What will be the Tacoma Suspension Install Cost?

Tacoma Suspension Install Cost will depend on the model of the car, and the amount of suspension one will need. Initially, the cost will be much lower if one installs any part of the system, which will increase by at least four times than the usual if one has to do the full system from a professional.

Many people think about installing the system in their garage by themselves. However, that is not suggested if that person does not have enough knowledge of automobile engineering. Furthermore, one has to scan the whole article to get detailed information.

Tacoma Suspension Install Cost

Before going into the suspension installation cost of Tacoma, one must know its meaning and importance. In simple words, the suspension is the system that will absorb the shock that the wheels get from the roads.

By absorbing the shock, this system will maximize the vehicle’s performance in the rare and front parts of the car. If the suspension system of a car is not good or not working correctly, the driver will end up in a bad situation driving the vehicle.

Especially for off-road driving, one has to ensure that they have an excellent shock-absorbing system. Otherwise, the car will have a nightmare in that type of ups and downs road with many obstacles. So, one must install the suspension of the lift kit properly.

As usual, the cost will depend on some factor. Mainly, two-point will vary the price too much. If one seeks professional help, the cost will be a little high. Moreover, different professionalswill charge differently. Another thing is doing it as DIY. This will minimize the cost.

If one plans to do the job by themselves, the cost will be between $500 and $5000. Seeking professional help will cost around $1000 to $8000.

One must remember that the suspension system is the chaos of important parts underneath the car. The most critical parts are the springs, shock absorbers, and anti-sway bars. Sometimes one has to install any of these, with different costs.

For installing the shock absorber, any professional will pay around $300 to $1500 for Tacoma. Meanwhile, it will be about $200 to $300 if you do it at a home garage. Moreover, the four-ball joint will cost around $350 to $2200 depending on the model of the Tacoma. However, the cost will be no more than $200 to $400 if one it by themselves.

Tacoma Suspension Install Cost  ServiceCost
Professional cost on average$1000$8000
DIY cost on average$500$5000
Professional cost of installing shock absorber$300$1500
DIY cost of installing shock absorber$200$300
Professional cost of installing four-ball joint$350$2200
DIY cost of installing four-ball joint$200$400

Moreover, the total cost will be different on the truck’s size and the height of the suspension. Usually, the more giant truck will cost more. If one has the short bet Tacoma, the suspension cost will be lower than the long bed one.

The short vehicle, which needs a two-inch ride, will cost around $400 to $12000 depending on the model and professional. On the other hand, the giant truck, which needs six inches of lifting, will cost around $11,000 to $14,000. Overall, the final cost will depend on the model, and the workshop one will choose.

Tacoma Suspension Install Cost  TypeCost
Short vehicle$400$12000
Large Vehicle$11000$14000

Will it be okay one install leveling kits instead of lift kits in Tacoma?

Functionally, the leveling kits and the lift kits are pretty much similar. Both of the systems will increase the height of the car body from the axel. Purposing to absorb the shock coming from the road and give a smooth ride, they work almost similarly.

Moreover, the leveling kit will increase the height by the highest two inches while it is far more with the lift kit. If one is thinking about one of the systems they must remember, a leveling kit is only for utility use. If one is an off-to-air driver who does not feel afraid of water, mud, and more must go for the lift kit.

How much lifting is needed in Toyota Tacoma?

The primary purpose of lifting the truck is to absorb the road shock. The amount of lifting will depend on the use of the vehicle. Using the truck for regular lifestyle and utility transportation in the urban, they will be found with 2 inches to 3 inches lifting.

However, for intensive and hard-driving in the rural area as well as heavyweight, they have to lift the car 4 inches or more. Moreover, the lifting will be at least 6 inches for a larger truck.

Will it be wise to install the suspension kit of Tacoma at home?

The suspension kits of Tacoma are a significant part of the vehicle’s functionalities. That means one cannot do experiment with it, and installing the kits require vast knowledge. Generally, Toyota has the recommendation to do the job at the dealer.

If one is thinking about doing the installation at the home garage, they must have to have technical knowledge at least near to a professional level. By this, they can cut the labor cost. However, it is highly recommended that one should seek professional help.


Escaping from the installation of the suspension of the vehicle is not possible. Even if it will charge pretty handsome money, one has to do this to drive the car smoothly. As for Toyota, the charge will depend on some factors like the model, height of the suspension, and so on.

Moreover, the larger the truck and the high the suspension, the high the cost. Also, one can cut the price by a high amount if they do this at a home garage. Hopefully, one understands all the points of Tacoma Suspension Install Cost.

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