Nissan Ns2 Vs. Ns3: What is the difference between Nissan NS2 and NS3?

Nissan Ns2 Vs. Ns3, this discussion illustrates the differences between NS2 and NS3 transmission fluid. Specifically, both fluids are original designs and manufactured by Nissan. Being fully synthetic Fluid, they will ensure the best performance in the Nissans CTVs.

However, they share some differences which help the user to decide on one. Though the specific vehicle will have a recommendation on Fluid, one can choose an alternative the Fluid. Furthermore, we will discuss in detail the topic below from our expert perspective.

Nissan Ns2 Vs. Ns3

Nissan Ns2 Vs. Ns3

Being one of the most popular automotive manufacturers, Nissan is continuously developing. They focus on every major and minor specification of their car. Along with other things, they are developing the transmission of their car. Before, the Nissan had the manual transmission, but now things have been changed.

In the recent models of Nissan, they use the AT and CVT transmission, which is developed over the old school hydraulic pressure transmission. For the transmission to work properly, one will need the transmission fluid. When deciding on the transmission wheel for the Nissan, Ns2, and Ns3 is the common name. Though these serve the same purpose, they have extreme differences.

Kinematic viscosity at 400 С is 33.75Kinematic viscosity at 400 С is 34.21
Kinematic viscosity at 1000 C is 7.1Kinematic viscosity at 1000 C is 7.21
The viscosity index is 185.The viscosity index is 182
The color is redThe Color Blue
Flashpoint is 185 CFlashpoint is 212 C
The pour point is -45  CThe pour point is -42C
Density at 15°C and g/cm3 is 0.85Density at 300 С kg/L is 0.8364
Used in the old model of NissanFor the new model with AT and CTV.
Effective operation in high and low temperatures.Perfect for winter performance.
Maximize the transmission durability.Maximize the CVT’s durability.
Friction property provides a smooth feel.High anti-shudder properties in CVTF NS-3 formulation provide a smoother shifting feel.

From the distinguished table above, the NS2 transmission fluid has less kinematic viscosity than the NS3 in lower and higher points. However, the viscosity index of the NS2 is higher than the other one. Moreover, both of the fluids have different colors, one is red, and the other one is blue.

Besides, they have quite similarities to transmission fluid manufactured by Nissan. Both the Fluid is fully synthetic and designed to improve the lifespan of the transmission by rejecting the metal-metal friction. However, the NS2 will offer performance in both summer and winter, but NS3 will be unbeatable for the winter.

Which is the alternative for NS2 and NS3Transmission Fluid?

If one is changing or replacing the transmission fluid, they have to make sure they are choosing the right alternative to the existing one. Because the viscosity of the fluid need to be close to similar for the most effective result and keep the transmission safe from damage. The alternative of the NS2 can be between the viscosity levels of 150 to 200.

Idemitsu CVT Type N is an alternative to NS2 transmission fluid

People look for an alternative to authentic NS2 Fluid when they do not find the original one. Also, when they feel like the original one is expensive and they cannot afford it. Among many alternatives, the Idemitsu is one of the perfect alternatives one can rely on.

This Fluid is also designed to improve the frictional characteristics of the transmission. It will guarantee superior anti-shudder performance in the CTV of Nissan. In addition, a special additive in the Fluid will protect the metals inside from corrosion. Amazingly, this Fluid will work for any vehicle where the NS2 is specified.

Viscosity Index200
Liquid Volume5 Quarts
Item Weight2000 Grams
Flash Point180 Degrees Celsius

However, the alternative of NS3 will be different from the NS2 in many ways. Yet one can use some of the alternatives of NS2 in NS3. Specifically, the viscosity level of the alternative NS3 should be 180 to 210.

Castrol 6PK Transmax CVT an Alternative to NS3 Transmission Fluid

One of the cheapest and most easily available transmission fluids which can be an alternative to NS3, Castrol 6PK Transmax CVT is a preferable option. Like the other lubricant or transmission fluid, it will guarantee the durability of the transmission by removing the friction between the metals of the transmission. Also, the Fluid will give protection against every wear and tear of the transmission.

Moreover, this Fluid is designed with advanced smooth drive technology, which makes it perfect for CVT. That means at a low price, one will get complete reliability and performance.

Viscosity Index202
Liquid Volume5 Quarts
Item Weight2000 Grams
Flash Point185 Degrees Celsius

Is it possible to use CVT oil in every kind of transmission?

The design and working principles of a manual transmission, automotive transmission, and CVT are different. One has to use a different type of Fluid in the different types of transmission. As for the CVT, one cannot use the CVT fluid in the manual and automotive transmissions. Also, using the manual or AT Fluid in the CVT will damage the transmission.

What are the benefits of the newly designed CVT engine?

The CVT or continuously variable transmission is designed for smoother performance. Specifically, it will provide simple yet efficient power delivery burning less fuel. That means this transmission will save fuel and produces less carbon for the environment.

This transmission will have a gear option for every road condition. Without any human interaction, the system will hang the gear level for a smooth and accident-free driving experience. Also, the system will not create any vibration or shock while changing the transmission.


The transmission fluid is one of the most important maintenance of the transmission as well as the engine. Since nothing inside the main mechanism of the car is nonmetallic, they need lubrication to avoid friction, corrosion, and damage. However, one cannot just use anything. They have to make sure to use the right substitute.

For Nissan, the NS2 and NS3 transmission fluid, mainly for the CTVs, is most known. However, one can use any suitable alternative of the fluids. Hopefully, readers have got all the information on Nissan Ns2 Vs. Ns3 from the above discussion.

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