanation, the discussion below will help.

Fox 2.0 Vs 2.5

The term 2.0 and 2.5 indicates the diameter of the body of the shock on any vehicle. One may hear about the suspension system of the cars. This whole thing is to increase the height of the car body from the ground as well as from the axle.

Purposing to increase the capability of absorbing the shock that is coming from the road, the shocks will do a great job. In simple words, one can say that without a proper shock driving the car with or without loads will be a nightmare.

As for the manufacturer Fox, they are quite popular in the automobile industry for their shocks. Mainly, they have designed the 2.0 and 2.5 for off-road driving. Their entire design is based on the theory of absorbing the high frequency. They are also tackling the larger magnitude forces of fast off-road driving.

Moreover, they have used aluminum material with an internal floating piston in the shock absorber. This will maximize the performance of both 2.0 and 2.5. Initially, one will not see any differences between these two. Since they are from the same manufacturer, they look pretty similar, and the manufacturing material will be the same.

However, in functionalities, they share pretty obvious differences. From beginning to end, nothing will be similar in these two shocks of fox manufacturer. Once people know the functional differences of these shocks, they will know what they need.

Weight lifting capability

Between the 2.0 and 2.5 shock absorbers, weight lifting capability is a major difference, and this is the point people can make their choice. As for the 2.0 shock, it is for lightweight meanwhile 2.5 is for medium weight.

While 2.0 is capable of lifting up to 5000 lbs, 2.5 can lift more than 7000 lbs weight. Both of them can handle the mentioned weight perfectly. The users can completely rely on these two about the weight.

Vehicle Type

For a shock absorber, one has to select any specific vehicle. Because a shock designed for a small-sized vehicle cannot be the best fit in a medium-sized one, one can use the 2.0 shock in any small size truck or jeep.

On the other hand, the 2.5 shocks will do a pretty impressive performance in medium-sized vehicles as well as in the small ones. If one owns a small truck which they use to transport heavy elements, can trust on the 2.5 shocks over 2.0. However, using it in a large vehicle will be a bad move.


If one is looking for a more effective adjuster, then the 2.5 is their pick. The manufacturer has used Fox DSC Adjusters / King Adjusters in the 2.5, unlike 2.0, which will provide suitable adjust to absorb enough shock.

Variation in length

For their truck and jeep, people look for different lengths of shock absorbers. Some of the people like a monster-size wheel in their truck, even it is small. In that case, the length variation is important because they will need more height to separate the car body and the axle.

Luckily, 2.0 shock will provide a wide range of shock, unlike 2.5. People will find their perfect option from the variety of options.


Users will find major differences in the usability of these two absorbers. As for 2.0, it will perform pretty well on both highway and off-road. However, the use of this one is limited to specific vehicles and weight. If one is not limited to dashboard roads, then it’s not for them.

However, the use of 2.5 is insane. One can regularly drive their truck and jeep in the roughest, thoughts, worst off-road at high speed. The sock will absorb the biggest possible shock the wheels will get from the roads.


From the above discussion, one can easily get the point of the price. Since the 2.5 is capable of more intense performance, it will have more price. For one pair, the 2.5 shocks will cost around $600, and the 2.0 will cost around $400.

However, the price will vary according to the place one is going to buy the shock. Also, they may have to pay a high shipment charge for buying the shocks from a far way away.

Fox 2.0 Vs 2.5, which one is to pick?

Picking one shock from these two will not be hard to decide because both of them are quite different and serve a different purpose. For a small to medium vehicle with a heavyweight, one has to choose 2.5. Because the 2.0 is only for the small one.

Besides, 2.0 will serve well only on the washboard roads and highways. Regular driving in the aggressive off-roads is not suitable for 2.0. Drivers having a visit of of-roads with load and speed often must go for the 2.5 shocks. This will perfectly absorb the aggressive shocks of the roughest roads.


Before going to any conclusion, one can keep in mind that fox is one of the most renowned manufacturers. They are making shocked for a long time successfully. As for the discussion Fox 2.0 Vs 2.5, one can choose any of these two according to their circumstances.

While 2.0 is better for small and minimal weight, 2.5 is perfect for both small and medium vehicles with a medium weight capacity. Both of them are different instead of the material and look the manufacturer has used. Hopefully, the discussion above is well versed to know the differences properly.

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