Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 specification, reviews: what things to know?

Volkswagen Jetta mk3 is a series of the third generation of Jetta produced for a limited period. Moreover, in the production year, they have produced millions of units of different body styles and engine specifications. Still on this date, one will find diverse options with the MK3. Specifically, this is a small-size family car for day-to-day use with comfort and reliability.

If one is planning to go for this car, they will be doing the right choice if it is for daily use in the city or highway. In case of detailed information regarding the series, have a look below.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 specification

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3

The Jetta of Volkswagen is one of a kind in the automotive history of America. Specifically, the Volkswagen Jetta is a compact, small, or mid-sized family car series launched back in 1979. Moreover, these manufacturers are still designing and manufacturing cars under these series. With seven different generations, our Jetta MK3 falls into the third generation of this series. This one is also a medium-sized compact family car for regular use. ‘

The manufacturer has started planning and designing this car as a successor to the Volkswagen Golf MK2. They have started producing is from 1991 in various parts of the world including the USA and Europe. Between the production years 1991 and 2002, they have produced 4.8 million units of this genre.

As for the models of this MK3, one will get three base models and more special editions here. That means there is a vast number of options with the same body style. Moreover, the models are,

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 Variant ‘

The manufacturer launched this model in early 1993. The aim was to bring it to the front line to compete with many highly ranked manufacturers. Moreover, this was the first estate of this manufacturer to be in the market to challenge others. Specifically, one will get a 2.8L VR6 engine and convertible launched which is Type 1E for excellent performance.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 Cabriolet

This one is also a Cabrio or Type 1E which was launched back in 1994 and was in production for one year. The aim was to replace the previous MK1 model. However, under the MK4 they have changed the body style or design of the exterior of the car before launching it in 1998. Moreover, the discontinued the Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 Cabriolet 2002 was replaced with a special edition named “Last Edition”

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 A59

This one is also a popular model of this series with tremendous power and a stylish look.

In the next section, readers will know the technical and usable specifications of the cars of these series in detail.

Table: Volkswagen Jetta mk3 specifications

Year1991-1998 1994-2002 (Cabriolet)
Production Units4.8 million units
DesignerJ Mays Herbert Schäfer
ClassSmall Family Car or Combat of Small Size 
Body Style3-door hatchback 5-door estate 5-door hatchback 2-door convertible
EngineBoth Petrol and Diesel
Transmission4-speed automatic 4-speed/5-speed manual
WheelbaseFrom 1991 to 1995:97.3 inches From 1996 to 1999: 97.4 inches
Length160.4 inches
Width66.7 inches
HeightFrom 1991 to 1995: 56 inches From 1996 to 1999: 65.2 inches
Fuel Tank55 L
Fuel Economy city23.7 MPG
Fuel Economy Highway32.2 MPG

Volkswagen Jetta Mk3Engines of different year

Specification of the engine is one of the most prominent features to consider from a series of options. Because everything else will be almost similar without the engine.

YearsNameVolumeEngineFuelPowerTorqueTop speed
1992−19951.41391 ccI4Petrol60 PS at 5200 RPM107 N⋅m at 2800−3200 RPM157 km/h
1995−19971.41390 ccI4Petrol60 PS at 4700 RPM116 N⋅m at 2800−3200 RPM158 km/h
1992−19941.61598 ccI4Petrol75 PS at 5200 RPM125 N⋅m at 3400 RPM168 km/h
1994−19951.61598 ccI4Petrol75 PS at 5200 RPM126 N⋅m at 2600 RPM168 km/h
1995−19971.61598 ccI4Petrol75 PS at 4800 RPM135 N⋅m at 2800−3600 RPM168 km/h
1994−19951.61595 ccI4Petrol101 PS at 5800 RPM135 N⋅m at 4400 RPM188 km/h
1995−19971.61595 ccI4Petrol101 PS at 5800 RPM140 N⋅m at 3500 RPM188 km/h
1992−19971.81781 ccI4Petrol75 PS at 5000 RPM140 N⋅m at 2500 RPM168 km/h
1992−19971.81781 ccI4Petrol90 PS at 5500 RPM145 N⋅m at 2500 RPM178 km/h
1992−19972.0 GTI1984 ccI4Petrol118 PS at 5400 RPM166 N⋅m at 3200 RPM210 km/h
1993−19972.0 GTI 16V1984 ccI4Petrol152 PS at 6000 RPM180 N⋅m at 4600 RPM225 km/h
1992−19982.8 VR62792 ccVR6Petrol176 PS at 5800 RPM235 N⋅m at 4200 RPM240 km/h
1994−19972.9 VR62861 ccVR6Petrol190 PS at 5800 RPM245 N⋅m at 4200 RPM250 km/h
1992−19971.9 D1896 ccI4Diesel64 PS at 4400 RPM124 N⋅m at 2000−3000 RPM156 km/h
1995−19971.9 SDI1896 ccI4Diesel64 PS at 4200 RPM125 N⋅m at 2200−2800 RPM156 km/h
1992−19971.9 TD1896 ccI4Diesel75 PS at 4200 RPM150 N⋅m at 2400−3400 RPM165 km/h
1993−19961.9 TDI1896 ccI4Diesel90 PS at 4000 RPM202 N⋅m at 1900 RPM178 km/h
1995−19971.9 TDI1896 ccI4Diesel90 PS at 4000 RPM210 N⋅m at 1900 RPM178 km/h
1996−19971.9 TDI1896 ccI4Diesel110 PS at 4150 RPM235 N⋅m at 1900 RPM193 km/h

Are there any issues with the Volkswagen Jetta mk3?

Unluckily, people or users will face some common problems with the Jetta MK3 of Volkswagen. However, those problems have common symptoms, if one can identify those on time, they will be free from any expensive repairing or replacement costs. Moreover, the problems with MK3 are,

1. The Failure of Spark Plug

One of the common issues with the engine of MK3 is the spark plug failure before time. Normally, the aggressive driving or the modification of the engine by the customers creates these issues. However, there can be other reasons behind the problem depending on the different situations.

Symptoms-Engine Misfire -Poor Engine Performance -Surges in the engine -Issue while starting the engine.

2. Head Gasket Leaking

Not only in the MK3 but many renowned models sometimes have this issue of leaking head gasket. The main reason for this issue is the high engine heat and poor cooling system. Since it is between the engine and the cylinder the temperature always stays high. So, it gets damaged with the high heat easily if there is not enough cooling.

Symptoms-Overheating of Engine -Leaking of Oil -Poor fuel economy -Loss of coolant -Steam from the engine

3. Water Pump failure

The water pump failure problem is another common issue that requires attention. Because this thing directly involves the coolant system of the system. If it gets bad the other issue, we describe above will appear. It happens because the structural design of the system is stacked in a closed place. So, one cannot help but replace it every 100, 000 miles.

Symptoms-Overheating of Engine -Loss of coolant -Coolant Leaking -Sweet smell coming from the engine.  

How dependable is the Volkswagen Jetta mk3?

One can say that the manufacturer did an excellent job in this series which makes it extremely reliable. With so much to give on the road, one will get powerful performance with a stylish look from the MK3. Moreover, these gorgeous cars will provide a solid compact feel with tremendous safety on the road. The users will feel comfortable and generous seating inside the car because of enough space. Besides, the engine of this series is also fuel-efficient which will help save money.

However, it is to remember that these are old cars that the manufacturer has to stop producing years ago. If one buys any of it, they will get the one produced before the discontinued year. So, the system, instrument, and everything are already aged before they get it.

What is the lifespan of the Volkswagen Jetta mk3?

By the lifespan people usually means the overall lifespan which is hard to tell. Because very separate parts inside the car will have different durability. However, one will not need any fortune costly repair or replacement cost for at least 200,000 miles. If one properly takes care of the car, they can go with it for more than the mentioned period. It is not something hard to do.


Overall, the Volkswagen Jetta mk3 is a wonderful option to choose if one is looking for a vintage feel in their regular life. Since the series is mentioned and designed to serve a family, one will get a wonderful performance from it. With the powerful engine and stylish look, it will be settled down in any era.

However, one may want to make some changes in the mechanical area of the car. since everything is old-fashioned, it will be excellent to have some modifications.

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