912 Vs 921 Bulb, Which One to Choose?

912 Vs 921 Bulb, in this discussion one will have to compare the watts, brightness, lifespan, and budget of these two bulbs. These listed areas will create logical differences in terms of choosing the right bulb for their campervan.

Initially, the 912 bulbs will be less expensive and more power-efficient than the 921 bulbs. However, the lifespan and brightness of the 921 bulbs will be a way to better than the 912 bulbs. Furthermore, one may need detailed details to decide and they can have a look below.

912 Vs 921 Bulb

Both 912 and 921 are RV light or campervan bulbs that are bright and efficient to use in the vans. Recently, living in the campervan and traveling to a different part of the country as well as the world become a new lifestyle. People prefer a home feel in their van that requires enough light in the dark.

Making their wish true, engineers have developed small but bright bulbs which will be energy efficient yet brighter. Two of the most popular choice in RV bulb is the 912 and 921. However, people get confused between these two choices and they require a solid distinguish between these two to decide their best fit.

So, the differences between 912 bulbs and 921 bulbs are,

Table: 912 Vs 921 Bulb

912 Bulb921 Bulb
Cannot stand the heavy vibration of the road.Engineered to withstand the road vibration.
Easy to install and requires low maintenances.Require low maintenances but is extremely durable.
It can produce a maximum of 1200 lumens.It can produce a maximum of 1600 lumens.
It is a 12 watts bulb that needs 1 amps power.It is a 16.8 watts bulb that requires 1.4 amps of power.
Equivalent to 40 watts halogen bulb.Equivalent to 50 watts halogen bulb.
Bright but not as bright as the 921 bulbs.Brighter than 912 bulbs.
Less expensive than the 921 bulbs.Little more expensive than the 912 bulbs.
More energy efficient than the other one.Energy-efficient but not more than the other one.
Do not meet industrial regulation of performance.Meet industrial regulation of performance.

Watts and Amps

The main differences between these two bulbs start from the watts and power they will draw to serve their purpose. Initially, the difference between these two in watts is 5 watts. While the 912 bulbs have a maximum of 12 watts, the 921 bulbs have around 17 watts.

Meantime, the 912 bulbs will draw 1 amps power from the system to provide brightness. However, the 921 blub will take 1.4 amps of power to give brightness. So, the 921 bulbs have more watts and will draw more power.

Lumens and Brightness

The output lumens of the blubs decide the brightness of it. As for the 912 blub, it will provide 1200 lumens as output. On the contrary, the 921 bulbs provide 1600 lumens as output. That means they distinguish by 400 lumens.

Therefore, the 921 bulbs will be brighter than the other ones. Even in the darkest night, this one will provide feeling seating in the living room of the house with a big light and fireplace.


The efficiency of a bulb comes with less power it abstracts from the system or the amount of electricity it uses. In terms of efficiency, the 912 bulb is the winner. Since it has low watts and draws low amps to produce low lumens compare to the 921 bulbs, it is more efficient than 921.

If electricity efficiency is a concern and one does not require so much brightness, it will be wise to get the 912 bulbs instead of the 921.


Unfortunately, the lifespan of the 912 bulbs is way shorter than the 921 bulbs. This bulb cannot withstand the heavy vibration of the road like the 921 bulbs. Resulting in a lower lifespan in the campervan.

On the other hand, the 921 blubs are made out of high-quality and industrial-grade material that ensures durability even in the worst scenario.


One can already guess the price differences between these two bulbs. Comparatively, the 912 is less expensive with less durability and performance. Since the 921 bulbs offer more lifespan and reliable performance, it holds little more price than the other one.

The price of the 912 bulbs will be around $10 to $15 meanwhile it will be around $20 to $25 for the 921 bulbs.

912 Vs 921 Bulb, Which One to Choose?

The pick between 912 and 921 will depend on the desire and need of the users. In case one is having thought that 912 will be their fit because of the low price, they have to think about the lifespan of the light. If they are a traveler and visit aggressive roads producing vibration will affect the bulb. In extreme situations, the bulb will live the shortest time.

However, the 921 bulbs will provide the brightest light for a longer amount of time even on the most aggressive roads. One can blindly choose these even the price is high. Therefore, the decision will depend on the user’s circumstances.

Is it possible to interchange 912 and 921 bulbs?

Yes, it is possible to interchange 912 and 921 bulbs. They are the product of the same manufacturer and have almost the same manufacturing pattern. For being interchangeable the must feature is the wedge base. Luckily, both of the bulbs share the same T-15 wedge base. So, one can change one with another anytime they want.


Overall, both of the bulbs have their advantages and disadvantages. One will have to decide on the differences they share for not regretting their decision. However, both the blubs are interchangeable. One can change one with another in the same wedge base anytime they want.

For saving power and money, the 912 will be the best option. However, 921 will provide better performance and durability yet the price will be more. Hopefully, one has got all their answers on 912 Vs 921 Bulb and now they know what they want.

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