What is the difference between the Mercedes C300 vs E350?

What makes the Mercedes more popular and demanded? Well, the question comes with a legit answer. They provide superior safety with luxuriousness and innovative items. Judging all the classes of Mercedes, E class and C class are known as the most selling models. Let’s make a comparison between two well-known models. And it will be named C300 vs E350.

Through this blog, you people will surely have an elaborated idea. Along with that, the perfect model can be found too.

If they get compared shortly, the C300 performs better than E350. It comes with higher engine power with more torque and acceleration. Maximum 255hp delivery from engine keeps it in the top line. E350 performs great too. But it has the maximum power delivery of 240hp.

Apart from the power and performance, they come with different fuel consumption levels too.


The C300 model from Mercedes belongs to the C class. And it is available in three different patterns. Convertible, coupe, and sedan are available versions.

While measuring the demand, C300 is known as one of the most selling C-class models from Mercedes. All positive and great features of this model are the main facts behind higher selling.

For better understanding, have a look at the specification chart given below:

Points  Details
Vehicle Type  Sedan
Engine displacement  2.0L inline-4 turbo engine
Maximum power255Hp  
Maximum torque273nm  
Drivetrain mode  AWD (all-wheel drive)
Transmission system  9-speed automatic
Top speed250kpmh  
Fuel economy19mpg in average  

Here the specs above show the pricing, engine performance, and fuel economy level of the C300 model. Even though the engine is high in performance, it remains in a very compact sizing.

For that, the car can deliver a maximum 255hp engine performance along with 273nm of torque. And all it gets maintained by the 9-speed automatic transmission system.

Four wheels driving system maximizes both the initial and top-end speed of the ride perfectly. Moreover, the fuel economy level is enough perfect for use on city and highway rides.

Even with this powerful engine, it’s enough to be fuel-friendly and consumes less.

The features

Looking at a C300 from the inside, it just looks amazing and standard. Starting with the interior, high-quality wooden trim with leather-made seats just looks amazing.

On the top area, it has a functional single-button operative sunroof system. When all these things are not enough to observe, it comes with a functional 7 inches sized controller display for the center area.

Altogether the features, the ride looks very amazing and standard in appearance.

Safety factors

Just like the performance, there’s no compromise in safety. The highly efficient anti-theft alarm system has been used in this model. Apart from that, braking does not object to using and applying at emergency times.

All that means the C300 model is perfectly formed with the best level of safety materials.


It’s Mercedes and it’ll surely not cost low. But still, the pricing is limited and perfect enough to go for. A standard ranged C300 model starts with a price range of 32,000. And it’s limited to $48,500. The variability of the pricing is based on extra features and things.

Apart from that, the vehicle pattern along with yearly models make a good difference in pricing. Older model’s prices are lower than the upgraded ones.


Whenever C300 was delivering some finest response in the market, the 350 from E class makes an entry. C class models were available in a single variant. But E class opposite comes with various vehicle patterns.

Just like the previous one, the E350 is also known as a highly demanded-model in the segment. Powerful and refined engine with stylish design let the ride chosen true Mercedes lovers.

Here you can give attention to the spec chart. It contains some facts and specs about this model.

Vehicle TypeThree different types are available Coupe Convertible and sedan
Engine displacement2.0L Inline-4 Turbo engine
Maximum power240 hp  
Maximum torque245nm  
Drivetrain modeAll wheel drive  
Transmission system  9-speed automatic
Fuel economy  33mpg averagely in highway rides
Top speed  210kmph

Here the chart shows that the E350 is available in three different vehicle patterns. All these modes make an easy selection by different users.

Nevertheless, they follow the similar engine category along with power and performance. Sometimes, they might follow some detune or upgrades for the engine. Making the engine more reliable and suitable for the model is the main reason behind it.

Talking about the engine, it is featured with the same one from C300. In addition, it just has been tuned with lower power and torque. Therefore, the exhaust note seems lower than the previous time.

All wheels driving mode generates a well amount of power to the wheels and make a good spin. However, a similar drivetrain system from the C300 let this variant be chosen greatly by the users.

While the transmission system is also similar, the fuel economy level has made a great difference. Practically, the C300 doesn’t have a friendly fuel economy.

But apparently, E350 has performed this issue most finely. For having a perfectly tuned engine, it can deliver an average mileage of 33mpg. In short, it can be titled the fuel saver too.

Nonetheless, this is fuel economy feedback from the E350 BLUETEC version. The typical E350 model comes with a little bit of higher fuel economy.

Although it can’t deliver higher speed, still it has some good demands among the users. Low tuned engine performance with less torque creates a barrier to having higher speed. But they mainly provide a refined and better reliable engine.


From the beginning, E350 is featured with a 12.3 inched functional central display. Better driving feels with superior comfort level comes from the sporty seats in the front area.

Rich and stylish quality leather seats at the back provide a softer feel in hands with better leveling.

Above all the gorgeousness, ambient LED lighting of almost 64 color modes delivers outstanding internal looks. On a short note, E350 is not left from having any finest features for the internal area.

Safety factors

E350 follows the same safety features as the C300. In fact, all the variants of the C class and E class have the same functions for providing safety.

The standard anti-lock braking system, keyless ignition, and entry with anti-theft alarm systems are the typical things that deliver better safety.

Except for all these, functional airbags in the front area provide highly responsive deployment at the necessary time.


E-Class models surprisingly cost higher. Sometimes, they can even cost two times higher than a standard C-class version. And the costing is based on various models or patterns.

A standard version of E350 starts from $45,000 that can last till $98,000! A higher price indicates the premium variants. The coupe or convertible models cost higher in amount most of the time.

C300 and E350. The perfect one to choose

These two models are now completely known by you all. But the perfect one is still not unknown. And therefore, some valid facts can be followed. As consequence, they will help to select the perfect one. And the first thing to follow for selection is,

Sizing of the body

C300 comes in a smaller size than the E350. That makes great changes in looks as well performance. Smaller sizes with all-wheel driving modes relatively increase the performance of the vehicle.

Although a smaller size may not preferable to some users, still it plays a positive move in the selection.

Maximum performance

E350 performs enough good and accurately. But the C300 is probably the better one with higher engine performance. Besides being powerful, it delivers a standard level of torque too.

Even if a drag race takes place between both these models, C300 will surely perform higher than the E35. That is why; performance can be a great issue for choosing the model.

Affordable fuel economy

Having a proper fuel rate with maximum range outcome is essential. Moreover, it’s also a superior demand from the majority of the users.

But the C300 in that case doesn’t perform better. The higher fuel consumption nature of this model seems expensive and requires frequent refueling.

E350 in opposite delivers the next level of performance. With higher fuel delivery, it holds the title and preferences of the interested ones. A lot of users are likely more obsessed with better fuel economy rather than higher performance.

Purchasing cost

Updated models price high. And that is why the E350 variant comes with a higher purchasing cost than C300. Since it has a better-refined engine with an extra luxury feel, the price has been maximized.

Aside from that, pricing with a performance ratio doesn’t appear enough worthy for the E350. And that is why; C300 can be the proper model and the budget-friendly one.

2014 C300 vs E350

From the previous production times, both these variants are making good controversies with each other.

The C300 from 2014 is also featured with a 2.0 liter inline 4 engine. This old variant was greatly known as the fuel-efficient one comparing the other variant.

Coming to then E350, it was great in power for on-road performance. All that means the E350 follows its old known feature and nature. Still having these differences, both variants are extremely demanding and popular among true Mercedes lovers.

Our expert researchers have made a comparison between the Mercedes C63 vs the c63s. So don’t wait for any further thing. Go to the link and gather some great ideas about them.

Final Statement

Nothing can be great than comparing two rival variants. And when it’s about C300 vs E350, that’s money winning move.

If you require better features with maximum reliability, E350 is the best model for you.  C300 on opposite comes with a higher performance level. So on, self-preference and budget is the only way to find out a suitable model for you.

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