Lexus Gs430 Vs. Gs350, is there anything to consider?

Gs430 Vs. Gs350’s discussion is logically valid because they share an almost competitive price range. Saying that because the first cause of comparing two trim is because of the mentioned fact. Specifically, this is the matter in this case.

Mentionable facts are they have major differences in performance, comfort, and overall features. Significantly, one will find that the GS350 option is the more performative and wisest option to choose. For detailed information, one will have to go through the article below.

Lexus Gs430

Gs430 Vs. Gs350

Firstly, the GS430 and GS350 belong to the GS series of Lexus, which is an executive car option. Specifically, this is the Toyota Aristo launched in 1991 for the Japanese market. After that, they planned and designed this GS series for the non-Japanese market in1994 and continued with the production till 2020. In four generations, our trims belong to the third generation, which was launched in 2006.

So, these options belong to the same series and same generation. Well, one may make a verdict that they will not have such differences because of the reason. Without analyzing the facts concluding is foolishness. So, let’s see the differences they share, along with the similarities they have.

Table: Gs430 Vs. Gs350

Base engine size4.3 L3.5 L
Base engine typeGasGas
Horsepower300 HP at 5,600 rpm311 HP at 6,400 rpm
Torque325 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm280 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm
Cam-typeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Valve timingVariableVariable
Transmission6-speed shiftable automatic8-speed shiftable automatic
Drive typeRear-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Fuel typePremium unleadedPremium unleaded
Fuel economy in the city16 MPC19 MPG
Fuel Economy on the highway23 MPG27 MPG
Fuel economy combined19 MPG22 MPG
Driving range in the city300.8 miles330.6 miles
Driving range on the highway432.4 miles469.8 miles
Fuel tank capacity18.8 gallons17.4 gallons
Length190.0 inches192.1 inches
Overall Width71.7 inches72.4 inches
Height56.1 inches57.3 inches
Wheelbase112.2 inches112.2 inches
Ground Clearance5.1 inches5.1 inches
Starting MSRP$51,375$52,760

According to the data table, both of the trims share an almost comparable price range. So, it is logical to compare their features and benefits. Significantly, one will get a more powerful performance from the GS430 even if it is lower in price than the other one. However, the transmission of the GS350 is more developed.

Overall, the GS350 will be larger and has more fuel economy than the other one. Importantly, with lesser fuel tank capacity, this one will offer more driving range than the other one. Overall, it will be the wisest decision to choose the GS350 with the latest trim over the other one.

Even if it costs a little bit more, one will get satisfactory performance on the road. With a lesser fuel tank, it will give more range. Also, the consumption of fuel is good to go, which will lessen the maintenance cost eventually. Therefore, between these two trims, we choose and suggest that one may get the Lexus GS350 trim.


What is there to offer in the GS series of Lexus?

If one searches for the best performative and executive vehicle options for non-Japanese markets, they will find themselves in the Lexus GS series. These specific series offer the most powerful and intense option at an affordable range. Let us see the performance data of all the engines this series offers according to t years.

Model yearEngine typeTransmissionPowerTorque
1993–19973.0 L I64-speed AT228 PS at 5,800 RPM280 N⋅m or 210 lb⋅ftat 4,800 RPM
1998–20004.0 L V85-speed AT305 PS at 6,000 RPM420 N⋅m or 310 lb⋅ft at 4,000 RPM
1998–20043.0 L I65-speed AT228 PS at 6,000 RPM300 N⋅m or 220 lb⋅ftat 4,000 RPM
2001–20054.3 L V85-speed AT305 PS at 5,600 RPM441 N⋅m or 325 lb⋅ftat 4,000 RPM
2006–20073.0 L V66-speed AT256 PS at 6,200 RPM310 N⋅m or 230 lb⋅ftat 3,600 RPM
3.0 L V66-speed AT256 PSat 6,200 RPM310 N⋅m or230 lb⋅ft at 3,600 RPM
4.3 L V86-speed AT294 PS at 5,600 RPM434 N⋅m o320 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM
2007–20123.5 L V6 hybridCVT344 PSat 6,400 RPM490 N⋅m or 360 lb⋅ft at 4,600 RPM
3.5 L V66-speed AT307 PSat 6,200 RPM371 N⋅m or 274 lb⋅ft at 3,600 RPM
2008–20123.5 L V66-speed AT307 PSat 6,200 RPM371 N⋅m or 274 lb-ft at 3,600 RPM
4.6 L V88-speed AT347 PSat 6,200 RPM460 N⋅m or 340 lb-ft at 3,900 RPM
2012–20152.5L V66-speed AT218 PSat 6,400 RPM260 N⋅m or 190 lb-ft at 3,800 RPM
20133.5 L V66-speed AT310 PSat 6,200 RPM376 N⋅m or 277 lb⋅ft at 3,900 RPM
3.5 L V66-speed AT310 PSat 6,200 RPM376 N⋅m or 277 lb⋅ftat 3,900 RPM
2013–20203.5 L V6 hybridtwo-stage CVT296 PSat 6,400 RPM490 N⋅m or 360 lb⋅ftat 4,600 RPM
2014–20153.5 L V68-speed AT310 PSat 6,200 RPM376 N⋅m or 277 lb⋅ft at 3,900 RPM
3.5 L V66-speed AT310 PSat 6,200 RPM376 N⋅m or 277 lb⋅ftat 3,900 RPM
2016–20172.0 L I4 turbo8-speed AT240 PS at 4,800–5,600 RPM350 N⋅m or 260 lb-ft at 1,650–4,000 RPM
2016–20203.5 L V68-speed AT315 PSat 6,600 RPM380 N⋅m or 280 lb⋅ftat 4,800 RPM
3.5 L V66-speed AT315 PSat 6,600 RPM380 N⋅m or 280 lb⋅ft at 4,800 RPM
5.0 L V88-speed AT 473 PSat 6,600 RPM530 N⋅m or 390 lb-ft at 5,200 RPM
2018–20202.0 L I4 turbo8-speed AT240 PSat 4,800–5,600 RPM350 N⋅m or 260 lb-ft at 1,650–4,000 RPM


In the discussion of Gs430 Vs. Gs350, we have logically concluded that the GS350 is the ideal option to choose. If one thinks otherwise, they can choose the other option over it or look for something else in this series.

However, to be in an up do date automotive market and to find the repairing and replacement easier, one must choose the model we suggested from this series. To be honest, we can just suggest and place a mirror in front of the pros and cons. Eventually, the decision is on the users or buyers to make and what they want.

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