Pf48 vs Pf48e oil filter what is the main difference?

Pf48 and Pf48e both are the oil filter models that get used for the four-wheelers. As a matter of fact, both are known as the universal version that literally goes with any truck or vehicle. There will be a clarification along with some comparisons. And it will be placed between Pf48 vs Pf48e.

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Pf48 and Pf48e. The trustworthy names

This will definitely be a ‘value for money’ step if you go for the perfect oil filter. Well, in that case, Pf48 and the 48e are two common names.

Moreover being common, they have a quite good response from their users as they feel them worthy.

Pf48 is basically a high-performing engine oil filter with the finest quality and performance. In a single word, it can be called the racing oil filter too.

This oil filter mainly gets used for high-performing vehicles such as off-roader trucks, towing vans, 4wd trucks, and other heavy ones.

The efficient multi-pass filtering ability of 25-30 microns makes this filter the true performer for the vehicles. Expertise automobile engineers claim that the oil filter has 98 percentage of filtering ability.

Fortunately, both the models contain a burst strength formula that ensures their durability and rigidity even for hardcore usage.

That is why these oil filters are very demanding to the users.

What does “E” in the Pf48e mean?


This is a very common question that gets asked by a lot of users. Especially the old users of 48 have confusion about this new naming.

ACDelco Company is the producer of this oil filter. They claim that “E” word indicates the economy. It means these oil filter prices are low rather than any other of their models. The company’s main intention is to gain a good market value through this cheaply priced oil filter.

Is there any difference between Pf48 and Pf48e?

This is a very common question that most sellers have to hear from their customers. But the unreal truth is, there is not any major difference between these two models.

As ACDelco is the manufacturer and producer of this oil filter, they have tried to launch something new in the market. Increasing sales is the main reason behind this operation.

Thereby, the company has launched Pf48e in the market instead of supplying the Pf48. The old variant got switched with the new one. In addition, new color with an eye-catchy design has made the packaging more attractive to choose from.

Except for new packaging, the Pf48e contains some good features too. The company claims that this one is more eco-friendly and reliable rather than the previous one. Even for the selling, the company has discontinued Pf48 from the market.

But the reality is, the Pf48e has not reached its superior demanding level as like the Pf48 one.

So, is Pf48 better than Pf48e?

Some Pf48 users believe that upgraded editions sometimes don’t appear worthy to use. A similar thing got seen in terms of these two oil filter models.

Although the new one is the approved variant of Pf48. But a majority of the users still search for the old version. They also believe that there are a lot of differences between these two.

In fact, lots of users claim pf48e as a cheap oil filter with less efficiency.

The reason behind claiming the Pf48 as the best one. There is a metal support that has been used for its inner area. But the latest version contains plastic. Using plastic for the inner part means it has a lower-performing ability.

Moreover, the Pf48 is still the favorite one among the majority. Higher-level durability and performance is the main reason behind this achievement.

The performing ability of Pf48e

As it has been launched recently, there are surely some good features in this oil filter model. Our expert team has studied them, observed some user reviews, and finally highlighted some good features of this oil filter.

  • It comes with nylon made poppet that contains a compression spring for the inner part that influences the valve design
  • Perfectly placed nylon rounds increase collapsing strength by 25 percent more than before
  • Higher toughness against water gathering
  • Improved valve performance with the best level of stability
  • Universal fitment as like the previous model
  • Approved and certified by GM manufacturers

These are all the primary functions that have been added to this updated version.

User’s Feedback on both variants

Nothing can be more efficient and worthy rather than having a user experience. Although some users have trust in their own experience, they don’t require any user experience to observe at all.

Jonathan has applied both these oil filter models in his Dodge Charger. Even though his ride was habitual with the Pf48 oil filter, the company discontinued this model and later launched the Pf48e.

Jonathan had followed his yearly changing schedule and used Pf48e. But he was not happy at all. The latest one was a piece of trash as for his opinion.

Very poor quality along with defective threaded ring at the inner part. It will surely decrease the performance of the ride as well as last short times.

Besides, the 48 used to look longer than the 48e. And as the 48e holds a smaller size, it has less ability to filter the oil. Thus it can be a lengthy process for the 48e to perform.

But the most dissatisfying thing that Jonathan had to face is. The 48 was formed up with metal made cage. 48e on the other hand contains cheap quality plastic in it.

Even if Jonathan is obsessed with the Pf48 and its quality, it has been discontinued from the market. That is why Jonathan is not thinking about shifting about the brand. He’s not finding the 48e useful to use at all.

Which one to choose? Pf48 or Pf48e?

It can’t be decided between these two as one of these models has been discontinued from the market. But in terms of the best one, the older version of Pf48 still has a lot of demand in the market.

Nevertheless, the company has applied all the efficient, worthy, and friendly features in their updated version. For that reason, the Pf48e is the only choice to use for the vehicles.

It may have a chance of creating a negative impression on some users for its lower graded material. And that is the truth. The company has launched this product as a cheap-rated one. So it will surely not perform as the expensive ones.

Final Impression

Hope that the article was enough informative for the interested ones. It has successfully found out the differences, performing nature, and specification between Pf48 vs Pf48e.

Now rest of the activity depends on the users, their tastes, and their requirements. Let’s be assured to have proper idea and experience before going for the suitable one.

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