Mazda 3s Vs 3i, are there any differences?

Mazda 3s Vs 3i, looking for answers to this confusion? We have to know that both of the models are a part of the third generation. Yet they have major differences along with similarities. Mainly, the look of both models will not have any differences. But the performance level along with the pricing of the car will have huge differences.

Specifically, the 3s will score higher in every point than the 3i if one calculates. Looking for more details? Then they have to look below into the details.

Mazda 3s Vs 3i

Mazda 3s Vs 3i

A Japanese manufacturer Mazda launched their Mazda3 back in 2003 on the different continents of the world. They have introduced the series to the world as a compact car and as a replacement for the Familia. Moreover, in North America, they have launched a performance-based compact car with the name Mazdaspeed3, which was named Axle in Japan, and Mazda3 MPS in Europe and Australia. However, the name Mazda3 was the common name.

The series was in production from 2003 to 2019 but they are continuing the production till the present with the name Mazda3. So technically they are continuing with the production of the series. Recently, two of the model mazda3 is in hot sale namely Mazda3 S and Mazda3 I. both of the model belongs to the third generation of the series. First, they come up with version S and then they modified some issues of it and lunch the ‘Inversion of the model.

Both of the models share major differences yet they have more similarities. If one is looking for the differences the table below will be helpful.

Table: Mazda 3s Vs 3i

Mazda 3sMazda 3i
This model has a bigger engine than the other one.The engine of this one is smaller than the 3s version of the series.
the size of the engine of 3s is 2488 ccthe size of the engine of 3s is 1998 cc
Users will get horsepower of 184 HPor 137 kW at 5700 RPMUsers will get horsepower of 155 HP or 116 kW at 6000 RPM
The torque of the car is 185 lb-ft or 251 N⋅m at 3250.The torque of the car is 150 lb-ft or 203 N⋅m at 4000
It features a 6-speed transmission.It features a 5-speed transmission.
Featuring advanced keyless entry for more usability.It does not have the keyless entry feature.
It will provide more mileage.It will provide less mileage than the 3s version.
It has side airbagsDo not feature any side airbags
The car has a rain-sensing sensor on the windshield.The windshield does not have any rain-sensing sensor.
More performative and safe than the 3iLess performative and safe than the 3s.
More expensiveLess expensive

From the information illustrated in the table, one can say that the 3s is better than the 3i. Specifically, the 3s is the higher-end trim of the series with success and popularity. Also, this one has so many features, it is because of the expensive price one can guess. Moreover, the 3s has a bigger engine with more power and mileage. However, the fuel economy of the car is a big question here for the people worried about maintenance. Another advantage of the car is the 6-speed transmission that operates with 6 gears. Each of the gears will help the driver to experience the best possible experience of driving.

One can expect a high speed yet a safe and secure driving experience with this one. On the other hand, the 3i version of the series is more affordable than the 3s. So, one can assume that it will have fewer features than the other one. Mainly, it does not feature modern safety measurements like keyless entry, side airbags, and rain-sensing like the 3s model.

Also, the performance of the car will not be as much as the 3s. It will provide less mileage and less speed on the road. However, for daily life use on the city road, this one is considerable because of the less affordable pricing option of this car.

Overall, the 3s version of the Mazda3 is a more convenient option. Even if it is a little pricy, it will come up with the best features which will help the user to have an excellent experience with safety and comfort.

What are the similarities between Mazda 3s and 3i shares?

Both Mazda 3s and 3i are two different models of mazada3 with differences yet they have quite similarities. Let’s have a look at the similarities they share in the table below.

Table: Similarities of Mazda 3s and 3i

DesignerKoichi Tabata
Model year2013 to 2018
Production year2013 to present
Electric motorAC synchronous motor
Battery1.3 kWh Nickel-metal hydride
Wheelbase2,700 mm or 106.3 inches
Length4,580 mm or 180.3 inches
Width1,795 mm or 70.7 inches
Height1,455 mm or 57.3 inches

What is the sale rate of Mazda3 in different years and countries?

The production of series three of Mazda started in 2003 and they continued with it. Let’s see the number of sales of the different years in different places of this series.

Table: Sale rate of Mazda3



Every automotive wants to improve their next model or next series, or next generation. The same thing goes with one of the famous manufacturers Mazda. Though the Mazda 3i and 3s belong to the same series and same generation, they have vast differences.

Moreover, the 3s version of the generation is calculatedly better than the 3i. However, the price of the 3s is more than the other one so perfection is expected. Hopefully, one has all the answers they were looking for from the discussion Mazda 3s Vs 3i.

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