Tacoma Long Bed Vs. Short Bed, which one to buy?

Tacoma Long Bed Vs. Short Bed will tell the logical differences between these two. In normal appearance, they have a feet difference in length. Also, the wheelbase of the long Bed is larger than the short Bed. Moreover, the long bed trucks are more stable than the short bed trucks while carrying heavy loads.

However, the long Bed has some cons over the short Bed. Mostly, parking and maintenance are quite complicated compared to the short Bed.

Let’s read the article with concentration to get the proper idea of the differences between these two trucks.

Tacoma Long Bed Vs. Short Bed

Tacoma Long Bed Vs. Short Bed                 

The trucks of the Toyota Tacoma series have been in the spotlight ever since they have launched. The convenient and versatile use of the trucks with countless benefits are the reasons behind the popularity. However, people often face choosing a truck between a long bed and a short bed.

Both long and short bed truck of Tacoma has their pros and cons. As we know pros of a human can be the cons of another person. So the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of trucks will depend on people’s personal preference.

Here, all we can do is discuss the features of these two trucks and create a comparison to let the people decide. Then, after reading the details, one will know what they want from their truck and which one will be the best fit for them.

Now, let’s see the differences between Tacoma’s long Bed and short Bed according to the features of the vehicle.

Length and Width

The long and short Bed of Tacoma will have quite a difference in length, as applies the name. As for the long Bed, the size is 73 inches to 74 inches, and the width is 41 inches to 42 inches.

On the other hand, the length of the short Bed is 60 inches to 61 inches, and the width is 41 inches to 42 inches. Here, they differ by around 13 inches to 12 inches in length, but the width of these two are the same.

In addition, the height of these two trucks will be the same which around 19 inches to 20 inches. Moreover, the wheelbase of these two are the same, and one can interchange the base.


After the model of 2015, Tacoma has got a variation of two body styles. One is an access cab, and the other is a double cab. Before selecting the length as the short and long Bed, they must know the measurement of these two trucks.

Table: Dimension of Tacoma Access cab and Double Cab.

Bed SizeAccess CabDouble Cab
HeadroomFront39.7 in.39.7 in.
Rear34.9 in,38.3 in.
LegroomFront42.9 in.42.9 in.
Rear24.6 in.32.6 in.
Shoulder roomFront58.3 in.58.3 in.
Rear56.5 in.58.9 in.
Hip roomFront57.2 in.57.2 in.
Rear51.7 in.56.3 in.

From the table, one can see the difference in dimension between access cab and double cab is not so much but visible. Though the front bed size of the cabs is almost the same at every angle, the rear dimension has pretty variation.

Towing Capacity

Normally, the longer the Bed, the more load the truck can carry. So, the towing capacity of the long Bed will be more than the short Bed. Also, the long Bed has more distance between the rare and front wheelbase.

This feature makes the truck more stable to carry heavy load, which is not the case with the short bed truck. For example, a Toyota 6.1 feet bed can carry a load of 1615 lbs to 1625 lbs. meanwhile Tacoma truck of 5.1 feet bed size can carry a load of 1500 lbs to 1510 lbs.

Transporting Cargo

If one wants to transport any cargo vehicle, then the long bed truck will be the only and best option. Since the long Bed has around 1 foot larger space than the short Bed, there will be enough space to store the cargo.

One can easily transport things like a washer, fridge, and dryer, long couch, surface board, and so on. For a short bed truck, one will have to do extra work to carry the same objects.


The ratio of usability of the trucks will depend on the user. If one has a family of two or three and do not have a task like transporting heavy objects, they can go for the short Bed one. This one will be enough to help with the regular life activities like bringing groceries, having a little road trip, etc.

If one is looking for something big that can carry heavy loads of farming, should buy the long Bed one. Many people in the USA live in the country area, and they need to travel quite a long distance to get into the city.

For them, the long bed one will be better because they may need to carry a heavy load from one place to the other.


In terms of maintaining the short Bed, the truck offers significant advantages over the long Bed. Mainly, parking the truck provides more advantages when the Bed is short. If one does not have much space to park the car at home, not go for the long bed truck.

Parking becomes more complex in public parking spots. Since the long Bed has a long length, one will face difficulties in finding a place for the truck to park.

Also, crossing traffic with the long bed truck will be too hard, while it will be easier with the short Bed. One can easily cross and get out of the traffic with the quick bed truck.

Fuel Economy

Surprisingly, the long or the short Bed will not create many differences in the fuel economy. Both truck styles will burn an almost similar amount of oil per mileage. However, the short bed truck will give a better mileage since it will carry less weight.


The cost of the truck is another vital difference to consider. Both of the tracks have quite a difference in cost. The price of the long Bed Tacoma truck will be $35,180 to $35,200. Meanwhile, the price of the short Bed will be $34,680 to $34,700.

A long bed means more capacity, and to carry the weight, the manufacturer has to increase the number of instruments. Mainly the metal part of the truck gets more expensive in the manufacturing process. So, the selling price becomesa little higher than the short Bed though they do not share many mechanical differences.

Table: Tacoma Long Bed Vs Short Bed

Tacoma Long Bed TruckTacoma Short Bed Truck
The length of the truck is 6.1 feet.The length of the truck is 5.1 feet.
Two cab configuration double cab and access cab.Only one cab configuration, which is a double cab.
The towing capacity of this one is 1615 lbs. to 1625 lbs.The towing capacity of this one is 1615 lbs.  to 1625 lbs.
Transporting heavy objects is easier.Its time consuming to transport heavy and long objects.
Maintaining the car is a little hard compared to a short bed.Maintaining the car is easy to compare to a long bed.
Requires more space to park the car.Parking is easier with this truck.
Fuel economy is not as much as a short bed.Fuel economy is more than the long Bed.
Price will be from $35,180 to $35,200.Price will be from $35,180 to $35,200.

Which model of Tacoma has the longest Bed?

If looking for the most extended Bed in Tacoma, they will have to search in the recent model. Luckily, the model relapsed in 2021 has the most extended Bed with so much technology. As for the record, the Bed size is almost 74 inches.

This is the largest bed size of the Toyota Tacoma series. If one is looking for longer, they may have to switch to another series of Toyota.


Trucks are an important part of people’s regular life for easy transportation. One can travel and carry heavy objects in the truck simultaneously. One of the most renowned truck series is the Toyota Tacoma. They have gained popularity in the market because of their reasonable price and unique features.

However, people often face the conflict of Tacoma Long Bed Vs. Short Bed. They find it hard to decide which one will be better. Hopefully, from the above discussion, one can make the decision quickly.

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