Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic, which one is the best fit?

Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic is a logical but not complicated debate. Since they are the strut of the same manufacturer, they share fewer differences. The making principle, as well as the materials, are the same. Also, they share many similar features.

However, the Roadmatic is the new version of their strut. So, it features some new technology which is not present in the quick. Also, they have a different price range. If one wants to know more details, they should look below.

Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic

Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic

Both Monroe quick strut and Roadmatic are the shock absorber of automobiles or the car. One may have felt jump while seating inside a bad bus or car. This is because of the bad shock absorber. When one is feeling bounce while driving rough and high speed, it’s time to change the shock absorber.

While changing the shock absorber people feel confused because of the vast option. Picking up a particular strut is hard. Even people get confused between two models of the same manufacturer like Monroe quick strut and Roadmatic.

Let’s see the differences they share to find what one will work for whom. 


Since both struts are of the same manufacturer so it is common that they have the same material. However, being a shock absorber requires high-quality material in the body. Because the function of the equipment is huge and weakness does not have a place here.

Coil Springs

The coil spring of the strut is a significant part. Luckily both Monroe Quick Strut and Roadmatic have strong, sustainable. Both the strut come with all the necessary equipment. So, the installation process is easy and fast. 

Spring Isolator and Bumper

The Monroe quick features a spring isolator. This isolator is a piece of rubber. It will prevent metal-to-metal contact and metallic sound. Even if one is driving the car at speed one will not hear the metallic sound.

The bumper is not present in quick but in Roadmatic. This one will prevent any damage if the shock absorber is bottom-up.


Both of the struts have a long life cycle. One can easily use them for 8 to 10 years. As for the Roadmatic, it will provide good service until 1, 00,000 km. On the contrary, the quick will provide excellent service until 80,000 km.

Vehicle Options

Luckily, both the strut have a wide variety of vehicle options. People can use them in UVs, light trucks, domestic or passenger cars. Both of them will perform pretty well with any of these. Also, they have all-weather fluid to keep the instrument lubricated.


The Monroe Company is well known for its logical price. They have gotten the point that customers always buy within their budget. So, they try to manufacture quality products within the buyer’s budget. Since Roadmatic features new technology it is a little expensive compared to the quick strut.

Table: Comparison between Monroe Quick Strut and Roadmatic

Monroe quickRoadmatic
The weight of this one is 22 pounds.Roadmatic strut weighs 5.75 pounds
It features a coil spring function.The function of this one is gas-charged strut-based oil.
The PSI of quick is 150.It features the same PSI which is 150.
To match the vehicle-specific height it uses an OE design.Roadmatic features OEM quality to meet the specific height of the vehicles.
The premium upper strut will give a brand new feel every time.It is capable of superior handling.
The strut rods in it are engineered to bend up to 15mm.The lubricant of it is all-weather to keep the strut lubricated all time.
Limited lifetime warranty.3 years warranty.
All the necessary pieces of equipment are already attached.Comes with all the necessary equipment.
This strut is affordable.Little expensive compared to the quick.

Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic, which one is the best fit?

Choosing between Monroe Quick Strut and Roadmatic is hard. Since both, the product is of the same manufacturer and they are pretty similar, people always get confused.

Both of the struts will provide the strongest and most reliable experience. Also, both of the struts have all-weather lubricants. However, the Roadmatic has some new features like a spring isolator which will prevent metal-to-metal connection.

Moreover, people can choose according to the price range, one can go for the less expensive one.


The debate of Monroe Quick Strut Vs Roadmatic is a common debate while people need shock absorbers. Both of the struts are two of the best ones can buy from the market at an affordable price. However, they share some differences.

Mainly, the price range is different. Most people go for the less pricy one. So, they may choose the quick strut. Moreover, the Roadmatic is the new model that means a new upgrade. Now, the decision is for users to make which one they will give priority to.

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