How much does BMW 3 Series Engine Replacement Cost?

The BMW Company is largely giving services to their users with better and more comfortable driving abilities. But they’re not excluded from having engine issues. Replacing the Engine seems lengthy and costly too. This article will help find out the engine replacement cost of the BMW 3 series.

So the approx cost of engine replacement stated in $3000 to $10000. The pricing has a good difference depending on the engine quality, pattern, and material. Labor costing gets included with the entire replacement cost too.

The Replacement Cost

Replacing the Engine requires good costing. And it is based on some different things. Series three also follows similar nature and cost for replacing. The pricing chart will be easier to find out the cost of the replacement. And here it is shown below.

Four-cylinder Engine  $5000 to $7000
V6 Engine  $8,000+
Labor Cost  $3000 to $4000

Two different engine patterns come with different pricing. The first one is a four-cylinder engine that is the typical one of the three series. It requires costing around $5000 to $7000. This includes the entire parts costing.

A V6 engine is better in performance, so it will surely cost higher. And that is why the cost starts from $8000 but can go higher. All the related parts under this segment get counted with this pricing.

Lastly, the labor costing gets added with the entire replacing amount. But the costing is not fixed and has variations. And it varies depending on the engine type, working time, and other related issues.

The reason behind engine replacement

Some curious minds may doubt why the Engine needs replacement. It can be said in answer that. This is a mandatory step to follow after a particular time. The Engine of the BMW 3 series performs the best at any chance. But once they get older and run for longer, replacing the Engine is the only choice to go for. 

As per the company declaration, a three-series BMW engine can run for a maximum of 150,000 miles with the stock engine. After that time, replacing or rebuilding the Engine becomes an essential task to perform.

Sometimes, there can be other internal engine issues too. For that reason, the Engine requires replacing just before the estimated mile range gets covered. But these kinds of problems hardly get seen in the BMW engines.

Recondition Engine to use

Having a BMW 3 series means it will consume all high-priced things. Changing the Engine seems costly enough too. While the company can provide a brand new engine to the users, some go for the reconditioned one.

Reconditioning Engine refers to the repaired one that once gets used and repaired. Compared to the new one price, the recondition Engine requires low expense.

Apart from that, the used one has variable running miles. Sometimes they can get higher, sometimes lower. But the majority of the time, they come with higher running and get repaired to re-use. So the best choice will be selecting a used engine from someone you know. Or else a trusted and preferred engine shop.

Replacing the Engine. Worthy or not?

Well, this can be a great objection by some users. That is because; replacing the Engine seems very expensive where it can be repaired.

But in practical observation, replacing the Engine is far better than repair. The ride will feel like new without having any kind of problem at all though they’re expensive. Repairing the Engine might be cheaper than replacing it. But it remains in the older parts with defecting tendencies.

The replacement period

It’s definitely a lengthy process. So the timing is not fixed to describe. But the average timing says that it will need a minimum of 24hours to 48 hours to replace the Engine. Although the operation is not as critical as the engine repairing, it requires some parts detachments with great observation.

The timing might come under change depending on the workers. Professional and skilled workers let the job done within a quick time. Beginners may require more time to get the thing done.

After replacement Performance

That’s the only requirement from the Engine. Any BMW 3 series comes under the replacement for having better and more comfortable riding than previous times.

Luckily, the replacement performs positively for the majority of the time. And it also feels like new to drive just like previous times.

All the positive vibes are possible to achieve whenever the replacement gets done with perfect hands and all the essential parts. Following the proper replacing sequence will surely not make any disturbance in performance or running ability.

Engine Replacing Parts

There are a lot of parts available during the engine replacement. And all of them are related to each other. All the parts that require during engine replacement have been given down below.

  • Engine Block
  •  Valves
  • Piston ring and connecting rod
  • Timing chain and cover
  • Camshaft
  • Cylinder head
  • Crankshaft
  • Engine bearing
  • Balancer
  • Balancing shaft
  • Motor mount
  • Oil filter and pump
  • Engine relay and sensor
  • Driving or timing belt
  • Engine management system
  • Intake parts
  • Throttle body
  • Gasket

These are the most common and needed items during engine replacement. There are some other parts available for replacement too.

Issues that make the high price

Luxuriousness is a key nature of the BMW cars. And the similarity appears during engine replacement too. In point of fact, the replacement cost appears so much more expensive than any other car brand.

Being a pure German car is the only reason behind it. And the company claims to have better durability, quality, and performance of every part.

On top of that, their advanced features with highly responsive performance make them feel better than any other luxury car model. These are all the valid reasons that make the BMW 3 series costly to repair.

Replacing or repairing. The best one

Repairing the Engine let the work for the previous parts. Even if they get to run for a long time, the repairing will allow them for some extra running.

But it is not certain or fixed to perform longer. Especially the long time used Engine may face frequent problems during the riding times. So that can be a little bit issue of repairing.

Replacement, on the other hand, gets done for the entire Engine. And most of the time, the Engine gets replaced with a recondition or the brand new one. Even though they cost higher, replacing the Engine is the best decision.

Advantage of making the replacement

Expect for the cost. The entire replacement seems very useful and worthy. Making a replacement means the ride feels new to perform and use. That’s the biggest positive side of the replacement.

Another great advantage of replacement is that it increases the value of the car for performance. During the selling, users will surely not have to face any issues at all.

Turbo is just the next thing to replace after the Engine. So knowing its price is definitely another great decision. BMW turbo replacement cost is affordable and value for money. Go and have a look at it.

Final Verdict

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