Np242 Vs Np231, Which one will be better?

Np242 Vs Np231, this conversation will illustrate the differences between the two most popular transfer cases. Primarily, the Np242 is a full-time transfer case when the other is a part-timer. Also, the performance of the application of these two will be pretty different because of the structure and working mechanism.

Specifically, the Np231 is perfect for off-road driving which requires less mobility but extreme power. However, the Np242 is for highways or any road which requires great traction. Moreover, the Sp231 is lighter and faster with a higher rpm rating, unlike the other one. In addition, one must look below and scan the whole article for detailed information.

Np242 Vs Np231

Np242 Vs Np231

Before going to the deep of the topic let’s know the origin of it. Usually, not every people may have familiarity with the transfer case of any car. Well, this is one of the important aspects which is directly involved with the drivetrain of any car. This simple transfer case will assist the car which relies on different drivetrains like front drivetrain, rare drivetrain, and all-wheel drivetrain.

Here the terms Np242 and Np231 is transfer case we discussed in the above para. These two are the most reliable and best performer transfer cases in the market that people use. However, the tricky part is they always face the dilemma of which one they should pick since both of them are the best. That’s why they look for the differences between this two. So, in this article, we will discuss the differences between these two shares to help people make the right decision.

Table: Np242 Vs Np231

It is a full-time transfer case.It is a part-time transfer case.
Case halves of Np242 are 25 ft-lb to 34 ft-lb.Case halves of Np231 are 20 ft-lb to 25 ft-lb.
The drivetrain range of this one is 2H, 4L, 4L Locked, 4H, 4H Locked, and N.The drivetrain range of this one is 2H, 2L, 4L, 4H, and N.
More versatile than the Np231.Less versatile than the Np242.
It will provide low speed in low gearing.One will get high speed from this one in low gearing.
The locking mechanism of this one is center differential.The locking mechanism of this one is the Transfer case.
The strength of this one is lower than the other one.Users will get more strength from this one than from the other one.
The weight of the Np242 is 85 lbs.The weight of the Np231 is 70 lbs.
The crawl ratio will be 2:72:1.The crawl ratio will be 2:56:1.
Drivability will be superior.Drivability will be inferior.
Do not have an external locking hub.Do have external locking hubs.
Best performance on the On-road driving.It will provide good performance in On-road driving but less than the other one.
Off-road performance is moderate.Off-road performance is extraordinary. 
Provide okay performance in the sands.Users will get better performance in the sand with it.
Excellent performance on the icy or snowy roads.Not good as the other one on the snowy roads.
RPM rating is less than the other one.RPM rating is higher.
In weight, this one is heavier.This one is lighter than the other one in weight.

Primarily, both the transfer case has a different way to distribute the torque in the wheels. Specifically, the NP242 which is connected to the center differential unit will distribute the torque in the front and rear axles equally. On the other hand, the Np231 uses the transfer case which locks the front and rare driveshaft and distributes the torque.

Moreover, let’s have more details on the topic and discuss it more deeply to make it clear.

Np242 setup
Np242 setup


Both Np242 and Np231 share similarities but they have major differences like the structure. Specifically, the Np231 has two shifting forks when the Np242 has only one. Moreover, the structure of the locking mechanism of these two is quite different. When the Np242 allows the slipping of the driveshaft, the other one does not do the same.

Unlike the Np231, the drivetrain linking chain is directly connected to the front and rare driveshaft. That direct connection makes the Np241 faster than the other one.

Working principle

As with the structure, they share pretty differences in the operation or the working mechanism. Initially, a transfer case input shaft is connected to the transmission. Specifically, it is connected on one end and the sun gear on the other end. All the mechanisms will work together but the operation and the outcome will be different.


The overall performance of these two will be different for different road types. First of all, On-road driving requires great mobility of the car on the road. This situation requires a mechanism like the Np242 which allows slippage in the wheels at a different speed. This one will have a friction plate unlike locking the axles like Np231 which block the mobility of the car instead.

Secondly, the Off-rad driving will be perfect with the Np231 instead of Np24.  Which is completely inverse to the On-road driving so does the preference. Because of the ability to lock the rare and front driveshaft together, it becomes perfect for off-road driving. Resulting in less mobility which is important the off-road.

Lastly, the snowy roads which have less traction and grip will perform well with the Np242 transfer case. On the snow roads, the wheels will feel differences in traction. However, the equal distribution of torque in every part will cut off the traction problem on the snowy roads.

Np242 Vs Np231, Which one will be better?

The transfer cases Np242 and Np231 are pretty different from each other. When the Np242 is a full-time transfer case, Np231 is a part-time transfer case. So, the Np242 will be perfect for heavy-duty and heavy-towing cars, unlike the Np231. However, the Np231 will be a perfect choice for off-road aggressive driving.

Overall, the better option between the two will depend on the need of the user. Also, different road types will vary the choice of these two.

Which one is more expensive np242 or Np231?

Well, the cost of any of these two will depend on many factors. Initially, one can buy used or aftermarket products at less price. The price range of preowned Np242 and Np231 will be between $200 and $350. However, the transfer case of these two will widely alter the price range.

In case one wants to rebuild the kits, it will cost them around $500 or more including everything. Moreover, any new kit will be not less than $1000. Lastly, the price of these two will depend on the choice of the users.


The perfect pick in between Np242 and Np231 will always depend on the preference of the user. Since they have quite differences in structure, operation, and application, they will be better in different circumstances.

In case one is a highway person and they are often on the highway, they will require the Np242. However, the Np231 will be a beast in the off-roads. Moreover, in case one is looking for mobility in their driving experience, Np242 is the option. Hopefully, one has got all the answers regarding Np242 Vs Np231.

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