Jeep Cj5 Vs Cj7, which one to choose?

Cj5 Vs Cj7, both of the jeeps will be stylish and comfortable to ride. However, the cj5 is not for driving off-road or on the highway. Because of the length of the car, it becomes risky to drive this one on off-roads. However, the cj7 is perfect in size and performance. It will provide a perfect taste of adventure in almost any kind of driving.

Moreover, the cj5 is less expensive and requires less fuel to produce power or energy. On the other hand, the cj7 with a four-cylinder this one will have less production power. Moreover, let’s have a look below to know more about the topic.

Jeep Cj5 Vs Cj7
Jeep Cj5

Cj5 Vs Cj7

If one looks for the renowned jeep in the market, one will find that the Cj5 and Cj7 are two of the most iconic jeep in the market. Holding different manufacturing years, the cj5 comes into the market before the other one. So, one can predict that the cj7 will have more beneficiary features than the cj5 jeep.

Specifically, the ccj5 comes with an old and study appearance while the cj7 comes with a modern and classy look. Initially, the Cj7 is a little bigger than the other one which comes with an extended wheelbase. That design makes it possible for the automatic transmission to have extreme performance.

Now let’s have a look into the details of the topic.

Table: Cj5 Vs Cj7

Jeep CJ5Jeep CJ7
The production year of this one is 1955 to 1983.The production year of this one is 1976 to 1986.
The drivetrain will be 4WD or all-wheel drive.Same as the other one, the drivetrain will be 4WD or all-wheel drive.
The door opening of this jeep is S-ShapedThe door opening of this jeep is U-Shaped
The maximum seating capacity or passenger capacity is 4.The maximum seating capacity or passenger capacity is 4.
The length of the jeep is 142 inchesThe length of the jeep is 153 inches
The width of the jeep is 68 inchesThe width of the jeep is 65 inches
The height of the jeep is 66 inchesThe height of the jeep is 70 inches
The legroom will be 37 inchesLegroom will be 39 inches
The wheelbase is 83.4 inchesThe wheelbase is 93.5 inches
The windshield of the jeep is 59 inchesThe windshield of the jeep is 59 inches
The fuel type is GasolineThe fuel type is Gasoline
The capacity of the fuel tank is 15 gallonsThe capacity of the fuel tank is 15 gallons and  22 gallons
The fuel delivery system is Carbureted – 1bbl, 2bblThe fuel delivery system is Carbureted – 1bbl, 2bbl.
Engine types are AMC 304, 258, 232, 225, GM 151Engine types are AMC304, 258, GM151
The number of the cylinder is 6The number of cylinders is 4
The compression ratio will be 9:1As with the other one, the compression ratio will be 9:1
Engine displacement is 2,500 ccEngine displacement is 2,500 cc
The wheel bolt pattern is 5 x 5.5″The wheel bolt pattern is 5 x 5.5″
The types of transmission are T150, 14, 176, 18, and SR4.The types of transmission are T15/14/5/18, TH400, SR4, and TF999/904.
The transmission type can be Manual or   Auto.The transmission type can be Manual or   Auto.
The suspension is Leaf Spring UnderThe suspension is Leaf Spring Under
Cj5 is less costly.Cj7 is more costly.

In this part, we will discuss more differences they share. A deep and detailed analysis of the differences will help the user or buyer to make their decision properly.


Though the Cj5 is wider and compact in size, the cj7 is larger in size. Moreover, the wide and narrow dimension of the cj5 jeep makes it easier to take turns on tricky roads, unlike the other one. However, in the case of space, nothing will be better than the cj7. Mostly, the cj5 is the option for the people who is always on the go.


The wheelbase of the cj5 is shorter than the cj7 which makes it unsuitable for on-road driving. With the longer wheelbase, one will have more space inside the car.


Because of the size and style of the jeep, the cj5 has a smaller frame than the cj7. Specifically, the frame of the cj5 is narrower than the other one. Which makes it possible to have a tricky turn in off-roads, unlike the cj7. However, the smaller frame makes the car unstable which is not the case with the cj7 of the long frame.


Another major difference between these two jeeps is the cylinder. When the cj5 has 6 cylinders, the cj7 has 4 cylinders. The difference in the cylinder will have an impact on the performance. Though the cj7 has fewer cylinders, it will provide great performance. But the problem is it will burn more fuel than the average count.


One of the mentionable differences between these two is the transmission. Since the cj5 is an old version with less dimension, it has manual transmission in it. However, people reconstruct the transmission into automatic after buying which is complicated and expensive.

On the other hand, the cj7 is the newest jeep with an extended wheelbase which provides enough space. So, this one has an automotive transmission in it when one will buy it. However, this one will have both manual and automotive options in the manufactured version. One can choose any of the options from these two.

jeep Cj7
jeep Cj7

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cj7 in terms of Cj7 vs Cj5?

It features an automatic transmission systemThe design has a larger wheelbase.
An extended wheelbase will provide more legroom and storage space.
Good performance in both off-road and on-road
easier to find parts.
A bigger frame can accommodate more features
Higher performance.
Comes with a soft top.
Poor fuel economy
Since it is the new version with the expanded size it will be more expensive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cj5 in terms of Cj7 vs Cj5?

It will be less costly compared to the other one. Fuel economy with this one will be better because of more cylinders.
Excellent off-road performance. Taking a tricky turn is easier because of the compact design.
The appearance of the car is old but stylish.
Lightweight and fast.
Because of the compact design, less legroom and storage spaces shorter wheelbase allows no automatic transmission system.
Unstable in speedy and On-road driving.
It may flip over in the on-road driving which makes it dangerous.
Comparatively lower performance hard to find the spare parts in the market.


Buying the perfect jeep for driving and doing adventure is quite fun and a situation of confusion. If one is on the top list and listed as the most iconic jeep then this cj5 and cj7 are two of them. Both of the trucks are suitable for different road conditions. Mainly, the cj5 which comes to the industry-first is suitable for off-road because of its strength.

On the other hand, the cj7 is [perfect for on-road driving with speed and stability. Also, the expanded length of the car will provide enough space to store things while traveling. In addition, one may choose the right one reading the discussion o Cj7 vs Cj5.

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