6000k vs 8000k led headlights, which one to use?

6000k vs 8000k led headlights, in this discussion we will be arguing on two different kelvin levels for headlights. The 6000k has a more whitish look with more percentage of the white beam. On the other hand, with less white beam than the 6000k and a bluer beam, the 8000k will be more bluish.

Specifically, both of the options will serve different purposes, they will not serve as a replacement for each other. If one is thinking about replacing one with another, they are making a mistake in the first place. Getting confused? Then have a look below and read the information.

6000k vs 8000k led headlights

Here both of the terms in the title, which are 6000k and 8000k, mean the color of the headlights. Specifically, the color we see or the appearance of the light of the headlights. So, if one is looking for any differences between these two-term, they will only find the color differences between the two.

Otherwise, everything will be the same for this two. One can use similar wattage, similar plugs, and everything similar in these two. Specifically, one can increase or decrease the lumens of the kelvins. Also, they can choose different wattages for these two. They can choose low or high beams for both of the kelvin options.

As for the differences, the main thing one will notice is the visibility of the light. The 6000K lights will have an alpine white appearance which has 90% white and 10% blue. On the other hand, the 8000K headlights are ice blue with 70% white and 50% blue.

One of the main issues to distinguish these two is visibility and usability. Here, the 6000k is best for nighttime visibility. That means the drivers will use this headlight to drive their cars at night on the darkest roads. This one will provide extreme visibility even on the darkest roads.

On the contrary, the 8000k which is more bluish than the other one is for a stylish look. That means it will enhance the outlook of the car. Also, it will not help much in the visibility of the driver. This light will provide bluish which will be less bright and darker light.

Normally, the lumen of the 6000k headlight is 3000lm and the other one is 2300lm, one can increase or decrease the lumen. However, the 6000k will be brightest than the 8000k whichever lumen one selects. So, if one is looking for nighttime headlights for great visibility, nothing can beat the 6000k lights.

What are the pros and cons of 8000k headlights?

Specifically, in the automotive industry, the 8000k has more cons than benefits. The only thing that attracts the customers to this light is its color of it. Mainly, the people who love blue find this 8000k headlight fascinating.

-This light will provide a Stylish look
-The bluish light will create an expensive look
– Color of the beam is unique
-Low light output from the headlights
-Not suitable for fog lights and night lights
-Illegal in some states
-No benefits during snow, rain, and fog
-sometimes create a malfunction in the front and rare sensor.

Which benefits a LED headlight should have?

The benefits of the LED will depend on the specifications and needs of the users. Mostly, drivers or car owners look for bright light. Whether it is for a night drive or a fog drive, the light must have to be bright in the dark and snow. Also, in the rain, it must have provided an eye-comforting bright light.

Also, the headlights must have to have a decent warranty with durability. Because it will be a nightmare if the lights died in a middle of a journey at night. Moreover, the LED needs to have,

Benefits of LED-High visibility even in the dark and fog, 300% more visibility than the regular light is expected. -Extreme durability which will last the longest time.
-Including all the parts offering an easy installation.
-The fitment for a specific car should be guaranteed
-Must be water, shock, dust, and rumble-proof -tested and officially certified
-The kelvin of the light needs to be legal
-Must have anti-glare tech which will never blind other drivers
-Lifetime Warranty

These are all the information one needs to know to decide or be knowledgeable. Overall, the 6000k is the brightest option so the expensive one. however, one cannot do the job of the 6000k by the 8000ka in vice versa. In case one is hunting for a bright night light with reliability, they have to go for the 6000k option.

Because the 8000k will not serve the purpose because this one is not bright. This one will not provide reliability and comfort for the eyes by showing the roads on the darkest night. So, the argument and the conclusion is simple as water.


Overall, we have illustrated all the useful information above. In short, the 6000k is the bright option and the 8000k is the bluish option. The 6000k will serve as a night light or even fog light. On the other hand, the other one will serve as a designing and styling light.

The big fat fact is that the 6000k will not cause any issues. But the 8000k will cause issues in the light-catching sensor. Hopefully, one has got all their answers on 6000k vs 8000k led headlights.

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