How much does Toyota Highlander Towing Package Cost?

Toyota Highlander Towing Package Cost will depend on the choice of the user. The cost of the work will depend on two scenarios. One will be the self-work, and the other will be doing it by any professional. If one was going to tow at home, it would cost less than doing it with the help of a professional.

Moreover, the cost of the parts will also depend on the location one is living. In some countries, the pieces will cost more because of the tax. However, people should think before doing it by themselves. For removing the confusion, one can have a look below.

Toyota Highlander Towing Package Cost

A trailer hitch is an instrument that people attach to the rare underside of their car, at the rare user attached necessary things to move one place to another using it. For example, one uses a Toyota car that does not have much space in its back.

But the user needs to carry things from one place to another that require quite a place. In that case, he can buy a little carriage and attach it with the car using that towing. Now, he can drive the vehicle with all his necessary staff.

However, one has to make sure that their car can do the job. Not every vehicle has the ability to pull extra weight behind it. The work needs extra energy in the car engine and the rear wheels. That’s the reason people have to confirm it.

As for Toyota, these cars can carry or pull quite a weight behind them. One can easily attach a tow in the behind of the car. It will allow them to add extra 5000 pounds of towing capacity. It features a heavy-duty radiator, 170 amp alternator, an engine with a cooler, and a pins connector. Also, they added trailer sway control with the system to make the towing easier.

As for the cost of the work, one can cut it down or pay a huge amount. The decision will be theirs. However, not everyone can work with automobiles. They may be afraid of doing so, or they simply cannot. In that case, the cost will be 700$ to 800$.

The price will depend on some factor like the other work of the automobile industry. The price will depend on where the user is doing the job. Because these types of hardware carry a different price tag in different places. Also, the workshop will charge differently.

Let’s see the total cost on average and on a research idea,

So, on average, the parts of the work will cost 400$, wiring the two will cost 175$, after that the labor will cost 225$. Therefore, in total it will be 800$ on average. The price is not fixed though, it can be a little more or less than this.

What will be the scenario if one installed the towing package in their Toyota Highlander at home?

Installing the towing package in the Toyota highlander at home the total price will be cut by at least 200$. The cost can be cut more than this. Doing the job at home with little skill will be beneficial. One can install the tow within a couple of hours with the basic instrument.

Initially, they will need jack stands, a high lift floor jack, and some other additional tools like a torque wrench. However, one should not do the job if oneis not confident enough. Also, if they did not work in automobiles or with nuts and wrenches before, it will be risky.

A poor installation can cause a serious accident. Imagine driving the towing package with loaded staff, it gets detached from the car in the middle of the road. On the road there will be other cars and people, what will be the consequence?

Self-installation of the towing package may be fun and minimize the total cost at a high range. However, the worst-case scenario can be too worst that it can cause a deadly accident.

How much time it will take to install a tow package at home in Toyota?

If one wants to install the tow in their Toyota is supposed to take about one hour. They will need some basic instruments. However, the time will depend on the skill level of the person. If he is skilled enough and confident enough, it will not take more than an hour.

However, it may take around 2 hours to complete the job if the person is not skilled enough. With the toddler’s hand, it will be good if they take time and do not rush. Because the bad work can cause an accident.


Hopefully, one has got all the answers they were looking for about Toyota Highlander Towing Package Cost. It is the simplest thing one can do with their car. In some cases, they do not even need to take help from an expert. They can simply do the job at home.

That will cut the total cost. However, it is something serious and it will be great if one takes help from professionals. In that, the cost will be higher.

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