How much does it cost to install rims?

Riding the car is quite impossible without perfect wheels. And a perfectly performable wheel depends on the size and type of the rim. You might be one of those interested ones that want to know how much it costs to install rims. If so, you have reached the right destination.

Scroll down till the end, and you’ll gather some good ideas about the rims and costs.

So the average cost for installing the rims starts from $50, the lowest. And the highest cost can be $500. It’s the average cost for each rim. The entire car rim can cost around $200 to $2500. The pricing may have changed too.

Costing of the Rims

There a different types of rims available on the market for the rides. And each of them costs different for their individual type and pattern.

The costing chart below will help to deliver approx pricing of the rims in different areas.

Type of RimsApprox Price Per Rim
Typical steel made rims$50 to $100  
Aluminum Rims$110 to $140  
Chrome Rims$150 to $300  
Painted Rim( Satin black, alpine White)$100 to $250
Bronze Coated Rims$120 to $300  
Customized Rims$150 to $500+  
Graphite Rims$130 to $450  

As the chart shows, typical steel-made rims come with a starting cost of $50 and last till $100. Differentiation in the pricing is based on varieties of qualities and brands.

Secondly, the aluminum rims hold the cost between $110 to $140. As aluminum is a standard material compared the steel, it will surely cost high.

Chrome rims have a better finishing with a shiny color format. Apart from that, they increase the look of the ride. Better pricing delivers this classy and premium look. And each of the rims costs from $150 to $300.

Rims in satin black, alpine white, or matte black appear beautiful enough. Mostly with the low-profiled rides, these painted rims surprisingly look awesome. Costing is reasonable enough too.

When it comes to luxurious rims, it started with the bronze ones. They look rich enough and deliver a premium color coating to the car from any angle.

There’s even no compromise about its durability too. And the starting price of a bronze-made rim is $120, which can last till $300.

Everything can be done with customization. And so do the rims. As customization has no limitations in choosing the color mode or design, it can have a variable cost.

But the approximate cast starts from $150 that can last for $500 or more. High-quality painting or printing causes more expenses.

Rims made from Graphite are so-called the most durable ones. They can last for ultimate times in the wheels by providing next-level performance. For that reason, the cost starts from $130 and ends at $450.

Factors that make an impact on pricing

Several facts make an impact on pricing. And depending on them, the price gets higher or lower. And those terms are known as:

  • Type of the rim
  • Material
  • Paint quality

Type of the Rim

The pricing mostly depends on the type of rims. Chrome, alloy, and steel are three different types of rims that mostly get seen. Steel is the cheapest one. Alloy rims come to the second range. And the chrome one is the highest-priced one.


Except for the three major rims materials, some other ones affect the pricing. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and Graphite are some other elements that get used for the rims. And in terms of pricing, they cost unexpectedly higher than the other ones.

But these materials hardly get seen in the wheels for usage. High pricing is the only reason behind it.

Paint Quality

Some rims can cost higher just for their paint quality. Even if the main material of the rim is steel, its painting will cost twice what it!

That is how the quality of painting make a good effect on the pricing too. Hydro dripping, high-quality matte finishing, and customized layers are some common paint qualities that get applied to the rims.

The installation cost

When the rim prices are known, it’s necessary to know the installation costs too. And it varies on two different issues.

Having an installation under a local shop will cost around $30 to $60. And the cost starts from a single rim installation till all rims are installed.

Similar work may cost you more than $100 if it gets done under an authorized repairing center. But the difference, they will probably make the finest fitment along with best performing ability.

New Rims or Recondition Rims. Which one is good to go?

Going for the new rims is the best choice for your ride. But how about the reconditioned ones? Well, having reconditioned ones are quite good if they get chosen accurately. In fact, they are more budgets friendly rather than the new ones.

Talking about the brand new ones, they have no chance to make issues with the ride. For the majority of the time, they don’t require any checking while purchasing too.

But the only issue with the new rim is that it requires some observation after installation. Slow running period, let the work done until the rims get perfectly adjusted with the tires.

Rides that are getting used for a long time may not suit properly with the brand new rims. It’s because; the cars may lose their efficiency and temper to hold the newly made rim. As a result, the ride will have performance drops.

Recondition rims: It can be a win or lose decision to go for this one. As recondition rims have to purchase in used condition, they can either be good or bad in condition.

The majority of these rims get repaired before they get sold as reconditioned ones. As a result, they might have major or minor dents or damage in them. For that reason, the reconditioned wheels can be very dangerous to use for the rides.

They can only be trusted to use whenever they come from any reputed or faithful stores.

Calculating the Rim size

Going for a new rim often make some problems. Miscalculation is one of the most common ones among them. But following some legit factors will be helpful to find out the perfect rim size. And the sizing can be measured by these items.

  • Total rim diameter
  • Offset size
  • Total width and
  • Type of the bolt

Having an accurate calculation of all these factors will help to find out the perfect sized rim for the ride.

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Final Verdict

It’s not obvious to have the proper idea about how much it costs to install rims. But this article will definitely let you know about the cost briefly. Optimistically, this discussion will appear worthy enough to all.

It is now to select your preferred one according to your budget, requirement, and size. The rim by itself will let the job done.

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