Mercedes e class w213 spec, price and everyting

The true delicacy with premium design. That is how Mercedes can be explained in a simple way. Except for that, they have some great and highly demanded models available to them. Mercedes W213 is one of those. In this article, you’re about to know about this car model along with some related facts.

This is mainly a luxurious sedan that belongs to the fifth generation. And it comes under the E-Class variant. The W213 is the successor of W212 and S212. Both are from the E class. Luckily, the W213 is available in almost all types and patterns. That is why; this model has gained some good demand and popularity among Mercedes lovers.

Key specifications of Mercedes W213

It probably feels great to explore all the specs of a car. Whenever it’s a great model from Mercedes, they just feel awesome to highlight. Observe all the facts and specifications below. Here all the related factors have been given.

Estimated production time2016 to 2023
Assembled inGermany India China Thailand Malaysia and Russia
Body classGrand tourer Executive
Car pattern5-door estate 4 door sedan and 2-door coupe
SuccessorE Class W212 CLE-Class (Coupe and Cabriolet)
EngineAvailable in three types of engine Petrol- 8 versions Diesel- 9 versions Electric or hybrid-4 version
specifications of Mercedes W213

As the chart shows above, this is a quick introduction to the W213 model. It started the journey among the users in 2016.

But the company claims that it will go through a manufacturing time till 2023. That means this model can also be called the latest one like the others.

For better presence and ranking, six different countries work for the assembling. Moreover, it allows this model to have easy access in those countries.

Although it appears as a sedan, the car by itself is the executive one as well as the grand tourer. That is why; it has the perfect and best ability to go from any road or area.

If the best part of this car gets highlighted, it’s none other than the variety of the pattern. Surprisingly, the W213 is available in three different patterns. Coupe, sedan, and estate are those patterns that can be chosen individually.

The company has put these varieties by considering the customer demand and necessity. In general, W213 has come from its successor, the W212 and CLE-Class. Furthermore, some great similarities get seen in their design and performance too.

The W213 Engine

Keeping the other factors aside, the engine displacement on its own can deliver a remarkable identification. There’s not a single mode left for the W213. Petrol, octane, and hybrid are the major patterns of the engine. So on, each of them consists of various engine models too.

In-depth engine details

As they are available in three types of engines, let’s know about each of them individually. For a better understanding, the engine displacement will be added with its maximum power and its manufactured time.

For Petrol Engine:

ModelManufactured yearEngine sizeMaximum power
E-200  20161991cc184hp
E-300  20161992cc246hp
E-350  20181991cc300hp
E-43 AMG  20162996cc402hp
E-450  20182998cc370hp
E-63 AMG  20163980cc615hp

For Diesel Engine:

ModelManufactured yearEngine sizeMaximum power
E-200  20161950cc150hp
E-200 D  20161598cc163hp
E-220 D 4MATIC20161952cc195hp
E-350d  20162988cc246hp
E-350d 4Matic20182930cc260hp
E-400d 4MATIC20182920cc330hp

And lastly,

Electronic and Hybrid Engine:

ModelManufactured timeEngine sizeMaximum power
E-300de  20191952cc308hp
E-300 E  20191990cc287hp
E-53 AMG  20183000cc460hp

All the engine variants have been placed above. It shows that the petrol engine is available in higher variant for the users. Since the hybrid and electronic ones are a newcomer in the competition, they come with lower availability for the models.

Still, only three of these versions have created a good effort among the users.

W213 from the interior

As long as the new models are stepping into the market, they are coming with better interior design. As a result, the W213 models are featured with some high-quality and standard inner parts.

The internal part holds 12 inches sized multifunctional display at its first appearance. This is also known as the wide-screen setup system.

Just nearby, the dashboard is beautifully designed with premium leather finishing. For that, it feels very rich and handy to experience.

Where the other brands provide a typical steering system, W213 has given dual touch-sensitive controllers in the steering. So now, the usage has become easier and feels comfortable in hands too.

Some extra features

A great and special thing about the Mercedes models is that each of the variants is loaded with some specialty. So do the W213 variant.

Surprisingly, it comes with the automatic driving mode for the updated models. High-quality cameras along with functional sensors and radars are the behind reasons for having the semi-automatic driving mode.

Although these are the existed features from the previous W212 model, the W213 comes with additional cameras and sensors. For that, it can perform more accurately and efficiently than the previous models.

In 2017, the company launched the high-tech intelligent driving mode. The car model has made a good roaming on the road at a moderate speed. Even though they can’t perform almost the similar to humans, the rating was satisfactory enough and worthy.

Safety factors

Since it’s a great and updated model, it didn’t make any compromise about safety. And that is what the W213 offers.

For better traction and safety, it comes with a quick brake assist as well as an evasive steering system. With this great function, the car by itself makes emergency braking on the road against any object.

And the updated version does the thing in a better way. Now the latest brake assistants measure the traffic system with the condition and apply the brakes on their own. For a great benefit, these functions now get seen in all the updated W213 versions.

In addition, the built-in Airbags also assure better safety. They make a quick deployment against any major or minor crashes. That means there is no chance of facing any incident at all.

Rumors sometimes get true. And that relates to the 1998 Mercedes ML320 Problems. There are probably some issues in this model. But you can find out the solution by reading this entire blog.


It doesn’t leave to understand that the Mercedes W213 variant will surely represent the future. Moreover, some concept cars have also started to debut under this model. The entire thing means it can surely be in your collection.

No matter whether you go for the estate or coupe or sedan. None of them are deniable from performing higher.

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