Bulletproof H22 Block Build, specification and cost

A highly decorated engine gets formed up with different elements.  H22 block is the so-called model under that segment.  In terms of performance, this is probably one of the greatest engines with some potential power modes.  Although it brings out some superior feedback, it still gets transformed into bulletproof mode.

So let’s know about bulletproof H22 block build in an elaborated way.  Sticking with this entire subject till the end will help you to build up the block properly.

About H22 engine

So this great engine version belongs to none other than Honda Company.  And it has performed a great long journey among the entire automobile segment.  In 1993, the engine first made its debut on the market in the Honda Prelude.

Later of the time, this first variant eventually made a good highlight and demand among the users.  And that is why Honda Prelude from that time was formed with the H22 engine.  Moreover, it was known as the symbolic engine for this model till 2001.  While researching the engine, H22 was brought out with the finest and top-level performer engine from the engine block and head area.

Surprisingly, Honda from Europe found this engine as the efficient one to use.  As a result, both the engine block and cylinder head get used for the Formula 3 engine.

However, the engine of Formula 3 also gets switched from 2.2liters to 2.2 liters.  Having a higher-performing block and cylinder head let the thing be done.

H22 Engine Specification

As it is a powerful and efficient engine, it’s loaded with some great quality and features.  Let’s know about all the specs of the H22 engine through a chart.

Engine Type2.2liter DOHC, VTEC 16 valves
Displacement  2160Cc
Engine mode  Inline 4 cylinder
Material of head and blockAluminum
Cam patternDual overhead belt-driven cam
Max power  190 to 220hp
Max torque  185 to 225nm
Maximum rev cut  8800-9200ROpm
Compression ratio  10.0-10.6:1
Engine controlling systemPGM-Fi port fuel injection

These are the entire specification of the H22 engine.  Though it’s back from the older times, the engine is properly built with all high-quality entities.  And that is why; this highly performing got broadly used at previous times.

Bulletproof block building for H22

Although the cylinder block of H22 is made from aluminum, some users desire something with more durability and higher performance.  For that reason, the bulletproof block is known as the best thing to go for.

This is mainly a better block mode that is built with an open deck block.  But that’s definitely not the only thing.  The open block requires proper customization and sleeve.  Apart from that, the block requires proper tuning too.

Through this entire application, a standard bulletproof block can be easy to bring out.  However, it may not deliver the feel enough worthy with a highly tuned turbo system.

In explanation, an open block built system might have some lacking during higher-revving of the engine.  It can either deliver a major or minor issue into the engine.

That is why; the closed deck block is the best choice to go for.  It helps to deliver a better and more accurate sleeve during the entire task.

Apart from that, the previously formed block doesn’t require any measurements for performing the task.  In addition, the piston ring lands also remain in the paper area, making it the perfect durable one.

Therefore, making a bulletproof H22 block with proper durability majorly depends on the open deck block system.  It’s not only efficient but also great and perfect enough for manual tuning.

The best mode for building the block

Apparently, there are only two block-building modes that get seen for being the bulletproof ones.  But in the real sense, the best level of performance comes from the Dart block.

It’s mainly the high-quality block that is made with the finest iron casting.  And in terms of performance, a dart block can be tuned very easily and accurately.  Innovative car tuners mostly use the dart block for building up a high-performer engine head.

While making a bulletproof block for H22, the dart block is the finest mode to use.  In actuality, dart blocks are almost the similar version to a closed deck.  And that is why; it comes with a higher chance of frequent heating.

However, the best thing might deliver some minor issues.  And they can be ignored too.

Available versions of H22

From the debating time, the H22 engine has delivered a lot of different models and variants in the market.  However, this engine model has gotten multiple modes too.  They are given in below.

  • H22A1- Applicable with 4th gen Prelude VTEC.  It brings out 187hp maximum speed and 190nm of torque at 6000rpm
  • H22A2- 4th generation European 2.2i VTEC.  Featured with 180hp and 185nm of torque within 550rpm
  • H22A3 – Goes with the 1996 VTEC version. 1994 Accord has one of the most common models that used this engine
  • H22A4- 5th generation Prelude holds the engine.  It can generate 198hp with 212nm of torque within 700rpm.  It’s one of the most powerful engine versions under the H22 segment.
  • H22A5- 1997 and 1998 Prelude were available with both 2.2VTI and VTI-S engines.  And it can bring out 182hp with 186nm of torque.
  • H22A7- Honda Accord from 1998-2002 holds this engine.  Maximum horsepower of 210 with 222 nm torque in 7300rpm was surprisingly fast and quick.
  • H22A8- This was the last variant of the H22 engine.  And the European Prelude from 1999-to 2001 has held this engine in two different modes.  From this engine, it brings out 197hp with 213nm of torque in 5300rpm

Essential things for building the block

Whenever the bulletproof H22 block is ready for a performance, it requires a good idea about the needed tools.  Here are all the things and items given below.  They are related to the block building.

  • Sleeving: Boring the piston
  • Pistons: The entire forged piston set is required
  • Rods: Connecting rods are necessary for connecting the crankshaft and piston
  • Work on the head: This is the most important thing in the entire operation.  Better head work ensures the proper building of the block.
  • Additional turbo system: This is the last thing to perform throughout the entire process.  Additional turbo installation is mandatory with a bulletproof H22 block system.

The B16A2 vs. B16A3 is a very interesting comparison for some aesthetic automobile experts.  If you have any obsession with them, don’t forget to watch them out.

Final Verdict

Having a bulletproof H22 block build is not an easy task.  And if it doesn’t get done properly, there is a lot of chance of having internal engine issues.

Frankly saying, bulletproof block doesn’t appear enough great as it sounds.  It’s just a little bit developed engine system with higher tuning ability.  That is nothing more to get rather than it.

Anyways, it’s up to you whether you are willing to build the bulletproof block or not.  Moreover, a little bit of investment can ensure a powerful and higher engine under the hood.  That will surely make your ride feel unique from the others.

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