Eibach Vs Bilstein, which one is the best fit?

Eibach Vs Bilstein, in this debate, both the suspension, will be the winner because they are best in their manufacturing quality and performance. Therefore, nothing can beat them, and they cannot win one another.

With all the brilliant selection of material, design, functionalities, one will never regret buying any of these even the price is high. However, one can specifically choose Eibach over Bilstein for heavy weight lifting. For further discussion, one may have a look below.

Eibach Vs Bilstein
Eibach Vs Bilstein

Eibach Vs Bilstein

When installing suspension, one needs to be clear and knowledgeable of their choice because the suspension system is extremely important. A wrong decision while making the installation can lead to potential danger.

When picking the suspension, many people trust Eibach and Bilstein. Both German manufacturers have been in the industry for a long time with expert engineers. Whatever they made, made with passion that can lead the market.

They may look the same, but both companies use a different method, design, and everything to make the suspension. That’s why people have the query which one will be the best fit for their car.

To demonstrate the question with logical answers, let’s dig into their features and compare them.


In 1951, the Eibach started as a spring Manufacturer Company for toys, nuclear power plants, and other uses. After that, in 1975, they jumped into automobile manufacturing and started producing little equipment for a renowned brand like Audi.

On the other hand, Bilstein was in the world for over a century but put its leg into the automobile industry in 1954. This one is one of the oldest companies in the automobile industry. With all their expert engineers and experience, they have taken over the market a few times.


While buying anything for the vehicle, one must pay great attention to the building principal and the material. Since these two are the most renowned manufacturer, the customer’s hope is high. Therefore, it is not surprising that they always withstand the expectation of their customers.

As for Eibach, they may come later in the industry with shock, but their wise selection of material makes the quality higher. They use a liquid steel finish that is always attractive to the user and the passerby.

Also, they coat the suspension with zinc to avoid corrosion and early damage. Overall, the weight of the shock is a little high to withstand the overweight of the car.

On the other hand, Bilstein is nothing different in quality. They showed their brilliancy in their suspension manufacturing with pressurized nitrogen gas inside. Also, they have a big 46mm piston for carrying the heavyweight of the car.

Besides, zinc coating and digressive valuing with neoprene rubber bushing made the absorber the best choice.


One may not have the idea that the shock absorber or the suspension came into various functional designs. They all have different benefits, and because of modern technology, they become more functional.

Bilstein uses pressurized nitrogen gas, and the Eibach recently used coal in their suspension. Both of the ways gained popularity because of the performance and their reliability.


One reading the previous point carefully will already know that both companies are doing excellent. So does the lifespan of their suspension. Offering an extended warranty, the suspension will provide extensive performance for a long time.

Offering 60,000 miles lifespan, the Bilstein will run for at least 50,000 according to the industry average. On the contrary, the Eibach will withstand every difficulty till million miles before it loses its performance.


Both of the manufacturers are pretty expensive. Because they use up-to-date technology and the best material, one can imagine why the price is high. However, the buyer will never regret their decision to buy from these manufacturers, even at a high price.


These suspensions will lift the car body quite a high. So, having a large truck with a big wheel will feel perfect with these suspensions. Also, if one is an off-to-air driver and drives a car with a heavy load, will love both of the manufacturer’s suspensions.

This one is a coil functioning suspension.The manufacturer has used pressurized gas for the function.
The PSI rate of this one is 220.Having a PSI of 200, this one is lacking behind Eibach.
It can withstand extreme force even in off-road driving.Extremely balanced with little friction.
Adjustable lifting height.One will get multiple options for the lifting height.
Valving is Dyno testedFeatures Digressive valving
It features Sturdy rubber bushingIt features Sturdy rubber bushing
The corrosion-resistant coating will prevent rust.Use zinc coating to prevent rust.
Life span off at least 50,000 miles.The lifespan of million miles.

Eibach Vs Bilstein, which one is the best fit?

When the fight is between the two most renowned manufacturers with the most extreme product, picking one is too hard. Both of the suspensions have different manufacturing details. One has used additional material and functional principles than others. Even the coating of resist corrosion is not the same.

Moreover, the performance of these suspensions is alike. They will provide the most comfortable ride on both highway and off-road. So, one can choose any of these without having any hesitation. However, if one is particularly looking for something overweight lifting, Eibach is the best fit.


Choosing one from the best manufacturers and the best product is quite hard. Both Eibach and Bilstein have made their way to consumers beliefs and places of trust with their product. Choosing one between these two will always lead them into deep confusion.

However, the good thing is one does not have to compromise anything to choose one. They will provide the best service at the best price. Hopefully, one can decide what they want from the discussion on Eibach Vs. Bilstein.

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