Falken Rubitrek Vs Wildpeak, which one will be better?

Falken Rubitrek Vs. Wildpeak, in this debate, the winner’s place will be on the user’s requirement. Because both of the tiers are two of the best in the market from the same manufacturer. However, one can pick any of these two according to their differences.

The main differencesbetween these two tiers are the price range and the road performance. The Rubitrek is better off-road but a bit pricy. Meanwhile, the Wildpeak is better on the highway and less pricy. Moreover, one may look below for further information on the discussion.

Falken Rubitrek Vs Wildpeak

Falken is one of the most renowned tier manufacturers of the automobile industry. From the lunch of their company till now, they have been manufacturing the most beautiful tier. Mainly, their tiers are popular for all-weather performance.

If one does not know about the tier type, onemust understand that tiers have more than one type. Usually, the tiers are three types—Summer, winter, and all-weather tier. Summer tires are for the weather of around 450Ftemperature.

In that weather condition, the summer tier will withstand the heavy heat of the road. However, if the manufacturer did not design the tier for tackling that heat, the traction of the road and the wheel will produce fire, and it will burn the tier.

Also, they will perform great in wet conditions too. Mainly, the tier will provide enough traction to run on the road in the heavy rain.

Another type is the winter weather tier type common in a country like the USA. This one is for the country having a temperature of less than 450F and sometimes minus. In some countries, they have to face heavy snowfall, making the road extremely slippery.

Engineers make the winter tier so that those will provide extreme traction, grip, and control to withstand the snow road. The final one is the all-weather tier. This type will perform well in almost every weather type.

However,the too wet or slippery road can be harmful to driving with an all-weather type tier because engineers have designed those tiers to give an average value, not extreme.

As for the Falken Rubitrek and Wildpeak, they are two of the most amazing all-weather tier one can buy. They will provide an amazing amount of traction, grip, and control. That’s the reason that leads people to get into arguments on which one is the better one.

To help people decide which one is better, let’s have a look into the demonstrative feature of the tiers.


Falken Rubitrek and Wildpeak are the products of the same manufacturer. That’s why their trade pattern is almost similar. Both are AT tier, and the manufacturer used the same technology to make these tiers. As of the construction, both tiers are sturdy and durable on the craziest roads.

In the pattern, they have rigid treads blocks supporting the ramps and step-down features. That pattern will help the tier to prevent stones from getting stuck inside the grooves, increasing the stability. Both tiers form a strong shield because of the offset shoulder blocks on the upper sidewall.

That shield will protect the most valuable part of the tier from sharp objects on a crimpy road. Another amazing thing about the tiers is the silica rubber compound that makes them more durable.

However, on one side Falken Rubitrek get over Wildpeak. Rubitrek features an upper hand in trade wear by a slight margin. That makes this tier last longer than the other one.

Performance off-road

Since both the tier have the most profound trade wear, they offer excellent performance in off-road driving. The pattern and design of the tiers offer powerful ground piercing that helps the tiers withstand mud or rock-ridden roads.

Whatever the situation of the road, both of them will offer excellent control and stability. However, Wildpeak hasa slight advantage over the other one when it is about off-road performance. Because of the evenly distributed tread pattern, Wildpeak will provide better performance here.

Performance on-road

Here, Rubitrek is the winner of the two, though both have a good road performance. The manufacturer has designed the tier remembering the streets of countryside and forest. However, the performance on the highway or city roads seems to handle tarmac well.

Surprisingly, one can use both tierson the highway with comfortable traction and control. Moreover, they will not lose control even at the highest speedon the urban roads. However, the tread block in the center of the Falken Rubitrek seems to be more highway-friendly.

Offering more traction in the peachy road, the compact tread blockwill likely have more contact with the road. In addition, on the streets like a highway, this tier seems to have better contact with the driver, which makes them confident.

Wet weather performance

It is not surprising that both tiers have a stunning performance in wet weather. One can drive their car by the river bank or small flood quickly with these tiers. It happens because of the silica-infused compound in the tiers.

Living in a rainforest area will also get a comfortable ride under heavy rain and storm. The tiers will get maximum contact with the road. In terms of wet road performance, both tiers are the winner.

Snow performance

Both are AT tier, and the manufacturer used the same technology to make these tiers. As of the construction, both tiers are sturdy and durable on the craziest roads. Amazingly, the tiers have a three-peak mountain snow symbol on them.

By this, one can easily imagine that the performance of these tiers in the snow will be crazier. The working principle of these tiers in the snow is like the mud using the deep tread pattern.

The design and the 3D Canyon Sipe technology offer the needed traction and control on the snowy roads. However, Wildpeak has a slight advantage over the other one when it is about snow performance. Because of the evenly distributed tread pattern, Wildpeak will provide better performance here.


Another big difference between these two tiers is the size range. Both of the tiers have a wide range of sizes. While Falken Rubitrek offers forty-two different sizes, Wildpeak offers sixty-nine different sizes. All of them have various load capacities.


Normally, the Falken Rubitrek is a little more expensive than the Wildpeak. Besides, the price will depend on the size of the tier. The big the tier, the more costly it will be. If one is looking for an all-weather highway tier, then Wildpeak is the option at an affordable range.


As for the warranty, both tiers have the same level of it. Any of the sizes of any of these two tiers will have a 55000 mile or 90000 km tread life warranty. Also, the manufacturer offers road hazard replacement of the tier aging up to two years.

Falken Rubitrek Vs Wildpeak, which one will be better?

It is a confusing job to pick one from the two best all-weather tiers of the same manufacturer. The choice would be easier if they were not of the same manufacturer and shared many similarities. However, if one is an off-road driver who wants a more sturdy and robust tier that can withstand the sharp stone, then Rubitrek is the option.

Driving on the roads like highways will be more comfortable with the Wildpeak. However, both of the tiers have excellent grip and control. But the Rubitrek is a little pricey with more benefits. Overall, the choice will depend on the user’s needs.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers on Falken Rubitrek Vs. Wildpeak. Both of the tiers have their pros and cons. But the number of cons can be counted as zero. These tiers will offer excellent performance in almost every type of road.

However, one has to choose any of the one-tier form these two according to their circumstances. Since they vary in price and off-road performance, one can pick one of these two categories. Eventually, any of the picks will be the best pick.

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