SofTex Vs Leather, which interior will be better?

SofTex Vs Leather, the main point of this discussion will be the price range and features specifications. Comparatively, SofTex is the affordable option, and leather is the expensive option. Though leather is strong and supposed to last for longer than Vinyl, with proper maintenance SofTex will stay almost the same as leather.

Moreover, the Vinyl will not have any substance from the environment, which makes it preventing to scratch, unlike lather. Besides, maintaining the SofTex is way easier than the lather. Furthermore, one has to read the information illustrated below carefully to know more.

SofTex Vs Leather

SofTex Vs Leather

Being one of the renowned manufacturers, Toyota offers vast options in every part of the vehicle. One will even get the liberty to choose the interior color, design, and material of the cars. Mainly, the material of the interior has a controversial appearance when it comes to buying a new car or changing the existing seats.

To choose the right one among these two popular interior materials, one will have to know the differences. Having knowledge of the differences between SofTex and leather interior will help them make the right choice.

Initially, the SofTex is an artificial leather known as Vinyl. Scientists discovered and made this material in the Lab. After that, because of its performance, durability, and look, it gained popularity in the world. Now, not only in cars, different manufacturers use Vinyl as a replacement for lather.

On the other hand, the lather is genuine leather that is a processed product of animal skin. Mainly, lathers that are used in the automobile industry come from cows and bulls. Among all the countries, Asia is the biggest lather producer.

Here, we will compare natural and artificial leather. This means the comparison will not be that hard to illustrate since they will have quite a difference in functionalities. Even though it’s hard to say the interior is of Vinyl or lather by looking, one will know after touching or using the car.

Let’s dive deep into the features and functionalities of these two interiors to find out which one is better.


At first glance, both of the materials will look alike. If they do not have color differences, one will never know the type of material from the outside. One will have to touch and feel the interior to know the actual material.

Moreover, the Vinyl or SofTex have more color options than the lather. One can choose any of their preferable ones from tens of color options.


The SofTex will give a thinner and soft feel if one touches the synthetic leather. People will not feel any kind of stickiness while touching Vinyl. However, the lather will give a soft yet thick feel. Also, people may feel sticky touching the natural lather.


When choosing the interior for any vehicle, one of the things people look for is the durability of the material. Though Vinyl is thin, it will last for quite a long time, almost the same as the lather. However, the lather will last a few years more than the Vinyl.


Comparatively, the SofTex is more breathable. The weather will not impact the material, and it will be the same as the new. However, the genuine lather will not provide breathability because of the absorption of the weather type.

One will feel different if the weather is dry and the environment inside the car will be something else on rainy-day. That’s why lather will provide way too less breathability than Vinyl.


Maintenance of these two materials is another big difference one can rely on while choosing one. Specifically, the SofTex will give a stress-free experience when it is about maintenance. One will just need to keep it clean. For that, swapping the seats and the interior with microfiber cloths daily is necessary. If it gets dirty, one can use the cleaner sold in the market.

Besides, one can just use any non-fragrance soap and water mixture to clean the seats. On the contrary, marinating the lather will require an expensive cleaner. Also, one will have to use those cleaners on a regular basis.

Impact on the environment 

Synthetic leather Does not emissions any harmful material into the environment, not even a high range of carbon. These are extremely environment friendly and do not affect the atmosphere of the world. However, genuine leather that comes from animal skin has an extremely bad effect on the environment.

From manufacturing to disposal of the lather, it will require a great emission amount of carbon and other harmful substance to the environment. Overall, the lather will badly affect the atmosphere of our planet and have a great contribution to the greenhouse effect.


One can already get an idea about the cost of these two interiors. Normally, the SofTex has a low-cost and non-luxury look. However, the lather is quite expensive, and one will have to pay a handsome amount of money for the total interior.

Table: SofTex Vs Leather

SofTex is a synthetic material discovered in Lab.The lather is a natural material that comes from animal skin.
It features a soft and thin appearance.It features a soft and thick appearance.
Do not provide a luxurious look.Provide a luxurious look.
Since the material is thin, it offers less lifespan.Highly durable because of the firmness and thickness of the material.
It cannot withstand heavy stress and friction.It can withstand heavy stress and friction.
This artificial lather will not get any change with the weather.Natural lather gets impacted by the weather, and the performance will drop in the wet weather.
Extremely breathable in any condition.Nor so breathable if the environment is not dry.
Do not involve any complicated maintenance.One has to put extra effort into maintaining the material.
One cannot use anything oily to clean the Vinyl.Users have to use oil substance cleaner to clean the lather
Use of any soft soap and water mixer will be perfect for cleaning.The use of water is forbidden in a lather.
Proper maintenance can keep it for at least ten years.It will last for more than ten years.
It will not absorb any UV rays or sunlight, which will keep the interior in a comfortable position.It will absorb any UV rays or sunlight, which will create a bit uncomfortable feel inside the car.
It does not harm the environment in any way.Not so environmentally friendly.
One will get many color options.We have limited color options.
This one is inexpensive.The lather is an expensive material.

Which interior will be better?

Initially, the best pick will be the SofTex because it does not add any toxic material in the whole process, which preserves the environment. Also, it is a non-animal-based product which means one will not get any kind of allergic reaction from it. Moreover, it will not provide any bad odd ereven in the longest and roughest use.

In case one is looking for a firm, cozy, and breathable option, they must go for the Vinyl. Besides, it is the less expensive option with almost ten years of durability. However, one will have to take care of the interior since it’s thin.

If a luxury look is a matter and one is looking for something strong and more durable, they can go for the leather option. But it will cost more than the SofTex material interior. Moreover, another problem with the lather it’s it will absorb the heat, and sometimes in wet weather, it seems to have odder. If users do not have an issue with these, they can go for the leather option. Otherwise, no option is as better as the SofTex for a wonderful car interior at an affordable price range.

What should one not do with the SofTex car interior?

SofTex is vinyl-type material that is strong, comfortable, and long-lasting. The SofTex interior will last for at least ten years with proper maintenance. However, some silly and simple things can minimize the lifespan of the material.

The first thing one should avoid doing is keeping the interior dirty. After every trip, one must clean the inside of the car properly. If one had food inside the car, they must clean it with a car vacuum cleaner. This device will clean every small particle of the car.

After that, they must not use any oil substance cleaner to clean the seats. SofTex is not real leather. It cannot absorb oil or water, or anything. If one uses oil to clean the seats, it will get dirtier and sticky. Besides, after cleaning the seats, they must not let any water get dry by itself.

They have to clean every portion of water with a clean and dry cloth; otherwise, Vinyl will lose its lifespan. For sure, one cannot use anything like a hot dryer to clean the water. To do the job perfectly, they will have to be patient and firm.

Will the SofTex will get scratched?

Normally, lather gets scratched because of the changes in the weather condition. Luckily, SofTex or Vinyl does not get affected by the weather condition. Neither will it absorb wet, sunlight, or anything. Those features help it prevent scratch, abrasion, fatigue, and any other harm.

With proper maintenance, the interior of the car will be as users have just brought it home even after years of use. Moreover, it will not let the environment fade away its quality and look. For a long time, one will feel cozy and smooth sitting and lying inside the car.

What kind of material will buyers get in Toyota?

At the time Toyota manufactures their car, they choose the Softex or vinyl material. The cause of their choice is the best option in an affordable range. Also, the priorities of the environment and Vinyl are environmentally friendly.

So, buyers will get vinyl material interior in their Toyota car of different shades. Toyota will offer a wide range of color options for the interior. One can choose any of the given options for their car. However, one can place customized orders with different materials like leather.

However, customizing the car means increasing the expense. If one is going to add leather, they will need to pay more than the regular price.

Does lather have any toxicity?

Initially, leather is harmful to the environment because the process of manufacturing lather produces so much carbon dioxide. Also, disposing of the material is the same as dangerous as manufacturing. However, it does not have any toxic element that can harm humans if they use it as a car interior or anything to wear.

However, one cannot have any foodie contact with the lather material. Also, they will need to have a proper plantation to produce and dispose of the leather to save the environment.


Buying a favorite car is a lifetime dream of many people. That’s why they ask for the smallest details of the car and which one will be better compared to other available options. Regarding, one of the most asked questions is the interior of the car. Specifically, SofTex Vs Leather and which one will be the wise selection.

Well, the decision will depend on the need and desire of the user. For an affordable option, they can go for Vinyl otherwise leather. Also, the leather will be a little hard to maintain with kids in the family. Overall, one can choose the material according to their situation and the specifications of the material.

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