Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix, which one to choose?

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix, in the fight of differences, Laser Iridium will win the war because it hasa better option in the significant differences. Initially, laser iridium hasa double precious metal structure while Ix issingle.

Also, laser iridium lives twice compared to iridium ix. This one is a significant difference that will move the user to laser iridium. Moreover, the Laser is the most powerful one. However, the differences will be valid according to the user’scircumstances.

Let’s have a look below to know more about the differences.

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix

Laser Iridium and Iridium Ix are both spark plugs of the same manufacturer called NGK. Spark plugs are essential to start and run the car. One can say that without the spark plug, one cannot start and run their car. 

A spark plug is the equipment’s in the car which will supply the spark that ignites the fuel mixture. The spark will create an explosion to help the engine produce power. This simple yet powerful equipment will create an arc of electricity in the two leads having a small gap between them.

As for laser iridium and iridium ix, both plugs are excellent NGK manufacturers’ products. Since they belong to the same series, they are almost similar. Their differences will lead one to the Laser Iridium as the best one.

The differences between laser iridium and iridium ix shares are,


Since both Laser Iridium and Iridium Ix are of the same manufacturer and series, they share an almost similar structure. However, they have some differences. The significant difference they share in terms of design is the electrode.

The electrode of Laser Iridium is made of precious double metal. While the Iridium Ix is of single precious metal.


In terms of the greater lifespan of the spark plug, Laser Iridium is the winner. In addition, because this one hasa double precious metal structure while Ix hasa single, it is less vulnerable and highly durable.

Spark Rate

Both Laser Iridium and Iridium Ix have an excellent spark rate. However, the Laser can produce a high spark rate because of the extra concentrated laser-welded tip. Surprisingly, these sparks will not go off track and miss fire to the engine.

On the contrary, Ix hasthe smallest diameter tip to produce extreme ignitability. However, the spark quantity will reduce the chances of the electric quenching effect.

Now, let’s look at the summarized table of Laser Iridium Vs Iridium I

Laser IridiumIridium Ix
The gap size of laser Iridium is 0.024 in.The gap size of Iridium Ix is 0.044 in
Iridium center is too hard to be six times harder than platinum with extremely high durability.Iridium center is made of fine wire electrodes, ensuring high durability but less than Laser.
It reduces Quenching.It improves throttle response.
It can increase heat dissipation that can prevent overheating.Highly durable in extreme heat.
The insulator is made of high-grade alumina silicate ceramic.The insulator is not of high-grade aluminum silicate insulator.
Made of precious double metalMade of single precious metal.
It hasa broader center electrode.The center electrode of it is narrow.
The lifespan of a Laser is around 100,000 Km.Iridium Ix provides a lifespan of 60,000 km.
Highly DurableDurable but less than the Laser.
It will cost more than the iridium IxIt will cost less than the laser iridium.

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix, which one to choose?

Both Laser Iridium and Iridium Ix are good options. One can choose any of these. However, the pick will depend on the user’s circumstances. If one is looking for a good option at a low price, one can go for the Iridium Ix.

However, most of the people using cars look for the best option. Because a dead car in the middle of the journey is the worst experience, in that case, the best option is the Laser Iridium. This is one of the most extended lifespans, twice the Ix.

Also, the overall performance of the laser spark plug is better than the Ix. So, this one should be the option to choose.


In the Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix discussion, one has to talk about two spark plugs of the same manufacturer and the same series. It is hard to find significant differences in two almost similar products of the same manufacturer.

However, they share some differences that can be in the light—most of all, the structure and the longevity. Laser got the highest performancecompared to the Ix in the significant issue.

Hopefully, all the discussion above is enough for the user to choose the perfect one.

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