BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

The N20 engine from BMW is known as a little bit problematic one. And defective timing chain is the only issue that gets seen in it. There’s no cost to observe until the vehicle is under warranty. Since it’s out of it, you may find out about the BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost.

Hopefully, this topic will be beneficial for you to know the exact pricing. Scroll it down to know more.

Giving an idea about approximate cost, the timing chain replacement requires around $1000 to $5000. Service charges, costing of the parts and some other related factors bring the changes in pricing.

BMW N20 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Before knowing about pricing, a perfect idea about the timing chain is essential. Generally, the timing chain in the engine works as a principal object. This thing helps to deliver an easy opening and closing ability to the valves at required times.

When compared to the timing or driving belt, the timing chain appears similar. But it comes with better durability and performance than the belt.

BMW’s timing chain efficiently does the same thing. It maintains the entire movement of the valve, piston, and camshaft. These are known as the most important parts of the engine.

Costing of the replacement

Replacing the timing chain of the BMW engine is not easy work to do. All it requires is expert hands, proper guidance, and good expense. Nevertheless, the task is quite complicated to perform. Costing is a great matter to observe too.

Since the timing chain helps to deliver easy working flow in the engine. Assuring the best working quality is essential for it.

Therefore, the cost depends on two different ways.

One of them is the DIY process. And the other one is, servicing under help center. You can see the costing table down. It has revealed the individual replacement cost.

Replacing method  Costing
DIY process  $1000 to @1200
Service under experts  $3000 to $5000

These two are the costing that gets seen during timing chain replacement. Even if the costing comes under any changes, it will be done for additional parts or some other minor issues.

Different replacing methods

Two of these replacing processes follow individual nature, costing, and facilities.

Talking about the DIY process first. It requires low cost than the other. Moreover, this process is so affordable and budget-friendly.

Except for the complicated performance, all the things are positive to achieve. N20 engine belongs to BMW, and it’s not like the typical easy one to let the job done.

Following the DIY process can be enough complicated for those who don’t have a proper idea about the timing chain.

In consequence, an imperfectly adjusted timing chain can bring great disaster to the engine. Keeping the pricing aside, amateur hands will not appear enough worthy of the performance.

Having a consultation with experts is the best decision to go for. Yet it costs higher, but it delivers a top-level performance with the finest accuracy.

Being a high profiled brand, BMW authorized service points to come with skilled workers. While there are workers, labor costing is mandatory to provide. Furthermore, it’s the only reason for cost increments.

Entire costing gets added with the labor charge. In addition per hour of working time increase the pricing. Parts with labor costs maximize the replacement amount. Nonetheless, a skilled-handed replacement will appear far better and more accurate than the other one.

Factors that make the variation in cost

Some efficient valid issues make a good difference in cost. In actual reason, the pricing makes varieties depending on them. However, those issues can be seen during the replacement. 

Here are those issues that hold the pricing from a different level.

  • Parts availability
  • Aftermarket service
  • Timing chain condition

Parts Availability

The BMW Company is very much concerned about their customers. Hence, they fulfill their replacement requirement by delivering a sufficient amount of parts.

Sadly, the effective unavailability of the parts can increase the pricing. Whenever there are fewer amounts of parts than demand, the pricing will get higher. It will even make differences in the pricing whether it gets higher or lower.

Aftermarket Service

Authorized areas for servicing provide affordable pricing. On the opposite, the aftermarket ones appear a little bit expensive.

Apart from that, it’s the BMW model that defines true luxuriousness. So the aftermarket servicing will charge more than the authorized one. In fact, it makes the pricing even higher than any other repairing shops.

Besides cost, the aftermarket servicing consumes higher timing than the stock one. For that reason, aftermarket servicing prices high than in any other typical area.

Condition of the Timing Chain

As the timing chain works from the internal area, it remains connected with the other engine parts. Assembled parts sometimes face a good disturbance during the timing chain replacement.

As a result, it will hamper other related parts too. Condition of the timing chain that is why makes a lot of difference. Major or minor timing chain-breaking issues can last for a good cost.

Required time for the Replacement

When it’s a replacement of the timing chain, it’s requiring enough lengthy time. Lots of small-sized parts altogether make a successful timing chain adjustment.

That is why; it requires at least a single day to perfectly do all the things. Some technicians claim to have 10-15 hours of working time for the timing chain. And it will later allow performing the timing chain along with the engine in the finest way.

N20 Timing Chain failure Sign

Apparently, the timing chain remains under the bonnet. Therefore it’s a tough job to consider whether it’s ok or not. Anyways, a very common sign will allow knowing about the timing chain failure.

That is, the engine will make sounds and noises from the inside. Stretching over time is a very common factor for the timing chains. As much as starts losing up, the chain has free plays under the cover.

Crossing the free play limitation, the timing chain might come out of the sprocket. That can make huge disturbance and noises in the engine. Even if the internal parts are strong enough, a loosen down timing chain will surely make frequent disturbances in the engine. That is how the sound gets appeared from the internal engine area.

Problems in the guides can be another great reason. Even if the timing chain remains perfect and smooth, it may face issues from the guides.

Since the guides are from plastics, they eventually start to lose their performance and get cracked after a while. Replacing the guides instead of the timing chain is the only way to perform the task. However, it costs lower than timing chain replacement.

The BMW F30 brake light bulb size is very easy to find out. Even the sizing is quite easier to adjust than any other model. We expect your proper observation in this discussion.

Final Verdict

Hearing about timing chains first, many of you have surely afraid about the cost. Later of the times, the N20 timing chain replacement cost appeared as a very cheap one to do. You certainly do not need to think about the cost, if your ride is under warranty.

But still, you can remain free from worry about making the transaction even though you’re out of warranty. Assure the proper replacement from a reputed or known shop. Because you will definitely not love to have a frequent changing. Will you?

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