What will be the BMWAC Compressor Replacement Cost?

BMW AC Compressor Replacement Cost will be a matter of huge investment if one has an X series BMW. Also, if they crossed over the warranty mileage with the car. However, different models of BMW will have different costs of replacing their AC compression.

Mostly, the workshop and state of the owner will have a great impact on the overall cost. Moreover, before going to the workshop, one must check the possible cost online for the job to be done. For this, they can read the information below on the topic. We have tried to illustrate every possible information on it below.

BMW AC Compressor Replacement Cost

What do we want inside the car on a hot summer day? The answer will be the AC or cooling system. Without that AC riding in the car on a hot summer day will be uncomfortable. Usually, the AC will get damaged, or any components of the AC will have some damage and need a replacement.

Well, the ac of BMW will have many parts like a compressor, receiver dryer, evaporator, and hoses. However, the compressor is the heart of the system, and it needs to be well-maintained. It will take the refringent, and it will pressurize it before sending it along with the evaporator. If the compressor does not work, the whole system will be down. Also, a bad compressor can produce bad odder and many problems inside the car.

So, one will have to charge the device as soon as they realize that something is not right with it. The AC has many moving components inside it. That’s why the compressor gets damaged easily. Moreover, the average cost of replacing the BMW AC compressor will be around $1140 to $1820. In this, the labor cost will be around $300 to $380. Finally, the parts will cost between $1000 to $1460.

BMW AC Compressor Replacement CostServiceMinimum costMaximum cost
Table: BMW AC Compressor Replacement Cost
BMW AC Compressor Replacement Cost

However, the overall cost will depend on so many factors. Mainly, the different workshops will charge differently as well as the state of the owner. Along with these, the series, model, and year of the BMW will have a great impact on the price of replacing the AC compression. The overall price can be a lot more than the mentioned average price depending on several situations.

BMW AC Compressor Replacement Cost for different models

The AC compression replacement cost will be different for a different model of BMW. Also, the cost will depend on the manufacturing year of the car along with the mileage it has crossed. Moreover, let’s have a look into the replacement cost of BMW ac compression for a different model.

BMW Series 5 and Series 3 AC Compressor Replacement Cost

Series 5 of BMW was the first and most popular series back then, and they gained popularity with this. After that, they launched series three, and it also followed the popularity of series 5. They launched series five back in 1972 and continued with the series. Besides, they started launching their series 3 in 1975.

With time, BMW did up-gradation in their series 5 and 3. Moreover, the AC compression replacement cost of series 5 and 3 will depend on the manufacturing date of the car.

However, the ac compressor replacement cost will be around $1100 top $1280, depending on the year. Moreover, the more mileage the car will travel, the more cost the labor will claim.

BMW Series 5 and Series 3 AC Compressor Replacement Cost

BMW Series 2 and series 1 AC compressor replacement cost.

The famous car manufacturer BMW started manufacturing series one back in 2004 and continued with it until 2011. Then they launched series two as a successor to series three and continued with this series by launching different generations and models. As with the other series, this 2 and 1 series ac compressor replacement cost will depend on the year and mileage.

Specifically, one will have to pay around $1300 to $1520 for replacing their ac compressor of series 2 and 1.

BMW Series X AC compressor replacement cost.

Moreover, the AC compressor replacement cost of the vehicles of this series will be between $1500 to $1820. Depending on the situation of the car and place the price may go high or low like less than $1500 or up to $2000. However, we can

BMW Series X AC compressor replacement cost.

What are the common symptoms of BMW bad AC compression?

As with many other significant mechanisms of the vehicle of BMW, the AC compression will show some sign to notify the owner that it is going bad. Those symptoms of bad AC compression include,

>The most common symptom of bad AC compression is that the AC will stop working.

>One will feel hot air coming from the ventilation of the AC.

>Sometimes the air coming from the AC will spread bad odder.

>Instead of a simple sound, the AC will produce irritating sounds which will indicate the problem.

>A fluid leak from the AC is another symptom. It’s not so common but happens.

> Sometimes the bad AC compression minimizes the fuel economy. So, one should check the AC if they are facing less fuel economy in their BMW.


Overall, the price of replacing the AC compression of BMW will be different for several facts. Such as, the model of the BMW will have an impact on the cost along with the manufacturing year. Besides, the workshop the owner will choose for the job will have a different price range than others. Also, the state of the car will have an impact on the price.

Moreover, one can estimate the price from low to high and get prepared for the worst-case if the car is old. Hopefully, one has got all the points described above on BMW AC compressor replacement cost.

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