ARE CX Vs V Series, which one to choose?

ARE CX Vs V Series is an argument on two best toppers of the same manufacturer. Though they do not share so many differences, the existing differences will be major to decide the best one. Mainly, the price range of these two distinguished at a high range.

Initially, for 6 feet to 8 feet truck bed, the cost of the CX series will be way too much than the V series. With that huge price difference, the CX series will only offer luxury design and developed windows option in the topper.

Furthermore, one has to be with us till last to decide which one they will need for their truck.

ARE CX Vs V Series

Topper for the truck becomes mandatory sometimes and getting the perfect one is not an easy job. Being one of the best truck-selling manufacturers, Toyota offers a variety of toppers for their customers. As with different series of trucks or vehicles, people will have a different option in the toppers too.

For cars like Tacoma and Tundra, people can rely on the ARE CX and V Series. Both of them offer longevity with highly durable material. They will be compatible with most of the popular options in the truck. Also, the color and design will be exactly the same as the existing color of the truck.

However, people get into controversy on which one will be the better option and which one to choose. Well, the decision will vary according to the need of the consumer. If one goes for the ARE CX topper for 6 feet bet, they will have to pay around $1300, which is only $900 for the V series.

However, the price will vary according to the size of the truck place one is living. In case one is ordering the topper online, the shipping cost can be half of the product cost. So, one will have to check properly for the price according to their place and car.

Surprisingly, with this $400 cost difference, one will only get a more stylish design and well-developed window in the AER CX series topper. With the aluminum frame window of the CX series, they can replace the windows with a windoor.

That mentioned feature means replacing the windows with windoors is not possible with the V series. Without this, the material, design, and lifespan of the toppers are all the same. One will not find any major differences between these two.

Which one to choose?

Well, the pick between ARE CX and V series is quite tricky since they do not have any major differences. However, they have a pretty clear place in the market. Having budget problems, customers can always go for the V series option. They can ignore the luxury and comfort the CX series will provide, which will not give them any discomfort.

Moreover, the CX series will provide a more stylish design with high-quality window features. But it will cost so much more than the V series. People wanting a more stylish and luxurious look for their cars should go for the ARE CX series. Finally, the decision will be on the buyers to take according to their position and point of need.

What is the weight of the AER V series topper for Tacoma?

Truck SizeBed SizeHeight of TopperWeight of Topper
Full & MidLong23″175 lbs.
Full & MidShort23″175 lbs.
Full & MidExtra Short23″160 lbs.
Full & MidStep Side23″160 lbs.
MiniLong20″140 lbs.
MiniShort20″130 lbs.
MiniExtra Short20″128 lbs.
MiniStep Side20″120 lbs.

What is the weight of the AER CX series topper for Tacoma?

Truck SizeBed SizeHeight of TopperWeight of Topper
Full & MidLong23″185 lbs.
Full & MidShort23″175 lbs.
Full & MidExtra Short23″160 lbs.
Full & MidStep Side23″160 lbs.
MiniLong20″145 lbs.
MiniShort20″130 lbs.
MiniExtra Short20″120 lbs.
MiniStep Side20″120 lbs.

Is it possible to custom-made AER CX and V series topper?

Buyers can customize the topper of any brand or any manufacturer. Mostly, the manufacturer starts manufacturing the topper after the buyers place the order according to their specifications. As for the AER toppers, one can buy the existing toppers according to their car model.

 If not, they can always place customized orders directly in the manufacturing company. However, it will take more time to reach the destination than the regular time.

Is it possible to lock AER CX and V series topper?

The design of the AER CX and V series has a keyless easy and simple entry inside the compartment. One has to open and lock the topper door with a hand that is keyless. Well, there is always the option to custom-made the topper.

In case one wants a locker system in the topper with a key, they can order the topper with that specification. There is always an option for the customers to get what they want.


Toppers are important for a truck to keep things safe and secure from any kind of damage. Among so many options in topper, often people fall into the decision of ARE CX Vs. V Series. Well, both of the toppers will perfectly serve the purpose of a topper.

However, one may want to choose the V series because of the lower price range. Besides, some people will go for the CX series even though it’s pricy because of the extreme design, luxury, and comfort. Overall, both of the toppers are a good option, but the perfect fit will depend on the consumer’s circumstances.

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