What will be the Porsche 911 Maintenance Cost?

Porsche 911 Maintenance Cost will be as high as the price of the car. Usually, the luxurious car comes with high maintenance and insurance charge. The same thing will happen with the luxury series 911 of Porsche.

However, from an angle, the maintenance cost is not too much. Because the component and instruments of the car are worth thousands so they will come with high maintenance. If one wants to take care of those highly designed and manufactured cars, they will have to have some knowledge to cut off further costs.

Porsche 911 Maintenance Cost

Porsche 911 Maintenance Cost

Maintenance area of Porsche 9111. Fuel Filter Replacement
2. Headlight Bulb Replacement
3. CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement
4. Car Battery Replacement
5. Brake Caliper Replacement
6. Cabin Air Filter Replacement
7. Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Replacement
8. Strut Assembly Replacement 9. Wheel Bearings Replacement
10. Ignition Coil Replacement
11. Ball Joint Replacement (Front)
12. Window Motor Regulator Replacement
13. Control Arm Assembly Replacement
14. Excellent Auto Repair Ratings.
16. Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement
17. Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement
18. Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement
19. Car AC Repair
20. Car Door Mirror Replacement
21. Oxygen Sensor Replacement
22. Shock Absorber Replacement
23. Timing Belt Replacement
24. Water Pump Replacement
25. Brake System Flush
26. Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement
27. Oil Pan Replacement  

Whether one brought a less expensive or expensive the regular maintenance of that car is a must. If one fails to take care of the car, it will fade away even if the car is expensive and highly promising. The Porsche 911 is one of the iconic cars with an extraordinary body style and soothing color. With the exterior of the car, the interior and mechanical structure are extremely well designed and highly built.

The first thing that will always come to mind that how expensive the maintenance will be for those extraordinary cars. Well, today we will answer that question in detail to give an idea of the maintenance of the Porsche 911. Before going to the maintenance cost, one should know which criteria fall into the maintenance of Porsche 911.

From the list above, one can see the area of maintenance the Porsche owner will have to go through the whole time. These are the most common ones. He or she may have to face something out of this list such as any expensive repairing of the ar.

Now, we will discuss the costing range for the job in different terms. Starting with annual maintenance cost can be $880 to $3721 on average. Moreover, if we calculate the cost for more years, it will be high. Besides, the cost of maintenance will be an upward trend every year. Because the old the car gets, the more maintenance the car will require. Let’s see what the cost will be from the first to the next ten years for our Porsche 911.

YearProbability of facing Expensive or major repairEstimated Costs

From year one to the next twelve-year, the estimated cost of maintaining the Porsche will be around $25404. However, this is not something to tell for sure. It is just an experience of an individual. This cost can be different for a different person. Some of the people take great care of their car and also drive safely, for those the cost will be extremely less.

However, some people are extremely reckless, and they behave the same way with their cars. Taking care of the car is far away. They even drive the car so unstably that it requires major repairing, which is expensive.

Porsche 911 Maintenance Cost

The maintenance schedules of every brand or manufacturer are different. Some manufacturers suggest maintenance every 10,000 miles. Some of the manufacturers suggest maintenance every 50 miles. Let’s see what the Porsche 911 will offer.

MileageMaintenance Schedule of Porsche 911
10,000-Change Oil and Filter
20,000-Battery -Cabin Air Filter -Oil Change and Filter
30,000-Replace Air Filter -Spark Plugs Replacement -Cabin Air FilterReplace -OilChange and Filter
40,000-Air FilterReplace -BatteryService -Spark Plugs Replacement -Cabin Air FilterReplace -Oil Change and Filter
60,000-Air Filter Replace -Battery Service -Spark Plugs Replacement -Cabin Air Filter Replace -Oil Change and Filter -Transmission Fluid Service -Lubricate Trunk Fuel Filter Replacement
70,000Change Oil and Filter
80,000Air Filter Replace Battery Service Spark Plugs Replacement Cabin Air Filter Replace Oil Change and Filter
90,000Replace Air Filter Transmission Fluid Service Gear Oil Replacement Spark Plugs Replacement Cabin Replace Air Filter Change Oil and Filter
100,000Air Filter Replace Battery Service Oil Change and Filter
110,000Change Oil and Filter
120,000Air Filter Replace Battery Service Spark Plugs Replacement Cabin Air Filter Replace Oil Change and Filter Transmission Fluid Service Lubricate Trunk Fuel Filter Replacement Gear Oil Replacement
130,000Change Oil and Filter
140,000Battery Cabin Air Filter Oil Change and Filter
150,000Air Filter Replace Spark Plugs Replacement Cabin Air Filter Replace Oil Change and Filter

Is maintaining a Porsche 911 for years worth it?

The Porsche 911 itself is an expensive car that concerns the people on the maintenance cost they will have to bear. Because this car will be so much more than the regular American and Japanese vehicles of affordable range even expensive options. All the features and parts the manufacturer have used in it are of high quality and expensive.

However, the maintenance price of the Porsche is not much it seems to be. If one considers the price of the cars, the maintenance is nothing illogical. In the first place of making the decision of buying a Porsche, one has to set their mind on a logic they are going to spend a handsome amount of their wealth on it.


Before buying any expensive or luxurious car one should get some idea about the maintenance cost of it. Because owning a car is not a one-time expanse, one will have to bear the cost as long as they owe the car. As matter of fact, the maintenance cost of Porsche will be high as its price.

Mainly, one of the most wonderful series of Porsche 911 will also have quite a high maintenance. However, people with mechanical knowledge can reduce it. Hopefully, the discussion above on Porsche 911 maintenance cost put some impact on the reader’s thoughts.

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