27f Vs 24f Battery Difference: Can I use 24F instead of 27F?

27f Vs 24f Battery is one of the most important discussions in terms of battery replacement. In case one is planning to replace their battery of Toyota or SUV they need to consider the similar group battery. As for 27f and 24f, 27f is the larger and more powerful one.

However, the differences in physical and technical for both the battery is visible yet minor. For the colder option, 24f is the option. If one is looking for a cost-efficient one 24f group battery is the option. Moreover, the batteries share some differences which will help the seekers take their decision.

They may look below to know the differences in detail.

27f Vs 24f Battery

Group 27F and 24f are for the passenger cars like Toyota, SUVs, etc. Those are the most powerful and most common batteries that people use in their cars. Normally, the lifespan of this battery is around 10 years. In the meantime or after the time, people have to change their batteries.

Because it does not matter how to string the batter, eventually it will die. If it does one has to replace it with a functional battery. While replacing the battery people often get confused between the group 27f and 24f.

Normally, they have the 24f, and somewhat they want to go for a little more powerful one. However, the distinction between these two is not so major, these are simple. But knowing the differences will help them make the decision, in case they are facing confusion between these two.


As they share different power, the size difference between these two is obvious. The 24F batteries measure 10.3 x 6.8 x 8.9inches meanwhile the Group 27f batteries measure 10.8 x 6.4 x 9.8 inches

So the 27f battery is longer than the group 24f battery by 0.5X0.9 inches. One has to make some adjustments if they want to replace 35 with a 24f group battery.


As we already mentioned that the group 27f is around one inch longer than the group 24f battery, it also weighs a little more. If we calculate the 27f battery is 49lbsand the group 24f is 43lbs. That means 27F is 6lbs weightier than 24f.

CCA Rating

The technical and the major differences between 27f and 24f starts from the CCA rating them. CCA means Cold Cranking Amps. As for 27f and 24f, 24f have more ratings in CCA than the 27f battery.

When one is replacing their battery, they have to get the same CCA rating or slightly higher not much as a replacement. Otherwise one will face problem to starting their car.

Besides, the CCA rating will have an impact on the weather of the area one is living. If the weather is cold then one will need a higher CCA rate. In that case, a 24f group battery with a 750 to 840 CCA rating will be the best fit.

RC rating

RC means Reserve Capacity. Another technical difference is between the 27f and 24f group batteries. Both the battery have huge differences in RC.

As for RC rating, 27f has much more rating which is 165 minutes meanwhile the 24f battery has 130 minutes.

Let’s illustrate a comparison table according to the features we have discussed above for 24f Vs 35 Battery.

27f Battery24f Battery
The 24F battery has a dimension of 10.8 x 6.4 x 9.8 inches.The 35 group battery has a 10.3 x 6.8 x 8.9 inches dimension.
This battery is longer than the 24f group battery.It is shorter by around one inch than the group 27f battery.
It is heavier than the 24f group battery.It is less weight than the 27f group battery.
Cold Crank Amps rating is lower than the other one.Cold Crank amps rating is higher than the 27f.
RC rating is higherRC rating is lower than 27f battery.
Suitable for cold weather.More suitable for cold weather.
Offers more power.It’s powerful but less than the 27f.

Technically and physically both the batteries shares eye-catchy and coverable differences. If one wants to replace one with another they have to think about the features it will affect. For example, the sizing and the weather condition.

Which one will be the best 27f or 24f group battery?

Replacing the old battery with a new one is itself a huge decision to make. Because one is going to spend a huge sum on a device. Also, they will use it for at least 4 years. That’s why they have to make the decision wisely.

As for choosing between 27f and 24f, it is not so difficult task. Because both of the battery is two of the best and they do not share so many differences. However, one has to consider some facts before choosing.

Specifically, if one is living in a country that is snowy all the time then they need a battery with a high CCA rate. In that case, a 24f battery is a choice, the CCA rate of this battery is a little higher than the 27f.

In case one is living in a country of a summer-based season and not-so-cold winter, the 27f can be the option. As for the cost, 27f is a little higher than the 24f group since it’s bigger and contains more power.

Now the decision is the users to make from their place.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers regarding 27f Vs 24f Battery. Since both of the battery shares almost similar specification, the decision of the differences has become hard. However, they differ in size, CCA rating, RC rating, and weight.

Moreover, the voltage of both the battery is 12v otherwise almost everything has a little difference. Both of the battery is best in their place. The choice of picking any of the ones will depend on the user’s needs and situation.

However, for less costly and less weighty one 24f is the option meanwhile for power 27f is the option.

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