Honda B16A2 vs B16A3: Which performance is good?

Whenever some classic engine models get discussed about their performance, B16A2 and B16A3 are two that get heard from professionals. They were once the most powerful and popular engine models for drag racing, drifting, and other crazy stuff. However, they still remain in confusion. And it’s about finding out the better engine between these two.

So far, you have understood what this discussion is about. Therefore, it can be named as B16A2 vs B16A3 comparison that will find out some differences according to the performance, feature, and other related things. There will hardly be any doubt remain about these two engine models after reading out the whole article.

About B16A2 Engine

The B16A2 is mainly a classic engine back from the 18th and 19th century times. And it was available for the Honda models. Honda del sol 1996 to 1997 and the Honda Civic from 1999 to 2000 are the model and years that were formed with this high-performing engine.

At that time, it was featured with a DOHC V-Tech 1.6liter engine that was able to produce some tremendous speed and torque with maximum power. Have a look at the chart below that shows the engine performance and features.

Engine type1.6 liter DOHC V-Tech 16 valves engine
Engine displacement  1595cc
Maximum power  160hp @ 5500rpm
Maximum torque  112nm @5500rpm
Maximum redline  8200rpm

These are all those great features and qualities that are available in this engine. Although for the usage and availability, the engine has been used for Honda Integra X si (1989-1993), Honda CRX (1989-1991), and Honda Civic.

For that reason, this engine variant had an extended running period for additional times. In a single word, the engine has been used for 99-2000 Hindi Civic and the rest of the other old Honda gens.

In terms of application, the B16A2 comes as a stock engine for the JDM Sir 2 generation Del sol EG9 version. After that, both the EG2 and EG6 CRX models hold this engine as the stock one among the pure JDM lovers.

In addition, this engine has been used as a stock one for the 92-95 edition EG1 couple models too. Later in that time, the EG3 hatchback appeared necessary to make the replacement with this stock engine.

Being practical enough, efficient, and universal let, this engine gets used for different Honda models. Moreover, this 4-cylinder V-Tech engine has more power-producing ability rather than the other models. For that reason, the majority of Honda users from that time were obsessed with the B16A2 JDM engine.

About B16A3 Engine

It’s the updated version of the B16A2 engine with some additional features and qualities. And just like the previous one, it has created a great impact in the market by having some great features and functions. But comparatively, the B16A3 engine has better power along with higher torque too. Mostly, this engine gets used for the De sol model from Honda as well as some other Honda models. The specification chart below will provide a better idea. Have a look at it.

Applicable model  Honda Del Sol
Engine type1.6liters DOHC V-tech 16 valves engine
Engine displacement  1695cc
Maximum power  160hp @ 7,500rpm
Maximum torque  115nm @6,600rpm
Highest redline  8200rpm

So practically, the B16A3 is formed with some higher quality and performance for being the updated model. The rest of the things remain similar to the previous one. Talking about performance, this engine can bring out a good amount of power and speed within a limited area. Though it appears almost similar to the previous one, the A3 engine version comes with a lower weight than let the thing happen more quickly.

Yet, the engine is not efficient enough for some reasons. Having a complex design and pattern, it is not worthy enough to go for the other Honda variants. And that can be a major drawback to witness about this engine.

Keeping this factor aside, this engine is simply great in performance for better power delivery and lower weight dimension.

The B16A Generation

The B16A2 and B16A3 are not the only models that are available in this sector. They mainly belong to the B16A category. In a real sense, these engine models were known as the higher performer and powerful ones at that time.

Keeping these two engine models aside, there are two different models available under the B16A segment. Altogether, the B16A version comes in four engine patterns. They are:

  • B16A SIR
  • B16A SIR II
  • B16A2 and
  • B16A3

The B16A SIR is also known as the B16A1 version. It’s the first engine version under the B16A segment. And it comes in three different model variants of OBD 0, OBD 1, and OBD 2. 

It was designed for the 4th generation chassis of Honda. That is why it was not efficient enough to go with other models. All the Civic models from 88 to 91 were the perfect ones to go with this engine pattern.

But it faces some defaults whenever the engine gets used for 92 after Civic models. As they held different chassis patterns, it will deliver some problems during the performance.

As the fifth-generation models come with hydraulic actuation, it is not preferable to deal with the SIR. Having a cable tranny system attachment is the main reason for it.

Talking about the SIR II, it was exactly the next version of the SIR first variant with a little bit better performance and quality. However, it was still available with the cable tranny system. And that literally makes issues during connecting with the 5th generation after chassis models. On the side of that, the engine performance was a little bit slower comparing the updated ones.

For all these valid reasons, the SIR and SIR II models were not efficient enough and demanded among the users. But still, these two engine models were perfect enough to go with the older Honda models.

Luckily, the A2 and A3 were better in performance in every way. Apart from that, they were higher in demand and performance. Higher output delivery and the ability to use new car models are some great things to observe about this ride.

The perfect engine model for preference

While making the comparison between the two, a single-engine model has to find out as the better one. But that’s a little bit complicated thing to perform as both these engines are perfect in performance.

Even though the A2 is older than A3, they both perform similarly and better. On top of that, almost all the previous Honda generation and models were easy enough and perfect for making swiping with the stock one.

If still, the better one has to find out, B16A3 can be the choice for having a lower weight ratio. However, the A2 has a better universal mode rather than the A3 one.

The famous Infiniti brand has two well-known models available to them. And they have been placed as a comparison named G37 vs Q50. Wishing all of you will have a great journey with this discussion.

Final Verdict

There was a time when JDM made the rule in the market. And some of the pure Japanese engines have let the thing happen. As the two most demanding and common ones have been placed as the comparison, B16A2 vs B16A3 was the name that perfectly suited it. We have provided all the related information to you about these engine models. In a single word, they are literally the ferocious beasts under the hood according to that time.

And if you still have an obsession with them, check out the nearby recondition shops to get any of these engine models.

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