INFINITI G37 vs Q50, which one to get?

G37 and Q50 are two great models that belong to Infinity. They are just great and efficient as like the naming and created some great demand in the market. Except for that, these two models appear almost similar to each other. And for that reason, they are very known rival in the market.

However, the G37 vs Q50 comparison chart will be the finest decision to go with. There will be lots of fun and different things to learn. In the end, a particular model will come out as the best one among these two.

Hope you guys will deliver your proper attention to this discussion. Here it goes

Key functions of Q37 vs Q50

Whenever knowing about a car, key functions are the most important things to highlight. So here are two different models that belong to the same brand. Have a look at their functions and features that have been given below. They have been placed into a chart for better understanding.

           G37         Specs          Q50
Sedan  Vehicle patternSedan
3.7liter V6Engine3. liter twin-turbo V6
Seven-speed automaticTransmission typeSeven-speed automatic
Rear-wheel driveDrivetrain patternRear-wheel drive
Five seaterTotal seating capacityFive seater

So these are the typical features of both these models. Like we said earlier, they belong to a similar design and pattern along with the transmission system. While talking about the drivetrain mode, both are available in rear-wheel driving mode. Five seating capacity for each model ensures the true sedan mode.

Moreover, these are not the only features. There are some differences get seen in their internal functions. Therefore, have a look at the engine specs below.

          G37          Specs          Q50
3.7liter V6 Gasoline engineEngine pattern3.0litre Twin-turbo V6 Gasoline engine
330hp @7000 RPMMaximum power300hp @6400 RPM
270nm @5000RPMMaximum torque295nm @1800 RPM

So here are some differences that get seen in the engine pattern and performance. The Q37 comes with a better and more powerful engine than the Q50. As a result, it brings out higher torque and power rather than the Q50 model. Nevertheless, variation in engine performance is available for particular models. Some other modeled ones seem almost similar to each other. They just follow the few changes and upgrades for design.

Fuel economy

Individual listing is helpful enough to find out the actual facts. And here you go with the fuel level and requirement.

         G37        Facts          Q50
      20MPG       In city        21MPG
      27MPG      In highway        30MPG
      24MPG      On average        26MPG
   20 GallonsTotal fuel tank capacity      20 gallons

Like always, the fuel economy level also remains almost similar. Furthermore, the G37 costs a little bit higher fuel than the Q50 version. Since it has gotten a better and more powerful engine, the fuel level is obvious to get from it.

And the Q50 model, on the other hand, remains at a moderate and affordable level comparing the other one. As a matter of fact, the fuel economy is impressive enough and perfect for the sedan. Despite having better engine power, the average fuel economy is almost similar in these two.

Fuel tank capacity is exactly the same for these two models. That entirely means a practice run with the loaded tank will deliver almost a similar range in both these models.

Sizing dimensions

While making a comparison, finding out individual sizing is not an essential thing for some models. However, these two models have differences in sizing too.

Q37   PointsQ50
187.9inches  Total length189.5 inches
69.8 inches  Total width71.6 inches
57.2 inches  Total height57.2 inches
59.8 inchesTotal front width60.8 inches
5.1 inchesGround clearance5.4 inches
112.2 inches  Wheelbase size112.2 inches

Apparently, both these models look different enough in sizing and dimension. That is what gets seen in the chart.

Except for for least factors, the differences get seen in almost all the sizing dimensions. However, the Q50 seems to be bigger and wider in size than the Q37.

Wheels and suspension

When it’s to the wheels and suspension, they both come with a similar wheel sizing and suspension model. But the front suspension comes with the distinction only.

Therefore, G37 contains the independent front suspensions. In opposite, the Q50 holds the dual wishbone type suspension. In that case, Q50 feels more comfortable and functional than the other one.

Nonetheless, the rear suspension remains the same for both. Efficient and responsive multi-link suspension for the rear area completes the ride. Luckily, both wheels are made with high-quality aluminum. So there is hardly any chance of having issues at all.

Well, these are all the specifications and features of both these models. However, they are almost similar in performance, fuel efficiency, design, and appearance. Shortly, the Q50 can be called the alternative to the Q37.

Additional features for distinguishing

The majority of the time, additional features come with some differences in the models. And it is based on the design, interior look, and pricing. Both these models have similarities too.

Interior design: Although they look almost similar, the inner areas come with some changes. As Q50 is the updated version, it provides a better-looking internal part as well as high-quality material.

Starting from the dashboard area, it is entirely with the steering has been formed with stylish leather and design. The blackish finishing looks great and shiny rather than any other ones.

Though these are available designs for G37, the Q50 comes with a little few upgrades. The beautiful black and graphite leather surface make the interior look more beautiful and standard than any other model. Apart from that, the seats are perfectly done with high-quality material for both front and rear sides.

Even though the internal sizing looks quite similar, the looks surely come with some higher differences.

Design: Internal area is not the only one that makes the difference. There are some good distinctions to observe in the outside looks too. G37 is a pure sedan shape with typical design and stylish. Moreover, it relates to the compact sizing and shape too.

But the Q50 is a little bit different in that case. And most of the time, it gets selected as the better-designed one. Compared to the other one, it got a more sleek and sharp design that enhances its appearance.

While the Q37 is known as the compact sedan, the Q50 can be counted under the luxury sedan only for the design. However, that is another efficient thing to grant under the additional differences.

Pricing: Though it comes under an additional segment, the pricing makes a direct impact on selection. Regarding the fact, both these models have individual pricing available.

The older model Q37 comes with standard pricing within $30,000 to $35,000. Pricing has variations according to the feature and qualities. On the other hand, Q50 prices are a little bit higher for being the updated model with some higher features.

Standard Q50 model prices ranged between $40,500 to $45,000. That is also for the variation in pricing and features. So judging the price, they both value for money with all the standard and efficient features.

As the Q50 version is formed with some higher-level qualities, they perform higher and better rather than the other one. For that reason, the pricing faces some differences according to higher and better performance levels.

So which is one good to go? G37 or Q50?

That is probably the real factor in the discussion. Any of these models are better and higher in performance than the other one.

Talking about the G37, it may belong to old times, but still, make no compromise in performance and feature. As a matter of fact, costing is moderate and sober too.

And the Q50 on the other hand appears almost similar in performance and feedback. Moreover, it contains almost a similar pattern engine as the previous one under the hood.

According to the pricing, it can be granted as the best one with the least amount of upgrades and better torque delivery. So the Q50 is the perfect one to go for. Pricing is enough considerable and legitimate by observing the performance and quality.

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Final Expression

The Infinity brand has never stepped back in performance. And that is what is significantly proven through the G37 vs Q50 comparative. We claim both these models as rivals of each other. Performance is simply greatly leveled according to pricing.

The only thing that remains is, owning any particular model between them. They neither have any lacking in performance nor features. However, the Q50 will deliver some better advantages for being an updated one. That’s all.

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