Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5, what to know about these?

Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5 is a logical discussion when it is time to buy the vehicle. Initially, both have different sizes with different functionalities and performances. While the 4L engine will offer better performance with better mileage, the 3.5L will offer average performance and average mileage.

Moreover, the 4.0L will cost more price than the other one, yet it will have more lifespan and power. Overall, the 4L will be better if the price is not the issue and power is the priority. In case of want more details on the topic, one has to have a look below.

Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5
Toyota Tacoma 4.0

Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5

After the launch of the Toyota Tacoma, they have increased the engine capacity with time. Two of the most common and popular engine of Tacoma is 4.0L and 3.5L. Initially, Toyota has launched the first Tacoma with a 3.5L engine in 2002 and still featuring in many models.

After that, they have launched the 4.0L engine in 2004 and still producing Tacoma series vehicles of this type. However, people often ask a question about the differences between these two engines. They want to know if they have functional and performance differences.

Since two of them have quantity differences, consumers expect better performance from the 4.0L engine than the 3.5L engine. Well, to know the answer, one will have to dive deep into the features and functions of these two engines.


One will not see so many differences in the cylinder of the engine. Both of the engines have six cylinders with a V configuration. Besides, the head and block of the cylinder are made out of heavy-duty aluminum material, which will prevent rust.

One of the main differences people will get from the cylinder of 4.0L and 3.5L is the fuel displacement. While the 4.0L will offer 3,956 cc fuel displacement, the 3.5L will offer less than this, which is 3456 cc.


Both of the engines will be extremely distinguished from each other in power. As for the 4.0L, it will provide the maximum power output. The engine will provide 285 HP horsepower at 5600 rpm and 280 ft-lb torque at 4600 rpm.

On the other hand, the 3.5L engine will provide less power than the other one. At the maximum range, the engine will provide 278 HP horsepower at 5000 rpm and 265 ft-lb torque at 4000 rpm.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption rate is an important feature of the engines. As for the 3.5L engine, the fuel consumption rate will be 20 mpg for the city and 25 mpg for the highway. On the other hand, the fuel consumption rate for the 4L engine will be 19 mpg for the city and 23 mpg for the highway. Comparatively, the 4.0L engine will be more fuel economy than the 3.5L


It is obvious that the price of these engines will have a huge difference. Validating the statement, the 3.5L engine with 52,000 mileage will cost around $3,999. However, the 4L engine will cost around $4,350 with 94,000 mileage.

Is there any fault in the 3.5L Tacoma engine?

Having an issue with the engine at the beginning is not acceptable. However, after some years, the engine will start showing some problems. Also, poor maintenance can result in some major problems in the engine. Those are,

1. Oil Leak

2. Squeaking and ratting engine

3. Water Pump issue

4. Loss of oil pressure

5. Poor fuel economy

6. Smoky engine

7. Overheating

8. Coolant leak

9. Misfire

10. Frequent shutdown

Is there any fault in the 4.0L Tacoma engine?

If the engine is showing a problem at the beginning, it is not acceptable. However, after some years, the engine will start showing some problems. Also, poor maintenance can result in some major problems in the engine. Those are,

1. Cracked cylinder heads

2. Water pump issue

3. Gearbox issue

Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5, which one is to choose?

Well, the decision will be clear as water. In case one is looking for more power and acceleration, they will have to go for the 4.0L engine. Since it has more capacity and more HP, it will provide more power. Moreover, it can cover more mileage with less fuel.

On the other hand, the 3.5L will provide enough power and mileage for regular use at a low cost. Having budget issues, one can blindly go for the 3.5L engine. Overall, the decision will be on the consumers to take about which engine will do well for them.

What is the lifespan of the 4.0L engine and 3.5L engine?

Durability or the lifespan of the 4.0L engine and 3.5L engine is another difference to consider. As for the 4l engine, on regular use and proper maintenance, it will last for a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 20 years.

On the contrary, the 3.5L engine will perform its best in regular use and maintenance for quite a long time. On the minimum range, the lifespan will be ten years, and on the maximum range, it will be 15 years for a 3.5L engine.


Tacoma is one of the popular series with vast variations in size, color, engine, and so on. Two of the most popular engine type of Tacoma is 4L and 3.5L. However, people want to know the details of the Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Vs 3.5.

Well, the differences are a lot in functionalities and performance. For sure, the 4L engine is the powerful one, yet 3.5L will also offer sufficient power. Furthermore, the 4L is the pricy option with better performance, mileage, and lifespan.

Finally, the choice will be on the buyers and their needs from an engine for their Tacoma.

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