Cr 2025 Vs 2032, are they interchangeable?

Cr 2025 Vs 2032, people look for this difference to ensure that either they can use one battery instead of the other. Specifically, it is possible to interchange one battery with another even though they have quite differences.

Mainly the thickness level and the capacity of 2032 will be a little higher than the 0225 battery. Also, this one will be more durable and less expensive than the 2025 battery. If one wants to interchange they will have to keep in mind certain things. Furthermore, one will have to look below for more information.

Cr 2025

Cr 2025 Vs 2032

Both the CR 2025 and 2032 is non-rechargeable coin battery or button battery namely Lithium coin battery. Though they are of different types. They share so many similarities like the chemical bond of the batteries. Moreover, they have quite a major difference. Mainly, these batteries are designed to power small devices like a watch, remotes, motherboards, or any other small electronic devices.

Before going into a depth discussion, one must know the meaning or feature of the batteries. The easy thing is the name of the battery says everything about it. Because the name of these two batteries described their features of them. If one cracks the meaning of the name they will understand the differences both the battery share.

If one looks at the name of the battery it states CR2025 and CR2031, here there is two letters and four number. If we demonstrate the name the letter indicates a different meaning so does the number. Let’s see the meaning of the name.

C= the C in the name indicates the Chemical Composite of the battery. That means which chemical is in the battery cell.

R= the second letter which is an R in the name indicates the shape of the battery. Since the letter is R, it indicates Round which means the battery will be round or circular.

Next, the number part of the name indicates the dimension of the battery. Specifically speaking, the first two numbers will indicate the diameter of the battery. Also, the last two numbers of the battery will indicate the depth of the battery.

For example,

In the first battery 20 means, the battery will be 20mm in diameter, and in the last part 25 means the battery will be 25mm in depth. Using the terms. One can easily demonstrate the physical differences among any batteries.

Now let’s have a look into the differences between both of the battery shares using a properly organized table.

Table: CR 2025 vs CR 2032

CR 2025CR 2032
The thickness of this battery is 2.5 mmThis battery has a thickness of 3.2 mm.
It is lighter in weight only 2.6 gm.The weight of this battery is 3.0 gm.
The electron capacity of the battery is 170 mAhIt can store 235 mAh in the cell.
Comparatively, it is less durable than the CR 2032.More durable than the other one.
This battery is less expensive and more affordable than the other one.Comparatively, this one is more expensive yet affordable.
Perfect for children’s toys not so good in crucial electric devices like calculators, etc.Perfect for a smartwatch, motherboard, hearing aids, etc.

From the above discussion, we can state that both the battery has so many similarities along with differences. Specifically, the manufacturer designed the battery with the same diameter yet the main difference they put in the depth of the battery. Though they have the same diameter of 20mm they have different depths or thicknesses. While the CR2025 is 25mm in depth, the other one is 32mm in depth.

Significantly, this difference in depth is the origin of other major differences between these two. Mainly, the Wight of the batteries is no longer the same as well as the capacity. The CR2025 is smaller in depth so it is less in weight and electricity capacity.

On the other hand, the CR 2032 is more in-depth which means more space and more capacity. Which increases the weight as well as the electronic capacity. While this one can hold 235 mAh electricity in the 3gm weight, the other one can hold 170 mAh electricity in 2.6 gm weight. Moreover, the CR 2032 will provide more durable and reliable performance yet it will be more expensive. However, the other battery will be more affordable but in service, it will be less than 2032.

Another eye-catchy similarity between these two batteries is the chemical cell. Both of them have Manganese Dioxide or lithium cell of 1% per year self-life discharge capability. Moreover, the operating temperature of the batteries will be the same.


Are CR2025 and CR2032 interchangeable?

Well, the discussion is simple since we have already stated the main point above. As we know that to interchange two batteries the dimension of the battery and the voltage of it need to be the same. Here, the CR2025 and CR2032 are almost identical with the same dimension, voltage, chemical composition, and operational temperature. However, they only defer in thickness and the electric capacity which will not create any major issues in the process of interchange.

Therefore, one can use Cr2032 instead of CR 2025 and vice versa. However, in case one is for a durable option then they better go for the CR2032 over the other one and they should not change if they are using it.

What is the application of CR2032 and CR2025 batteries?

Normally, both the battery can be used in a small electrical device that does not require much energy. Both of them can be used in the same type of devices. However, the devices require more power and the lifespan is perfect for the CR2032 batteries. Because these will run longer providing electricity for more time than the other one.

CR 2025CR 2032
-key fobs
– watches
– PDAs
-electronic organizers
– garage door openers
-door chimes
-LED lights,
-sporting goods
-calorie counters
-stopwatches and medical devices
-hearing aid
-memory back-up
– digital watches
-car keys
-fitness appliances
-laser pens
-medical devices like a clinical thermometers, etc.


Small or coin batteries are extremely important in our regular life. From morning to night we highly depend on the coin battery in our regular life. Mainly people look for the coin battery for their car’s key fob. The most common type of battery Cr2031 and CR2025 is names one will hear often.

Both the battery is almost identical without the thickness and the electron storing capacity. Sometimes people want to interchange those because of the availability and some other reason. Hopefully, readers have found all the answers on Cr 2025 Vs 2032 from the discussion above.

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