What is the difference between Chevy Z71 and LTZ?

Trucks from Chevrolet and GMC hold different natures. There are varieties of patterns and specs. According to their different variant and editions. Interior designs, type of engine, exterior decors are those major objects that get listed. LTZ vs Z71 is two well-known variants for these truck models.

There is even an objection about which one is the best. So our expert research will today highlight some legit statements about these two variations.

Chevy Z71
Chevy Z71

Definition of LTZ and Z71

As LTZ is an edition and type of the trucks, there is a valid meaning for these three letters.

LT mainly stands for Luxury Touring. And the letter Z indicates the most premium quality and level of that variant. LTZ in total means the best version of Luxury Touring.

On the other hand, Z71 is mainly a package code that indicates some of the finest truck models of Chevrolet and GMC. This is a very demanding version that is related to the best off-roaders.

Typical specifications of LTZ vs Z71

As LTZ is the Luxury Tour version, both GMC and Chevrolet contain some high-performing touring models to them. These are mainly the standard trim models with the most premium specifications. The letter Z makes them different to choose from the other ones.

But the Z71 is a completely different thing. It’s mainly the upgrading package that gets used for LTZ models. Whenever the touring demand reaches its maximum level, the Z71 package gets applied to the LTZ.

And the entire packaging is loaded with all area performing tires, huge-sized wheels, and premium shock absorbers. All these items only get used for extreme riding or performing in terrains.


LTZ aka Luxury Touring model is formed with all the high-performing, efficient and comfortable materials. These all together make the trucks perfect for the touring purpose as well as for comfortable cruising.

In terms of level, LTZ is the top-ranked trim model of Chevrolet. Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche 1500 are two demanding LTZ models.

Features of LTZ Variant

LTZ is equipped with some high-quality items. And the things are:

  • High-quality HD stereo System
  • Stylish Handlebars with Chrome Finishing
  • Wide Sunroof
  • Premium quality Leathers for Seat
  • Rear-mounted camera with parking assist
  • Comfortable Steering bar
  • These are all the features that are available in the LTZ version.


It’s mainly a package with upgrading kits. They get used to the stock models. And it contains all the pure off-roading features that make the ride durable and extreme performer. Z71 modifying package has a very responsive demand among the trucker nation.

Features of Z71

The Z71 is loaded with lots of features and specifications. And it starts with,

  • High-quality all-terrain tires
  • 20 inches sized wheels
  • Transferable case shield at the underbody
  • Uphill and downhill roaming control panel
  • Recovering cords
  • Premium quality metal brushed steel plates
  • Highly responsive air cleaners
  • Premium Shock absorbers from Rancho

All these types of equipment make the Silverado models from Chevrolet, the toughest one for any road. Besides, it is probably the perfect beast with the best durability and performance.

LTZ vs Z71, Which one is best?

Actually, there are no valid factors that will help to find out the best one between these two. LTZ is a touring model truck with next-level comfort and luxuriousness. These models hold all the necessary items that a touring truck requires.

On the other hand, Z71 is an equipment set or package that gets used on trucks. It helps the truck models to get upgraded from their performing level. Apart from that, a typical truck model can easily be converted into an all-terrain usable one through this Z71 package.

That is why the Z71 packaging can be considered the best one. Because of this, it helps the trucks to maximize their performances.

Collaboration of LTZ-Z71

Although the LTZ and Z71 belong to different sectors, the collaboration makes a revolutionary impact in the market. Both the beginner and professional leveled drivers apply the Z71 package in their truck models to make it more aggressive and tough.

Besides being tough, the maximum performing level with durability takes the trucks literally from anywhere. Bigger wheel size with powerful roaming ability and well-finished interior are the positive features of the LTZ-Z71 variant.

Dissimilarities between LT and Tahoe Z71

Since all the models from Chevrolet can be upgraded with the Z71 package. The Chevrolet Tahoe also comes under it. For that reason, the typical LT (Luxurious Touring) and the Tahoe Z71 variant have some differences.

Tire size is the principal dissimilarity that gets seen between these two. As the LT comes with 22 inches of wheels, Tahoe Z71 contains 20 inches sized ones. Another big difference between these two. The Z71 variant offers a bigger-sized driver information center of 8 inches. Typical LT models don’t come with this cool feature.

LT or LTZ. The better one

Now it is confirmed that LTZ is the premium segmented version. Whereas, the Z71 is from the next level of performance and quality. For some reason, there’s always a debut take part between the LT and LTZ. Finding out the best one is now an essential factor

The LT model is a typical variant. It contains all the simple features.

LTZ can be called the special version that is loaded with some beneficial and standard items in it. There is a typical 3.0 Turbo Diesel engine under the LT. On the other hand, the LTZ is loaded with an EcoTec3 V8 6.2litre engine that can generate more power.

The LTZ version is probably better than the LT with the overall features.

Are there any distinctions between the Suburban LTZ and LT model?

Though both the models come under the same production house but have very few qualities to match with each other. The Z marking relates to the special edition and loaded features.

That is why; Suburban LTZ is more upgraded than the LT model. In fact, there is a big mismatch in terms of performance, driving comfort, and versatility between these two.

LTZ Plus Package

The LTZ Plus is a more standard and upgraded package. And it offers the best performance, quality, and features compared to the other ones.

All the latest technologies are available in this package. Those features are:

  • Leather finished Steering Wheel
  • Latest-model Bose Audio System
  • Heated front and rear parking assist
  • Adjustable Power Pedals and so many other things.

2021 Z71 Package

As times get updated, these packages are getting more and more advanced.

Almost all the trucks of GMC and Chevrolet get updated through this package. And it includes. The twin-tube shock absorbers from Rancho, twin air filters for heavy workings, strong metal-made underbody protector and so many other things.

The Company has set the goal to build up the trucks for extremeness and anywhere going ability.

Final Thoughts

And finally, the brief discussion has come to its end. A legit explanation about LTZ vs Z71 shows that. The Z71 package is overall the best one that can make a typical ride tougher and heavier than before.

Assure to have a good knowledge through this article before going for any of the modes. If you love to have a simple model with the finest quality. LTZ is a good choice. Shift to the Z71 package if you have the confidence to go beyond toughness.

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