BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost, will it cost so much?

BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost will not involve anything complicated. For replacing the key, the owners will have to directly contact the trusted BMW dealers. They will quote the price according to the model and year of the car.

However, different models and years will affect the range of the price. The newest model of BMW will cost more than the old one. Because of the high level of technology used in the key fob, those are quite expensive to manufacture and program.

Furthermore, be with us till the end of the discussion to know all about the BMW key fob and its replacement cost.

BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost

BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost

BMW key fob is a great deal that involves anti-theft, anti-hijacking, and other alerts of the car. People who have brought a car which is manufactured not more than five years ago will have the best performer key. The old BMW has the regular or manual key type, which is become backdated. In recent times BMW ads the remote control or displayed key fob in their car.

Those keys involve many features and performance like checking the oil level of the car, brake fluid level, as well as the windows of the car from the recommended range. Those high-tech features in a simple and small key fob make it expensive.

Moreover, the BMW display key fob is quite durable, and there is not so much record of it being dead so quick. However, people do need to replace the key fob of their BMW because they have somehow lost the key. Well, like any other key, this one is also something that people often forget after keeping it somewhere. Sometimes they even drop the key while in a hurry and never find it back.

In those scenarios, the only solution is to buy or replace the key fob from any trusted place. Now it’s about the replacement cost. If one already has lost their key and came here to know about the price, they have a piece of bad news. For the people who have their key with them safe and sound, we will suggest that they take great care of the key. Because this simple key fob of BMW will cost so much more than one even imagines.

Let’s get an estimate idea about the cost one will have to carry for their BMW key fob replacement.

BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost

Specifically, the cost will depend on the model and year of the car. The BMW was manufactured back in 2010 and before using the regular key. In their case, the cost will be around $200 to $300. However, the owners having BMW after that time or who had the remote control or displayed key will have to pay around $550 to $1200.

It is because BMW does not use any high-tech features in the old BMW. But to improve usability and comfort, BMW starts using technology and making the Key fob more meaningful. While replacing the key fob for BMW, the dealer will have to add or program the key according to the model of the car, which is pretty complex.

Table: BMW Key Fob Replacement Cost

BMW Key Fob Replacement CostMinimumMaximum
BMW was manufactured before 2010 or using a regular key.$200$300
BMW was manufactured after 2010 using a remote control or displayed key.$550$1200

Overall, the cost will depend on the model and year of the BMW and the choice of the owner. Sometimes people go for the aftermarket option for their key because of the expensive. Clearly, this is the worst decision one can make on their high-tech key fob because one will have to program the key according to the car. Only the BMW dealers can do this job perfectly. Therefore, they should wisely decide what they want.

Is there anything to keep in mind while replacing the BMW key fob?

At first, one may think replacing the key of BMW is not something serious or complicated. If they have that mindset and own a recent series or model of BMW, they are in a great dilemma. Replacing the key fob of BMW involves many simple and complex things to consider. Two main points will come to the spotlight in terms of changing the key.

One scenario will be replacing a broken or dead or old key fob with a new one. This one will be easier and more cost-effective. Another scenario will be replacing the key fob after losing the previous one. In that case, one will have to pay the maximum price because the dealer will need to program the key from the beginning.

Why is the replacement of BMW keys expensive?

It is true that the BMW keys are too expensive compared to any other brand. However, the process of making and the technology of the key is worth the price. Specifically, the key will be high-tech and highly secured. Even if one makes an exact copy of the real key, the car will only recognize the original key. How much one tries to operate the car with another exact copy, they will always fail.

Replacing the key becomes expensive because one will need to order the key separately from the dealership. Because each car has a different VIN, and those are not premade. Manufacturing the key will be expensive, as well as programming the complicated key, unlike any other brand. Only the trusted BMW dealership can do the job, not anyone else.


The replacement cost of the BMW key fob will not be something one has imagined. It will be a nightmare if one has lost the key to their BMW manufactured after 2013. Those models use the digital or displayed key, which involves a high level of technology.

Moreover, one must go toa trusted BMW dealership to replace their key fob. Because only BMW can make the authentic key, it is not possible to buy from any aftermarket option. Hopefully, one has got their answers on BMW key fob replacement cost.

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