4 inches lift vs 6-inch lift ram 1500, Which one to choose?

4 inches lift vs 6-inch lift ram 1500, this discussion is for the people who are thinking about changing their car. Mainly, modifying the height of their car from the ground and the wheel. Normally, the on-road drivers do not require much ground clearance. Since the RAM 1500 is a pickup truck, this one is for both on-road and off-road.

So, one will have to think about the performance of the truck in both road conditions. Besides, there is a fact of towing capacity which is involved with it that requires attention. Furthermore, one will have to read through the discussion to know more.

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4 inches lift vs 6-inch lift ram 1500

To start with, lifting a car to a specific length is a modification to the height of the car. Normally, owners use high-quality suspension in the wheels to change the height of the car to a specific amount. Well, the main reason for lifting the car is to increase the ground clearance. We all know that ground clearance helps the users inside the car to have a wonderful journey.

When the roads provide opposite force to the car and vibration, the suspension and the amount of lifting do their job to cut them low. That means those will not affect the passengers much or they will not feel bumpy. Mainly, for off-road cars or trucks, ground clearance is the most important fact to ensure comfort and stability.

Also, one can use a more significant tier in their trucks to get a beastly performance off-road. They can also increase the towing capacity of the truck if the wheels can take more loads. Moreover, if the car has a better height, they get better visibility of the lower part of the truck. That means they can easily clean and maintain the complex mechanism of the car.

As for the Ram 1500 which is a heavy-duty pickup of Ram, the truck manufacturer belongs to the fifth generation of it. They have equipped it with different types of engines, transmissions, and power. If one is looking for lifting the car to 4 inches or 6 inches upper, they will first need to know the real dimension of the car.

Length232.9 in.
Overall Width82.1 in.
Height77.6 in.
Wheelbase144.5 in.
Bed Length5’7”
Curb weight5,346 lbs.
Maximum payload1,550 lbs.

These are the dimension of the car we are looking for to find a perfect solution on 4 inches and 6 inches lift. However, the lifting is directly involved with the ground clearance of the car. That is why one will have to know the factory ground clearance of the car before deciding on something.

Now let’s have a look into the differences they will get from 4 inches and 6 inches lifting.

4 inches Lift6 inches Lift
It will take less space to settle inIt will take more space to settle in.
Best for the regular use in the city and highway roads.It is for the high ground clearance off-road driving.
It seems to save fuel in the long runIt is for larger tiers which will burn more fuel in the off-roads
This is for the regular passenger tierA giant tier will look good with this lifting measurement
The price is reasonableThe price is a little high.

Specifically, the 4 inches lift will take less space to the mountain and also lift the car to a minimum height. Moreover, this lifting is for the mid-tier which will save fuel in the long run. Mainly, on the highway driving one, will feel intense with this lifting. However, in off-road driving, this is not what one will want. Moreover, its performance, mileage, and fuel economy of it on off-roads will be extremely low.

On the other hand, the 6 inches lift will look intense with the giant tiers made for off-roads. One will get perfect performance with this lifting size with perfect ground clearance. However, the expense of this lift will be so much more than the other one.

Overall, the fact is the Ram 1500 has a factory requirement for ground clearance. Specifically, they have the minimum recommended ground clearance of,


If we look at the data in this table, we can see that the minimum ground clearance of this trim is near 8 and more. So, if one is arguing about attaching the 4 inches and 6 inches lifting, they must have some solid point. Overall, it is on them and what they want to do with the truck. Because the lifting will decide the size of the tier and it will decide the towing capacity too. Normally, the tier size of the trim is

Rim SizeTire Sizes
17-Inch265-70-17 285-70-17

Specifically, the 4 inches lift is for 35 inches tier and the 6 inches lift is for the 36 to 37 inches tier. Here is the common requirement of the tiers of the RAM 1500. So, one has to make sure that they are selecting the right amount to ensure the towing capacity. In case they are looking for more towing capacity and more performance off-road, they will have to go for bigger lifting. Overall, the decision is on the owners to make according to the given information.

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Overall, both the 4 inches and 6 inches are great choices for lifting the pickup to another level. However, they will have to think about some facts before deciding on one. if they are a regular on-road driver then they must pick the 4 inches. Because it will provide better mileage and fuel economy on the highway.

On the other hand, for the off-roads, the 6 inches lift is the perfect pick over 4 inches. Because this one will provide comfort and performance. therefore, the owners will need to decide what they want according to their needs.

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