Alpharex Vs Morimoto 4runner, what to choose?

Alpharex Vs Morimoto 4runner, in this conversation one will have to face the features differences of these two renowned headlights manufacturers. Specifically, the Alpharex offers headlights in an inexpensive range while the headlights of Morimoto are quite expensive.

However, the Morimoto will offer more usability and durability with their latest technology. Comparatively, this one will last longer than the Alpharex providing more detailed visibility in both day and night. On the contrary, the Alpharex will provide a more eye comforting experience.

Furthermore, one will have to look below and read the illustrated details on the topic to know more.

Alpharex Vs Morimoto 4runner

Alpharex and Morimoto are two of the best headlights manufacturer for 4runner which offers perfect driving. In the first place, the purpose of headlights is not only to increase the visibility in the dark. It is so much more than just having light.

Most importantly, the headlights offer safety while on the roads in any situation. Imagine driving in the darkest night on the hilly roads. The headlights will tell the other driver about the width of the car. Which will alert the driver to spare space to cross the other car.

Also, the lights will send signals to the other driver about any problem. That’s why the headlights need to pass a certain safety procedure under a certain level. Luckily, both Alpharex and Morimoto have passed the DOT test. 

However, people want to know the differences between these two mostly used headlights. Because buying two of these is not wise and it will cost so much of money. So, the basic difference between these two is they come from two different manufacturers. That means they will share quite major differences.

Therefore, let’s dive deep into the features of these two headlights and compare them to find differences.


The construction material of the headlights body and lens is something to consider first. Because the cover of the headlights and the lens are not of the best quality material, it does not matter how bright the LEDs are. For the durability of the body of the headlight, one has to choose something strong as a material.

Also, for the lenses, the material needs to be strong and clear which will provide a 100% clear path for the lights to pass through it and reflect more space with more brightness. As for the Alpha rex and Morimoto, they have to use Polypropylene Housing Material in the construction of the body. Besides, they have to use Polycarbonate Plastic Lens. So, here they share no differences.


The main purpose of the headlights is to increase the visibility in the dark. As for Alpharex and Morimoto, they have used different types of LED in their product. Initially, the Alpha rex has installed LED in it which may not have great quality. But in some options, one can replace them and the Morimoto always offers quality LED.

As for the brightness of these two headlights, both of them offer enough rightness. While the Alpharex offers more warm and yellowish light, the Morimoto offers bluish light. However, the Alpha rex will not be as bright as the Morimoto.

To see more details in the darkest road, one must go for the Morimoto option over the Alpharex. However, in foggy weather, the warm light is more effective than the bluish one. Also, people with sensitive eyesight may find the Morimoto a little annoying since it is reflective.


Both of the lights provide an extreme level of usability. Customers using any of these lights will not complain about their services. However, the Alpha rex will provide more color options than the Morimoto. Also, one cannot change the LED of the Morimoto if they died. That means one will have to buy the whole system if one light is dead.

On the other hand, one can change the LED of Alpharex anytime they want. One will find multiple LED options for this brand. However, the Morimoto headlights will shine bright in the dark even those will provide enough light in the daytime too. So, if anyone wants to give any kind of signal to the drivers in front of them, it is possible with the headlights of this brand.


In the case of durability, Morimoto is the winner. Each of the LEDs inside it will come with its own die-cast heat sink that increases its lifespan. This is not the same case with the Alpharex. Also, a UV-coated polycarbonate lens will last longer than one’s imagination.


Comparatively, the Morimoto is an expensive option. Because of the technology they use in their headlights to provide more usability, they have to increase their price range. Initially, the price of this brand of headlights will start from a minimum of $1000. 

On the other hand, the Alpha rex is an inexpensive option. One will find the more affordable and quality headlights from this brand. However, they do not use as much technology as the other brand. The starting price of the headlights of this brand will be around $450.

Sequential Turn Signal lights5000k Osram LED DRL lights
Used H7 Halogen lightsUsed Tri-Kurla Optic LED
Users will have three color options.Users will have two color options.
Not so protective against UVExtremely protected against UV and sink.
The signal lights are more visible.The signals lights are less visible.
One can replace the LED.One cannot replace the LED
LEDs are preassembledLEDs are not preassembled
OEM and DOT approved.DOT approved.
Less expensive.More Expensive.

Alpharex Vs Morimoto 4runner, what to choose?

Choosing the headlight in between Alpharex and Morimoto for the 4runner will depend on some factors. Mainly, the needs and desires of the users from their headlights will influence the decision. In case one is looking for an affordable option, they must go for the Alpharex option.

However, the Morimoto will offer more durability and performance than the other one. One will get more detailed visibility and usability both day and night which is not the case with Alpharex. Furthermore, one having eye sensitivity must avoid the Morimoto because of the reflective feature.


Choosing the right headlights for the car is important. Because these will decide how comfortable the driving experience will be at night in the dark. Moreover, the lights will ensure the safety of the driver by any means.

In the discussion of Alpharex Vs Morimoto 4runner, both will be the winner if they match the user’s requirement. However, for city roads or regular life use, one can go for the Alpharex which is an inexpensive option. For more durability and performance variance, the users can go for the Morimoto option.

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