All about of Tacoma 285/75r17. A dual-purpose tire

Toyota Tacoma offers wide verities of tools and items for their vehicles. Tacoma 285/75r17 is a tire model among the entire tools segment. A tire that can deliver a pure off-roading experience with good traction and control is surely a preferred one by the users.

And today’s article will describe the entire specification and detail about this tire. I hope that readers will find it useful and informative enough.

Tacoma 285/75r17. A dual-purpose tire

So this tire is mainly built for all the models of Tacoma. And it has an off-roading tread pattern. But in terms of performance, it can be used for both offroad and on-road areas. According to the users, this 285/75r17 model looks more beautiful, cool, and aggressive in appearance.

Just like the looks, performance is also very much great and efficient as it can deliver accurate traction and control. Moreover, this tire size can perfectly have an adjustment with Tacoma and also consider a modifying part.


Total diameter33.8 inches
Total width11.2 inches
Wheel dimension17 inches by 7.5 to 9.5 inches
Entire circumference size106.2 inches
Total revs/mile596
Height of sidewall8.42 inches

Performing capability for Tacoma

It has been said earlier that 285 models of wheels are suitable for use in Tacoma. As the other model of Tacomas requires a lifting kit or leveling kit, the 285 comes with an easy installation. The fender can be cleared up very easily as this wheel size makes it perfect to use.

It helps to have proper and effortless performance for any roads or surfaces. 285/75/17 tire users have good performance in terrain rather than the previous tires.

285/75r17 best or worst for Tacoma

In terms of performance, it has positive feedback from the users. Even the sizing and nature of this wheel helps it to install in all the models of Tacoma.

For that reason, the size of this tire can appear good in Tacoma trucks. But neither the best nor the worst one. Those who require better off-road and on-road performance rather than their stock tires. They switch to this size of tire for their rides.

 Dissimilarities between 285/75r17 and 285/70r17

It’s a common question by some interested buyers or users. They also claim that there are no major differences between these two sizes. Fortunately, the statement is legal.

Both of these sizes perform almost the same in their efficiency. They contain a similar tread pattern except for the sizing. Though the sizing diameter is the same for both tires, the height is not the same.

275/75r17 comes with a height of 33.83 inches. But the 285/70r17 contains 32.70 inches of height that is a little bit shorter than the other one. There are almost 1.2 inches of gap between these two tires.

285/70r17-meaning of this numbering        

Measuring the number of tires is an important thing. But some users can’t find out the actual meaning of the number.

Basically, the 285 number of the tire indicates the width diameter of the wheel. 70 is the percentage that shows the aspect ratio of the tire, which means the sidewall height from the edge of the rim.

Each of the tire models comes with a change of numbers according to their sizing, width, and aspect ratio.

An alternative way to find out 285/75r17

It can be called a life hack to observe for purchasing, especially for beginner buyers that have less idea about the entire name of the tire.

As the tire is named as its sizing and dimension, 33 inches is the size of the tire. This means either the tire can be named as 285/75r17 or 33 inches.

  A perfect tire under this sizing

While searching for the best tire, it has to be specific for a good reason. The tire will be getting used for Tacoma. Toyo Country A/T3 has been considered as the best tire to use within this sizing. And it is also suitable to use for Tacoma trucks.

The A/T3 tire is best for use in Tacoma. They contain off-roading patterns. Total diameter of 33.86 inches is perfect enough to adjust with the Tacoma. The performance increase in a good number rather than the stock ones by having these tiers.

Tacoma 28575r17
Tacoma 28575r17

Necessary steps to follow during the purchase of 285/75r17

So there are mainly two-sized tires that mostly get used for Tacoma. 285/75r17 and 285/70r17 are the sizes. However, they are known as the biggest tires for Tacoma that require no lifting to install.

While typical big tires require extra rims to adjust with the tires, these tires can easily let the performance done without having any hassle.

Besides these, both tires are formed with enough aggressiveness that perfectly matches up with the rims and wheels. Some necessary steps must have to follow during the installment or purchase.

  • The very first step to follow is, finding out the proper and required sized tire for your Tacoma.
  • We are measuring the sidewall length and diameter by using a measuring tape. Even though there is an engraved number into the edges, the sizing may create default issues.
  • Finding out the tread pattern in actual line and correct format
  • Keep the availability of body lifter or the suspension

All these steps in the following are enough essential to observe during the installation or purchasing.

Feedback of the experts         

Although this sizing is quite good for Tacoma trucks, expertise statements are essential to follow. Therefore, some professional truckers provide their experience after usage.

William is one of them who has been using the size for a long time. He claims that it’s a perfect size to use for Tacoma. If the stock height is not comfortable for use. This tire can easily increase the height and deliver a good performance.

Besides, there is no chance of having any speed or performance lacking at all. Those who want to upgrade the off-roading performance to the next level can have these tires.

Final words

The entire article has provided all the information about Tacoma 285/75r17 in brief. All of them indicate the positive side of the tire that can be applied to Tacoma.

Compared to the other models, this one is surely one of the best versions. It is just because of its easy installation system and the least requirement of other tools. Ride safe and do well maintenance of the tires.

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